Smith Ad: Casey Created Jobs…In China (Watch Video)

Tom Smith’s campaign released a new ad today comparing his job-creation record as a businessman to his opponent Sen. Bob Casey – who the Smith campaign says created jobs in China.

It will run on broadcast and cable television.

The ad opens with a clip from Casey’s ad saying he is proud to stand up for Pennsylvania. The ad switches to gray scale.

The Smith campaign's new ad contrasts the candidate's record of job creation with Senator Casey's record as "Senator Zero."

It says Casey “didn’t stand up for us when he voted for the failed stimulus that paid for jobs in china. Or his support for an energy tax that would cost even more jobs. Or when he failed to offer one single solution to create jobs.”

The ad cuts to the GOP candidate in full color, sitting in a diner with voters and walking through a factory meeting its workers.

“Tom smith’s record is different. He created hundreds of American jobs here in Pennsylvania. The choice: a self-made proven job creator, or a failed career politician.”

Casey spokesman Larry Smar said the Smith campaign is launching unfair and untrue attacks that have been disproven,

“First, Tea Party Tom Smith copies his agenda from the Tea Party, now he is copying attacks that have been discredited by independent fact checkers,” Smar said.

“To cover up his support for policies that will send jobs overseas Tom Smith is recycling attacks that have been called ‘False’ and ‘Pants on Fire.’ While Bob Casey has proposed cracking down on unfair trade, tax cuts to spur job creation and support for new industries, Tom Smith is lowering the bar on untrue attack ads.”

Smith Campaign Manager Jim Conroy said the ad is in response to Casey’s ad, which touted the Senator’s support for and protection of steel jobs. Conroy called the Casey ad misleading and said “Senator Zero,” as the campaign calls Casey, has a record that shows he has created no jobs for the state.

“While Tom Smith has a record of creating jobs here in Pennsylvania, Bob Casey – who has failed to pass a single bill into law – has done nothing but serve as a rubber stamp for failed policies that have led to more than 40 months of unemployment exceeding 8 percent,” he said.

5 Responses

  1. Bobby Casey has ridden his daddy’s coattails for most of his adult life.
    “c’mon bobby, get out there and get a real job.”

  2. Bobby Casey has done nothing except ride the coat tails of his daddy.

    “c’mon bobby, get out there and get a real job.”

  3. This man is a waste of space (and money) and is exactly why people hate politicians. I especially enjoy his narrative that he started a businesses “so he could create jobs.” Bahahah!

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