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Sources: Senator Boscola Removed From Harrisburg Bar

According to several individuals who were at Brickhaus last night, Senator Lisa Boscola (D-Northampton) was asked to leave the popular Harrisburg bar after an alleged confrontation.

Boscola confirmed her removal from the bar with the Philadelphia Inquirer.

In an interview Wednesday, Boscola acknowledged she was asked to leave the bar, but said she did not strike anyone.

“When you hit somebody there is a physical act of `stay away from me,’” she said of the woman. “Unless she was in my face. I do not know what her motivation is. I need to figure that out. Because in this business, it could be misinterpreted. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt as well. No one wants to hurt anyone in this business. Especially a woman. You know what I’m saying.”


This was posted on Facebook, and later removed, by the individual with whom Boscola allegedly had an interaction.


Update: According to the Inquirer article, she also had a contentious dispute with Speaker Sam Smith over a House bill. Smith released the following statement this morning:

“Given that other people have experienced similar encounters with the senator, I hope she gets whatever help she needs for her problems. Her statement is a clear indication of her own denial of the situation and I feel sorry for her.”

Boscola also updated her remarks from yesterday afternoon.

“There are differing perceptions of the heated conversation,” Boscola said in her statement, which was issued following numerous media calls to her office. “I had an animated discussion with members of the General Assembly and Republican House leadership about issues under discussion in both the Senate and House. The conversation was both frank and passionate as I made my positions known.

“Admittedly, the tone and level of discussion may have been uncomfortable for those engaged and others nearby,” Boscola said. “As a result, I was asked to leave, and I complied without incident.”

22 Responses

  1. Hello! I cpuld have sworn I’ve been too this site before but
    after browsing through some of the pist I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back

  2. I was told by a former State Rep. that the Senator was known as “Boom-Boom”. Seems kind of fitting.

  3. Senator Boscola will win again despite this allegation. So far, no one has been willing to take her on in a primary – at least not in recent years.

  4. I’m ashamed of our State Government. a wimpy Governor, a Lawless AG, high paying legislators and now this.

  5. Regardless of political affiliation Boscola shouldn’t assault anyone. She’s a drunk that you can find stumbling around Hbg streets on any given Monday or Tuesday. She’s an embarrassment to the Lehigh Valley. Time for her to go

  6. Political affiliation has nothing to do with assault charges. It doesn’t matter what party either of them are from when one person loses their composure and strikes another it is against the law.
    Race, Creed, political party, and sexual orientation do not matter.

  7. Benuck just works for a distributor, but is also a bartender and a former Hooters girl – AND a very public Republican, per her FB page. Nice mouth on her! I’d pay to see these two on Judge Judy!!

  8. Someone in this case definitely has more to lose. I don’t think it’s the girl in the private sector.

  9. You could devote a whole website to the exploits of our state senators in Harrisburg. Start with the randy old man from Bensalem, SD-6!

  10. Ms. Benuck’s LinkedIn profile lists her employer as a medical distributer. Generally, medical distributers have a large percentage of their clientele in their Golden years. I am not sure they would take kindly to their employee referring to an individual as a “geriatric piece of shit,” regardless of their behavior. What Ms. Benuck should have done, if Boscola did indeed hit her, was talk to the individuals with cameras and speak then to an attorney. Her posting definitely undermines her credibility, and her employer is probably not too thrilled with her right now.

  11. Sean Kitchen’s comment below poorly hides the fact that he believes “Because of the partisan difference, the SEnator was in line when or if she threw a punch. In Mr. Kitchen’s mind apparently a Democrat is more than welcome to punch a Republican.” That line of thought is not surprising after linking to Mr. Kitchen’s website. He would best be described as a “partisan nutjob.”

  12. Let’s hear from the witnesses and watch the footage. I would not be shocked by what’s been reported already that there’s more to this story. The senator’s reputation precedes her though. Crack reporting.

  13. Doesn’t look like it. Either way, the Senator is too old to be hanging out at the brickhaus. Almost everyone is.

  14. @JTS I apologize for the oversight – Senator Boscola is a Democrat representing Northampton and Lehigh Counties.

  15. Just out of curiosity, is Senator Boscola a Democrat or a Republican? You didn’t mention it in your article.

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