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Smith Outraises Casey, Not Including $10M Loan

This is big.

Republican challenger Tom Smith won the 3rd quarter fundraising battle with Sen. Bob Casey, $1.643 million to $1.517 million. That comes on top of $10 million that Smith loaned his campaign in the same period.

Smith’s campaign says it had $7 million cash on hand as of the Sept. 30 deadline compared to the Casey campaign’s $5.21 million.

Both campaigns have spent heavily since the end of September, with Casey largely holding his TV advertising until then. Since Oct. 1, both candidates have likely already spent at least half of the cash on hand they reported today. Unfortunately for Casey, while he must fundraise via traditional means, Smith can reload his coffers simply by writing a check.

“This latest news spells more trouble for Senator Casey who continues to lose support to Tom Smith,” said Smith Campaign Manager Jim Conroy.  “That an incumbent career politician who has taken in millions from special interest PACs was outraised, is even further evidence that Casey’s message is falling on deaf ears, record is severely lacking and support is crumbling.”

Smith’s campaign boasted that 96 percent of its contributions were $200 or less and 82 percent of individual contributions came from Pa.

It’s the first time that Smith has taken in more in contributions – excluding loans – than Casey this cycle.

Polling has shown the race growing consistently closer over the past few weeks, due in large part to Smith’s dominance on the airwaves.

Overall Smith, a former coal company owner, has loaned or in-kinded his campaign roughly $17 million.

Casey’s Campaign Manager Larry Smar said the amount can’t hide Smith’s record.

“With $17 million in personal money, Tom Smith is almost entirely bankrolling his campaign by himself and with the help of national Tea Party groups.  His millions can buy attack ads, but it can’t cover up his radical Tea Party agenda,” Smar said.

14 Responses

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  2. If Tom Smith can afford to buy the election, does his mother really need to worry about whether she loses her Medicare under his policies?

  3. You Dummycrats crack me up. It’s ok when a Kennedy or Rockefeller or Pelosi or Kerry (mega millionaires all) buy a seat in Congress, ah but when a wealthy Republican spends his own money, well that’s a problem.

  4. Here Here for Anthony’s comment about Tom Smith and Joe Rooney. Both men are good candidates who are running for all the right reasons. Both had to not only buck the Dem’s put the Republican Party as well. The R’s should be ashamed of themselves for not supporting both early and in a real way wiith fundraising support and grassroots efforts. Both have done a terrific job and Tom has taken full advantage of the money he has put into his own race. The Republican party should not complain about finding good candidates to run for office when they can’t ever both to support the good ones who are willing to run. Go Joe and Tom!!

  5. Tom Smith is in this race for all the right reasons. He doesn’t need this job, he wants the job just long enough to rescue the country from all of this debt, to get government out of the way so jobs can be created by the private sector and to preserve the country that he knows for his grandchildren. And he is willing to put his money where his mouth is to do it. Compare that to the moochers who are currently in office! Almost all of them are worth more now than they were when they took office. Have you asked yourself why?

  6. I’m sorry I live in Western PA and forgot Casey was a Senator since for six years he has pretended we don’t exist!

  7. Pennsylvania needs to go back to REPUBLICAN control Casey is being paid for doing NOTHING. Tom Smith is the answer! And American Hero Joe Rooney should put Ally Schwartz out to pasture too.

  8. The simple truth is that we can no longer afford big spenders in Washington. Our country is in a debt crisis, we are borrowing money from China, and we cant afford our entitlements. The solution is to oust guys that love to spend our money like Bob Casey. You can look at his horrible spending record for yourself at

  9. Casey is just trying to mail in this race and it is becoming more evident by the day he is failing at it.

  10. Bad sign for Bobby. Momentum is all in Smith’s favor. I love when you Libs whine when you’re being outraised. FAREWELL BOBBY!! Maybe your brother Matt needs a good para-legal…

  11. The headline ought to be the $10M loan, not the fact that he finally raised more hard money than Casey for the first time ever. The $17M total of personal money to buy an election is absolutely obscene.

  12. If Tom Smith buys this election — because that’s what he’s trying to do — Pennsylvania will be worse off for it.

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