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Social Media Report Card: Gubernatorial Candidates

PoliticsPA scores PA-Gov candidates on their website and social media presence. Grades are subjective represent a combination of quality and quantity measurements.

wolf fbTom Wolf

Grade: A

Facebook fans: 54,244

Twitter followers: 2,223

Wolf has an active Twitter and Facebook page, and his website is top notch. His Twitter was boosted from the amount of retweets he garnered from his Western Pa. endorsement event. His photos are clean and sleek, and he has more Facebook fans than any other competitor in the field.

schwartz fbAllyson Schwartz

Grade: A

Facebook fans: 50,881

Twitter followers: 3,175

Schwartz has solid social media all the way around, clear information and regular updates although there is little personal influence felt. She does regularly post cool quote photos from the campaign trail that are well-shared on Twitter. We also award her “Best Candid Facebook Profile Picture.”

corbett fbGovernor Tom Corbett

Grade: A-

Facebook fans: 25,179

Twitter followers: 4,419

Corbett is superbly active on Twitter and garners plenty of retweets from his broad fan base. The well-funded incumbent has pages that are professional and aesthetically appealing. His accounts are used for the coordinated campaign, as Lt. Gov. Cawley does not have any of his own independent campaign pages.

mccord fbRob McCord

Grade: B

Facebook fans: 6,329

Twitter followers: 1,746

McCord Clearly uses social media a great deal, his website also has social media updates, so he does rely on it to a good extent. What he lacks in quantity of followers, he makes up for in fantastic family photos. In the event that he decides to leave the political realm, the McCord family may have a future in boilerplate photos that are sold in picture frames.

mcginty fbKatie McGinty

Grade: B-

Facebook fans: 4,992

Twitter followers: 1,339

McGinty is a pretty active participant in social media, despite her smaller following. She posts high retweet numbers because of extensive live tweeting from labor events. She’s got one of the most vibrant Facebook pages and, like the McCords, has a photogenic family featured prominently.

wagner fbJack Wagner

Grade: D

Facebook fans: 3,390

No Twitter account

Wagner has a fairly large Facebook fanbase, considering that he hasn’t posted a status since he lost the primary for Pittsburgh mayor. He’s got nice pictures, and posted actively during the mayoral race but it’s gone quiet and he has no Twitter presence.

guzzardi fbBob Guzzardi

Grade: D

Facebook fans: 220

*Twitter followers: 358

Guzzardi has an inactive Twitter, a bare-bones website and Facebook page hasn’t been updated in months. But according to his campaign, he has been posting on another website,

*We initially posted that Guzzardi did not have a Twitter account, this has since been corrected.

11 Responses

  1. Another correction is in-order; as opposed to the claim that Guzzardi’s “Facebook page hasn’t been updated in months,” note that he has regularly been posting his observations thereupon.

  2. A sign on the Schuylkill Expressway would cost less and hit 1,300,000 people each and every day. This social media is a scam when you break out the numbers.

  3. No wonder paid media is so important! The money wasted on social media is simply staggering when you consider the tiny numbers for any of the candidates and perhaps 80% of the Twitter people are identical among the candidates. Really, this social media is just a consultant circle jerk with no impact on voters. As a proportion of his spending, Mr. Wolf is right to target his own money at mass media to the masses of indifferent voters who will decide the election.

  4. For all the McCord hoopla, you’d think he’d have a larger following. Not much of a “grass roots” candidate…

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