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SRC Cancels Contract with Philly Teachers Union

school district of phillyThe Philadelphia School Reform Commission announced today that it is effectively canceling the city’s contract with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers.

SRC Chair Bill Green said the decision was necessary because the PFT would not agree to sufficient sacrifices.

Green explained that this would not lead to a cut in wages but rather the “redirecting” of the unions health care benefits. $44 million will be transferred this year and close to $200 million total over the next four years.

Under this new system, most teachers will have to pay ten or thirteen percent of the cost of their medical plan.

Supporters of the teachers and the union were outraged at the decision and feel the SRC did not give proper notice of their meeting which occurred at 9:30 this morning.

An ad appeared in Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper but it was vague and gave no hint at the news to come.

“This is outrageous,” PFT spokesman George Jackson said. “We’ll take this up with our members.”

Governor Corbett voiced his support of the decision.

“Today’s action by the SRC will effectively close the funding gap and provide the district with the ability to hire new teachers, counselors and nurses, and secure educational resources that will benefit the students of Philadelphia,” he said.

7 Responses

  1. Good teachers who have hung on for the last two years through deteriorating conditions, job insecurity, and demoralizing public sentiment are now asked by the SRC to see their paychecks decrease. PSD teachers have foregone any salary increases for the last two years. Since inflation carries on, that’s an effective cut in spending power. Not paying for healthcare somewhat offsets the salary difference between Philadelphia and surrounding districts. The SRC’s decision also signals that working conditions and pay will likely deteriorate further.

    Many of Philly’s most effective and energetic teachers are sitting on low salaries – not the peak salary that very senior teachers have. Those of us with 5 – 10 years in will have to make a tough decision on whether to see this through for the sake of the students or leave while we can to take responsibility for our own financial stability. We are not so vested in the district that we can’t leave. We are not so inexperienced that we can’t find good jobs elsewhere.

    We’re looking at a third year of decreased spending power per paycheck, increased workload, worsening conditions, and demoralizing leadership. It is illegal to strike, so we must take yet another one for the team, write more unattended editorials, or go elsewhere. Where’s the team in this? My middle-class pocket is not the only source of revenue. A rational person will respect that it is very much against the self-interest of good teachers to stay in Philadelphia public schools. At this point, the SRC is asking for saints, seniors, or suckers. What does that mean for the future of the city?

  2. Sean Ryan – if you’re going to mock someone’s spelling and grammar, then perhaps you should look to your own comments first. An apostrophe isn’t just a fancy typographical signal letting people know there is going to be an S coming next. Additionally, it takes you three sentences before you can manage to complete one. Your petty comment abused the English language far more than any that preceded yours, you ignorant half-wit.

  3. First comment by a supporter of the the PFT, written in horrible grammar. How fitting.
    More to the point, the Democrat’s showed their true colors against labor again.

  4. Ahhh, a union buster at heart. The 46% of PSEA members that voted for Corbett the first time around better take note.
    As far as blaming Philly, the School Reform Commission runs Phillys school. It is a state board appointed by Corbett.

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