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Sierra Club to Barletta: Save Wind Jobs (Watch Video)

The Sierra Club has launched a new television ad in the Scranton media market criticizing Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) for the failure to act on the renewal of the production tax credit for wind energy.

The production tax credit provides support for the 75,000 jobs in the American wind industry. However, nearly half of those jobs are at risk if the credit is not renewed.

“House Republicans say we must protect jobs. So why aren’t they taking action to renew the wind production tax credit?” the ad says. “Maybe they just don’t care.”

A Sierra Club ad says half of the wind industry's 75,000 jobs are at stake if the credit is not renewed.

The campaign of Barletta’s Democratic opponent, Gene Stilp, echoed the call from the Sierra Club.

“This issue hits a variety of vital concerns. Creating and protecting jobs for Pennsylvanians, stimulating our economy and producing alternative energy sources. This is a bipartisan bill that will be benefit our economy and our environment and we urge Congressman Barletta to support this bill.”

With job creation as a crucial issue in November, the pressure is on Barletta. However, Barletta Communications Director Shawn Kelly said a decision on the tax credit will come in due time.

“Rep. Barletta supports an all-of-the-above energy policy. Legislation extending the credit mentioned in the ad is in committees on which Rep. Barletta does not serve. When the legislation goes in front of the full House, Rep. Barletta will carefully examine the bill and vote accordingly.”

The attack on Barletta is a part of the Sierra Club’s Wind Works campaign, aimed at presenting facts through the ad and urging viewers to call Barletta and tell him to act on the credit.

This ad will also run in eastern New Hampshire and Las Vegas, and will relay the same message to Republican leadership there.

6 Responses

  1. Right, Really. Because when we say, “end our dependence on oil,” what we really mean is, “act like we’re ending our dependence on oil, but don’t actually do anything about it, because that would decrease the profits of the oil companies.”

  2. Lou Barletta should demand the Sierra Club account for turning their backs on the tons (tons!) of garbage left in the desert by the millions of illegal aliens crossing the border.

    Demand it,Lou, and you will discover this organization had no problems whatsoever in betraying their core mission in return for the monies they receive from the donor who promised to cut off funds if the Sierra Club made any negative statements re illegal aliens.

  3. So according to “come on man” we should condemn all alternative energy production and job growth for the rest of time, because of the Solyndra thing?
    Not every company in this sector can succeed, and Solyndra is just an example of that.

    Scrapping the entire sector because of one failure is ridiculous.

    My guess is you are either:
    a: staunch republican / Barletta supporter
    b: affiliated with oil/gas
    c: have investments or stand to make money somehow in the failure of alternative energy.

    Nothing else really makes any sense to just hate wind power.

  4. One environmental group will advocate for wind farms then after they are built another will protest them over bird kills.

  5. The real question here is how can the famous pink pig Gene Stilip support unaccountable Government handouts? Remember Solandra and others. If Gene wants to go to Washington and clean it up- why not pick the low hanging fruit. Instead, looks like he already ate the bacon.

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