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Smith’s Mom Endorses Medicare Plan in New Ad (Watch Video)

Nice ad, Tom Smith. Did your mommy make it for you?

The Republican Senate hopeful released a new television spot to fight back against charges that he would be a threat to Medicare or Social Security. He also reiterates the familiar Obamacare-cuts-Medicare line of attack against Sen. Bob Casey.

In related news, Mrs. Smith also said Tom was the handsomest of the two candidates running.

“Only one person in the Senate race voted to cut Medicare by $716 billion dollars. Bob Casey’s cuts will sharply reduce benefits for some seniors.”

“In the Senate, I’ll protect Social Security and Medicare,” says Smith as the camera pans out to show him and his mom.

“After all, my own mother receives those benefits, and this son would never jeopardize that. Right mum?”


It’s an effective spot and the sharpest jab yet against Casey.

Both parties have been banging the Medicare drum for the 2012 cycle, each with misleading claims about the other party’s plans. Smith’s ad accuses Casey of voting to cut $716 billion from Medicare when he supported Obamacare. However, that $716 billion would affect providers, not beneficiaries. And, Smith has voice support for Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget, which leaves the exact same $716 billion out of Medicare.

Likewise, Democratic claims – including those made by Casey about Smith – give the false impression that the GOP budget would affect current beneficiaries.

However, Smith has gone even further than most GOP candidates. He complimented an even more conservative budget authored by Sen. Rand Paul which would made significant changes to Medicare and Social Security. It was the subject of Casey’s latest TV ad.

“Independent fact checkers have said Smith’s attack ads are untrue,” said Casey Campaign Manager Larry Smar. “Smith said the radical Tea Party budget is a ‘good plan.’ It would end Medicare in two years and slash Social Security benefits in order to pay for a massive tax break for millionaires like himself. Tom Smith is out of touch with middle class families and too extreme for Pennsylvania.”

17 Responses

  1. @Dude, Tom Smith is one of the most generous giving men that I have ever known. Let’s stick to the issues and knock off the personal attacks. You have no idea what you are talking about. Tom takes care of his family, his church and his community.

  2. @Bob – You got me! My snarky comments about a candidate doing an ad with his mom is rooted in my insidious desire for European Welfare Statism. Now I just feel foolish for thinking I could get it past you…

  3. @Vote for Casey
    If not for Tom Smith, that Church would have closed ~20 years ago, so unlikely any members would have a negative opinion of him. No one has or likely ever will support and open his/her home to the community as he has, so it would be interesting to hear the “real truth” you refer to.

    This is another great ad from the Smith team.

  4. We note Keegan Gibson’s snarky comment on this news piece. Not surprising that many of us conclude that media is not only shallow, superficial, simple-minded but Democratically slanted.

    “Group think” media is not a reliable source of accurate and complete information.

    Media takes as a given the Liberal and Left world view that Big Government European Welfare Statism is the only realistic political philosophy.

  5. Yikes Democratic dude wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare demonstrating that not only do Democrats have Double Standards, they demonize disingenuously.

  6. Correct Mary. No one under 40 thinks he or she will be getting Social Security. They think they will also get a very degraded Socialist government run medical care if Obamacare is not repealed.

    This is Penn State/Sandusky economics “Screw the Kids” Democrats cannot be trusted with money. Tom Smith can.

  7. “the hell with the younger generations.. “. That’s exactly how I feel about the fact that the national debt is over $16 trillion dollars. There is no hope of those of us younger having the benefits of those who are already on these plans. The money isn’t there.
    Reform them, or we lose them entirely.

  8. The 700 Billion dollar figure cited as cuts in Medicare must be understood and the lies have to stop on both sides.
    Medicare Law mandated cost containment which congress has ignored for years, failing its job collectively as the fiduciary.
    The 700 Billion represents reductions in spending over the next decade. Reductions in spending that are not going to affect beneficiaries premiums or options.
    The Ryan Plan contains the 700 Billion but the savings are directed to paying for the tax cuts while the 700 Bill in cost reductions in Obamacare stay in the healthcare program.

    Clearly the mother is not concerned for the generations BEHIND her…we all know that t he older seniors will not be affected but their younger children and grandchildren will be.
    So it can be said that she subscribes to the fact that she has hers and she is safe and the hell with the younger generations.

  9. Smith just dropped ANOTHER $10 million in the laps of PA’s TV stations – you’d think he would support his own mom in her twilight years instead of making her depend on Social Security and Medicare.

  10. Career politicians like Bobby Casey and his pal Obama have only one agenda, i.e., self-preservation at the altar of the ballot box. They will say and do anything to get reelected. They play rope-a-dope with their support and non-support of legislation by trading their votes when convenience beckons. It’s time for real change. I support Tom Smith and I approve this message.

  11. It’s pretty clear that Casey is living on his name and has become a “Political” Washing DC insider. I voted to him 6 years ago and will never vote for him again. Tom Smith will get my VOTE!
    Thanks Mom!

  12. Come on! Smith’s Mom & Rothfus’s M-I-L will both be long gone before I qualify for Medicare! And speaking of tv commercials, try watching the one that’s pro-Casey where the mother of the soldier who was electrocuted in the shower talks about how Casey helped her & her family get the truth about what happened, how he made those companies own up to what they did And what Casey did to prevent this from ever happening again. Very powerful stuff!

  13. Esther is a very nice woman but please do not let this influence your vote.

    Want to know the real truth come to Mt Union Lutheran Church and talk with all of the people.
    2 nd light from Elderton make a left coming from Indiana PA. Then approx 2 miles is the church call MT Union. I would love to see you there on Sunday at 11 am.

    Casey has passed many bills but not just one single bill. Tell the truth Smith.

  14. Tom Smith advocating for Medicare?…does anyone really believe that?…part of me wishes these lying Republicans would win, so that these idiot blue hairs will lose their precious benefits.

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