Smith Allies Push Fundraising Efforts

Both Smith (left) and Casey are focusing on out-raising each other.

Smith announced Wednesday that he was going to inject a “substantial” amount of his own cash into his bid for Senate.

But he’s not alone. Other big-name supporters have come out to ask others to make their own contributions, including Sen. Pat Toomey and the Tea Party Express.

“I’m sure you see what I see, and I’m sure you share my frustration,” Toomey said in an email to supporters.

“Every day in Washington conservative Republicans in the House and Senate offer new solutions to restore sanity and create jobs – only to see those ideas blocked by a liberal Senate majority and a president determined to grow government, increase spending and regulate the private sector to obscurity.”

Pointing to Smith’s record in the private sector as a coal company executive, Toomey said Smith is a job creator and has the know-how to fix economic regulation and “ensure our prosperity for the future.”

The Tea Party Express, banking on yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling upholding Obamacare to fire up their base, sent out an email blast encouraging people to donate to candidates they support — including Smith.
“It is now more clear than ever that the only way we are going to repeal Obamacare is to take control of the Senate and elect a new wave of liberty-minded conservative representatives,” the email said. “We cannot afford to sit back while the Harry Reid-led Senate, with help from the Supreme Court, continues to strip us of our liberties by pushing the most left-wing agenda that our nation has ever seen.”

Despite recent reporting by PoliticsPA that Casey had cracked the magic polling number and his seat could be considered safe, the Senator has continued to press his donors for more support. He told them that relying on poll numbers could be dangerous and that he wanted to heed the “warning signals” and stay on top of Smith in terms of fundraising.

11 Responses

  1. Someone please site the vote Casey Jr has taken that shows he is I pro abortion? He is a tried and true liberal.

  2. This general election is going to prove that Steve Welch was the right choice.

  3. Lizzie-

    I commend you for being passionate, but saying “the tent will be open” and then listing two items where alot of democrats differ… and where you essentially say believe what i believe or walk the plank means you are shutting the tent.

  4. Let’s take a poll…how many dollars will it cost Smith – per point – to lose in a landslide?

  5. Lizzie I understand where you’re coming from but a no vote for Casey is a vote for Smith and Smith is worse than a conservative democrat. He’s a lifelong democrat who changed to so-called conservative republican two weeks before he announced his desire to run for senate.

    He bought his daughter a job in the Armstrong County Courthouse by being now- commissioner Battaglia’s biggest contributor. Now he’s trying to buy his way into the senate. God help us all indeed!

  6. Big Tent…is that why Casey Sr., was banned from our Convention in ’92? The tent will always be big enough to accommodate all who support our core principles, the heart of which are the freedom of choice (to marry and reproduce how and when we wish)!!!! If we can’t stand for these things, we stand for nothing at all! If President Obama loses (God help us all), can we count on Casey to oppose Willard’s anti-choice judicial nominations? No way! Bill Clinton was moderate. He was pro-choice. Bob Casey is NOT moderate, he is conservative like his father, and must be booted out like his father was from the convention in 92!!!!!

  7. Progressive Paul…

    Quit sniffling. I’m a moderate democrat and I support moderate democrats. If the dem party loses the center, they will be relegated to a party of the coasts.

    Better off to be a big tent party.

  8. I don’t see myself contributing to Smith but I will definitely NOT be supporting Tea Bag Lite Bob Casey, anti-abortion, anti Freedom to Marry. It is time to send a message to the Democratic Party that conservative Democrats are not Democrats at all!

  9. LOL Sid! You’ve got that one right! Like-minded idiots they are! The Tea Bag Express jumping on the Smith bandwagon shows they’re really too busy reacting than to think for themselves.

  10. Having no trouble getting people to step up to being sponsors for Smith’s Fundraising Event here in Crawford Co. They are GLAD to be a part of it and are focused on ousting Casey!

  11. “Liberty-minded conservative representatives”???
    “Like-minded idiots” is much more accurate.

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