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Simmons Officially Enters Race to Challenge Dent

State Representative Justin Simmons (R-Lehigh) announced this morning he is challenging Congressman Charlie Dent (R-Lehigh) in the Republican primary next year.  The challenge sets up a race between Simmons’ pro-Trump positions and Dent’s moderate positions.  

“I have a proven conservative record of fighting for limited government. Republicans deserve a new conservative voice committed to repealing the failed polices of the Obama era and support common-sense conservative policies voters sent Republicans to pass. I intend to give them that new voice,” Simmons said in a release announcing his candidacy.  

Simmons went after Dent’s moderate positions in his announcement.  

“Like many Republicans, I used to support Charlie Dent.  But in the past year, Charlie Dent has completely gone off the rails.  Dent has been on the wrong side of every major issue from ObamaCare, spending, border security and the list goes on,” Simmons said.  

Simmons had been considering a run against Dent, leading to Dent releasing private text messages between the two from 2016 calling Simmons’ support of Trump into question.  

Update: Dent pointed to Simmons’ record in Harrisburg in his response to the announcement.  

“The voters of the 15th Congressional district know that I have always served as a strong and independent voice carrying their concerns to Washington. I look forward to Justin’s failed record in Harrisburg and his long history of misleading the people he was elected to represent being fully exposed,” Dent said in an email.

You can view Simmons’ announcement video below.  

Justin Simmons for Congress from Justin Simmons for Congress on Vimeo.

36 Responses

  1. I normally just watch the comments unfold but I couldn’t pass this one up. You guys and these comments are great. I knew Justin personally…yes it was a few years ago, but he really just is a snot-nosed rich kid who had all the opportunities handed to him, and he really, really thinks he’s “earned” it. I hope they tear him to pieces.

  2. I honestly blame Justin’s mom for not making sure that his shirt was properly ironed and that his buttons weren’t all popped through. This was obviously the first day that he dressed himself.

  3. Justin Simmons is a solid Conservative & cares about the taxpayers of this State. Charlie Dent views represent the views of the Democractic Party. Obamacare is killing people with its cost. Just look how the National Debt has exploded while Mr.Dent has been in office. God forbid we have a government shut down to control this reckless government spending. We need a Congressman who fights for smaller Government. We our leaving our children & grandchildren a train wreck with this debt. Get government out of our Healthcare system. Free markets. Oh check Dents ranking on Conservative Review, F 31%. 12 years on office. Time to retire on our taxpayer pension.

    1. You haven’t seen nothing yet, wait till you see the deficit at the end of the current incumbent’s term.

  4. I wonder if the voters know who the real Justin Simmons is and his deceptive lies. Hopefully the truth comes out.

  5. The video is unadorned and direct, notwithstanding the reflex-comments written by others on this page; he states why/who/when/how/where/what with aplomb.

  6. This is like the Busch League version of Barletta’s video. He missed a button on his shirt, the pictures of Charlie are distorted. He looks like a complete idiot licking his lips every 13 seconds like a creep. His logo even looks like crap. All I’m saying is if my kids were walking down the street with me and I saw Justin Simmons walking towards us, I would probably move myself between him and my kids to be safe.

  7. Maybe Justin will get another internship with Senator Toomey after he loses both races. Actually nah, they can do better than him.

  8. Anybody but the four stooges- Dent – Costello- Fitzpatrick and Meehan. They are all useless hacks- not Republicans and they have given us Paul Ryan. Send a message that says these clowns and a do nothing stand for nothing House needs to change.

  9. #NeverDent – who is this “us” you speak of? And what is this “moral compass” you speak of? And what is so great about not forgetting gerrymandering?

  10. This is news so many of us have been waiting for. Simmons will fight for us in D.C. He’s not part of the “establishment” like Dent and so many others are. Many elected officials lose their moral compass and forget why they were elected. Simmons has never done that. Thank you Justin for finally giving the 15th district a real choice!

        1. Golf clap for everything having to do with this post. The name, the message, just top notch. I appreciate you.

      1. You Dent hacks are really sick. Stick to the issues. Oh wait, you can’t. Charlie’s record is that bad.

        The old Dent playbook isn’t going to work anymore.

        Rumors are hot that Charlie is really considering retirement. It’s not even 2 days since the announcement. Dent’s poll numbers with republicans must be really, really bad.

  11. The good news is that this means he will lose his seat in the PA House, too, right? Overall, good news!

    1. He is really, really bad at making simple mistakes. Like when he lied that he talked about getting Trump replaced after the Billy Bush audio, even though it was months beforehand.

    1. Nah, he is going to try to run for Governor in a year. His mom’s basement will be his campaign hq, just like the old days.

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