Softball: Matthews <3 Kathleen Kane (With Video)

Kane on Hardball MSNBC
“Can I call you ‘General’?” Huh?

MSNBC host Chris Matthews has a special claim about Attorney General Kathleen Kane. Back in November 2011, before most people had heard of her let alone imagined she’s become Pennsylvania’s first Democrat and first woman AG, Matthews gave her her first bit of national TV exposure.

At the time it seemed some Kane folks had called in a favor from the Hardball team.

15 months later, Kane is a Democratic party star who’s earned her place on national lists of politicos to watch. And Republicans in Pa., like Gov. Tom Corbett and Sen. Pat Toomey, are watching her closely.

Her homecoming with Matthews Tuesday night was a love fest. It started with Matthews showing her campaign ad.

“I hear nothing but good things about you and the reason we’re asking you to come on tonight and you’ve agreed is I’m looking at people in the country who are in public life right now in public service who I can see a couple of notches from now really being national figures,” Matthews gushed.

The normally bullish Matthews offered Kane the chance to talk about GOP proposals to tinker with Pa.’s electoral college allocation, the voter ID law and gun control.

As PAGOP spokeswoman Valerie Caras noted, the soft segment came in contrast to a recent press event in Harrisburg. Then, Kane declined to answer reporters’ questions about her rejection of Gov. Corbett’s plan to privatize the management of the lottery.

Here’s the full video:

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5 Responses

  1. The video makes me want to vomit. “You don’t have a right to go into a classroom and take out a whole clasroom in a matter of seconds.” Are you serious? What an incredibly bizzare and inflammatory comment. I guess Lanza didn’t know that before he shot up the school. Maybe if James Holmes, who was pursuing a doctorate, was just educated about the law, all those folks in theater would alive today. Terrible…

  2. Any person familiar with Chris or Jim Matthews would run and hide from an endorsement by either one. Does Chris believe flattering the naive Kane will cause her to ignore current/future investigations against his brother, Jim?

  3. Kathleen Kane is the most unqualified AG the is state has ever had. Kane is a product of our PAGOP leadership whose main goal is to use donor funds as their tool to make Gleason-Arthur j Gallagher the broker of record with as many government funded agencies as possible. I just got another solicitation from Insurance broker Rob Gleason to turn PA red. When I see Gleason’s Emails it makes me want to scream for the PAGOP brand.

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