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Stack Ends Bid for Philly City Council

Former Lt. Governor Mike Stack (D-Philadelphia) ended his campaign for Philadelphia City Council at-large yesterday.

He pointed to receiving a poor ballot position as a reason for stepping away, while criticizing the process of selecting candidate positions ballot number from an old Horn & Hardart coffee can.

“The most disappointing aspect of this effort is that the fate of my candidacy was largely at the mercy of a coffee can, an archaic and dysfunctional system for determining ballot position that is not fair to anyone and needs to be reformed,” Stack said in a statement.

Stack pulled the 16th position on the ballot out of 30 plus Democrats seeking the five at-large seats.

This decision to withdraw his bid for City Council came on the same day he successfully defended a challenge to his nomination petitions.

Despite removing his name for the race, Stack thanked everyone who encouraged him to run and described it as a “heartening experience” to see people back his vision for Philadelphia and “enjoys widespread support from the leaders of the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee.”

Although he will not be on the ballot in May, he says he will serve the party by being a unifying force to bring people together and will work with Philly Democratic Party Chairman Bob Brady to help elect endorsed candidates. Stack also referred to defeating Trump and winning majorities in the U.S. Senate and winning both houses of the Pennsylvania legislature in 2020 as a goal to work on as well in a statement.

Stack has not closed the door on running for elected office in the future still, according to spokesman Marty Marks.

“The LG had no specific plans to run for any office but looks forward to considering opportunities to continue his public service,” Marks said in a statement.

21 Responses

  1. Has anyone every dropped out of a race solely due to ballot position? I can’t recall anyone. Sounds like there is more to it.

    1. Actually, A LOT of people drop for that reason. Philly gets crazy with 30 to 50 people on the ballot sometimes.

      Even if they have a bad position and don’t “officially” drop, they completely end all campaigning and efforts.

      Let’s not forget, many are completely unqualified and are taking a chance at getting a good position for an easy win (and paycheck).

  2. This is such a shame! Now we won’t have the benefit of seeing Mike Stack’s many changing dyed hair styles and his Howdy Doody smiling face over the course of the campaign. Have no fear, now he can spend all his time “down the shore” where he actually lives and won’t have to bother being seen in Philly to keep up appearances. He can work full time developing scripts for his future Netflix series on a washed-up politician nobody cares about anymore. Best of luck Mike. Please just go away.

  3. If it “isn’t fair to anyone” doesn’t that mean it’s essentially fair to everyone? All candidates have to contend with it an no one receives special treatment. What would he suggest as a replacement? Randomizing the order, regardless of how you do it, seems to be his complaint. In a non-combative way, I would be interested to know what other methods could be utilized.

  4. If the Coffee Can Wouk gets have given Stack the First Position, he would not have felt so suddenly civic minded about it.

  5. Sounds like a who lot of belly aching and excuses. Something else is going on here. Likely saw that in a field of 30, combined with his recent fall from grace, that his candidicacy was dead in the water (can’t risk losing twice in a row).

  6. If you’re that worried about ballot position after being the friggen LT of the state, then you’re doing it wrong bro.

  7. As if a GOP nobody had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning in Philly. Had no idea what to do next, so ran for something. Get a job!!!!!!

  8. I care. If you are not going to offer an intelligent response please take your child like observations elsewhere.

  9. I was expecting for Mike Stack is to dropout of the Philadelphia City Council race because he can do a great job as sniffing sausages in 2019.

  10. I wasn’t expecting for Mike Stack is to dropout of the Philadelphia City Council race because he can do a great job as a City Councilor in 2019.

  11. I’m s bit surprised. 16th could put you at/near the top of a second or third column, depending upon ballot layout. In some ways, that’s actually better than being 5th or 6th, because some people read the ballot left to right, not top to bottom.

    1. Good point. I’ve been involved in many ballot draws and it’s extremely rare for a candidate to drop all else and walk away due to a ballot position draw. I’m not saying it wasn’t the case that the LG did not like the ballot position but I am saying that it is not a common occurrence for someone to jump ship over a ballot draw. Honestly, I don’t understand it.

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