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Smith Unveils New TV Ad

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

Tom Smith’s Senate campaign unveiled its second television ad this morning, a 30 second spot that focuses on the national debt.

It starts with B roll of people going about their daily lives as the number $135,000 hovers over their heads, somewhat reminiscent of a 2009 Nickelback music video. It represents each person’s portion of the national debt, the narrator says. It then transitions to a campaign rally.

“My name is Tom Smith. I am running because our country needs a wake up call. I stand for reducing taxes, reducing federal spending, and reducing the size and scope of the federal government in all of our lives,” he says.

It will soon air statewide on cable.

Smith has been on the air since early December, and is the only U.S. Senate yet to purchase airtime.

The big, and early, buy has been made possible by Smith’s large financial support of his campaign: he’s kicked in over $5 million so far.

In a crowded primary where none of the candidates have statewide name ID, Smith’s camp is hoping to introduce their candidate to the electorate first. It’s also a show of strength as Republican state committee members meet around the state to decide if and who the party will endorse, Smith has said he will stay in the race regardless.

Scavello endorsesment

In other Smith news, the former coal company owner announced on Thursday that State Rep. Mario Scavello (R-Monroe) had endorsed his campaign. The lawmaker is currently seeking the new state Senate seat in Monroe County.

“Tom Smith is a lifelong conservative who knows how to create jobs by getting government out of the way,” said Scavello in a statement.  “Tom Smith has the conservative message, professional campaign and resources necessary to defeat Bob Casey in November.  Tom is the best candidate to carry our Party’s banner into the general election.”

5 Responses

  1. Just a little math, if my part of the debt is $135k and there are 300 Million Americans, the the debt is $40.5 Trillion?…How about getting your math correct 1st, then we’ll consider voting for you…

  2. Excellent – Focus on the Obama Casey Record of Debt Deficit Spending. Trillions spend and “where are the jobs”? After three years, who is better off because of Obama Casey’s policies? Political insiders and unions.

    Congress will have had 15 days to say no before the nation’s debt ceiling automatically is raised from $15.2 trillion to $16.4 trillion which is more than the national Gross Domestic Product of about $15 trillion.

    In a letter to House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), Obama wrote that ”further borrowing is required to meet existing commitments.”

    Obama had sought to make the request at the end of last month, when the Treasury came within $100 billion of its borrowing limit. However, with Congress on recess, lawmakers from both parties asked the president to hold off. The House is out of session until Jan. 17, and the Senate until Jan. 23.

    Since then Treasury officials have used special revenue and accounting measures to maintain the nation’s solvency. Yet the White House cast the delay as a technicality, saying there is no chance the limit will not be increased, even if Republican lawmakers attempt to object.

    Under an agreement reached in August, Congress and the White House moved to raise the debt limit in three increments while also implementing $2.4 trillion in budget cuts. The deal, however, also gave Congress the option of voting to block each of the debt-ceiling increases by passing a “resolution of disapproval.”

  3. Speaking of fake–Jason, congrats , you are the first website troll. Look, supporters of Obama and Sestak, such as yourself, will obviously find nothing good in this ad. It probably sounds like a foreign langauge to you.

    But as a conservative I found a lot to like.

  4. I can’t get over how bad this b roll is. Seriously Tom, you have 50 million bucks – can’t you afford to make the fake rally look a little more real ? This guy is fake and needs to be called out on it. Anyone supporting or endorsing should think twice about their decision.

    Despite Welch’s vote for Obama and support for Sestak, at least he is somewhat pragmatic and can present himself in public.

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