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Smith’s Daughter Stars in Closing Ad (Watch Video)

We met his mom, now meet Tom Smith’s daughter Allison. She stars in the GOP Senate hopeful’s closing ad

“Let me tell you about my dad. At 53, he and mom gave 4 adopted kids a loving home. He built a recreation facility used by local schools and churches. And he created hundreds of jobs so others can live the American dream,” she says.

“If he’s as good a Senator as he is a father and neighbor, Pennsylvania will be in great hands.”

It’s the first mention mention, in any Smith ad, that he and his wife adopted children.

He’s challenging freshman Democratic Sen. Bob Casey. Once a longshot, Smith’s overwhelming TV ad spending has helped make it a race.

From the lush foliage in the background it’s clear that they’ve had it in the hopper for a few months, and now’s the time to use it.

The aim is to humanize Smith and raise his positives.

It could also help close Smith’s gender gap. He trailed among women by 22 points in a Franklin and Marshall poll released Wednesday. That’s at the very high end among independent polls, but the fact remains that he has catching up to do.

Smith’s campaign wouldn’t comment when asked whether this was their closing ad, but it has all the hallmarks of one. It’s a deliberate effort to set the conversation for the home stretch. Plus, there are just 6 days left in the campaign and it takes a day to get an ad on TV (and time to create a new commercial).

Asked about the ad, Casey Campaign Manager Larry Smar didn’t mention Smith’s daughter – just his conservative stances on the issues.

“Tom Smith’s extreme Tea Party policies are very dangerous for Pennsylvania families,” he said. “Smith has been running attack ads against Bob Casey since last year in order to cover up his plans to slash taxes on millionaires like himself while increasing taxes on middle class families and end Medicare.”

7 Responses

  1. Yep, he worked as a union coal miner, and got the benefit of that–then when he became an owner of mines, he ran non-union mines which underpaid miners, and didn’t provide benefits to many employees. Yeah, right…a real nice guy.

  2. Tom Smith worked his dairy farm 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Cows must be milked twice a day – you don’t go on a vacation when you run a dairy farm. And the milk doesn’t just show up @ the 7Eleven by itself. He ran the farm during the daytime, then worked as a union miner on the afternoon shift. He then took a chance as a mine owner and the rest is history. Don’t denigrate his brawn and ambition. He made his money the hard way and the coal industry has a way of chewing up many a business man. Tom Smith succeeded professionally and personally, but has not forgotten people in need as testament to the 4 children he and Mrs. Smith adopted. And by the way, he and his wife were in their early 50’s when they did this and that is no easy task for anyone at that age. There’s an old Native American saying that hard weather makes strong timber. Well, Tom Smith is made of hard timber. He’ll make a fine U.S. Senator.

  3. Seriously? He didn’t “create jobs so that others could live the american dream.” Job creation was a fortuitous by product of his desire for personal wealth. Stop trying to paint “uber capitalists” as altruists….that’s just BS.

  4. Pennsylvania would have to be crazy to tolerate Bob Casey’s behavior another six years. The Senator has shown that he is just as bad as the rest of them. He has voted to add trillions to the debt, and has ignored balancing the budget. And recently he voted to keeps sending U.S. taxpayer dollars to Egypt and Pakistan. I dont know how Casey expects us to get out of our 16 trillion dollar debt, or how he expects to get America back on its feet by sending our money oversees.

  5. Tom Smith bought his daughter, Allison, a job with Armstrong County by funding the campaign of tea party candidate (now county commissioner) Dave Battaglia. The job didn’t exist before, and was created for her on the public payroll in a very poor county.

    Is that how we expect Tea Party Tom to treat taxpayers? Employ his millionnaire family at taxpayer expense? By the way, she had ZERO experience in the field she was hired in by the county.

  6. Allison, you are a beautiful and wonderful woman. God bless you, your family, and your dad. I will proud to have Tom Smith as my U.S. Senator.

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