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Stack Starts 2018 With $232K on Hand

Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack’s re-election campaign announced they finished 2017 with $232,000 on hand.

“We are encouraged by the fact that the Lieutenant Governor’s previous donors are standing by him in his reelection bid and that new donors are coming forward responding to his efforts in the legal battle for fair redistricting and the ground breaking work he is doing as Chair of the Board of Pardons,” Stack’s campaign spokesman Marty Marks told PoliticsPA.  

According to Marks, Stack raised $338,000 during the reporting period.  

Stack’s fundraising totals are ahead of state Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Montgomery) who announced she raised $270,000 in her bid.  

“We are confident that we will not be out-raised or out-spent in this Democratic Primary,” Marks said.

10 Responses

  1. I’m ready to get out there and campaign for the best looking LG in America!! Just as long as there are plenty of tanning salons wherever they send me! Don’t even get me started on Maddy Dean. Just looking at her gets me so mad I want to grab a glass of soda and throw it at her!!!

  2. What everyone is missing here is that no one has any meaningful amounts of money in this LG race. The candidates for governor both Wolf and the Republicans will spend easily $20-$30 million on ads, easy. And every congressional race in play too. The LG candidates literally are rounding errors.

    What will decide the race is state name ID and geography. And clearly the only candidate in the race with state name ID and a huge geographical advantage is Fetterman.

    Stack is a badly damaged candidate with a giant ethical cloud following him everywhere he goes, Dean is a newish state rep with limited visibility even in her part of the state. None of them will have any money to run a true state wide race. What limited funds they do have will both be spent in a divided SEPA, where Fetterman pulled 53,000 out of Philly in 2016.

    1. Pundit2018-

      I agree that Fetterman appears to be the biggest threat to Stack due to name id, and geography.

      What is unclear is how broad Fetterman’s appeal is and what % level is his “base” of supporters. I like John’s self-deprecating humor that if he saw someone how looks like him, he’d probably try to cross to the other side of the street to avoid him.

      But, the question is how “unconventional” of a candidate will the moderate voters accept? John does well with the far left part of the base. No question. But, how deep does that extend to the center? How many progressive female votes will he lose to Dean, Cozzone and Berringer, in a year where there is a BIG push to put women in office? Also, Berringer is from Western PA. How strongly does she cut into Fetterman’s geographical edge?

      John probably has 15%-20% as a bottom to build from.
      Stack probably has a similar base number as an incumbent, and name recognition in Philly.

      Once Dean and the rest get on the air and spread their messages, maybe there will be some polling.

      There will probably be a straw poll at this weekend’s PA Keystone Progressive Summit. Next week is state committee meeting.

  3. So if anyone bothers to look at Stack’s report on DOS, you’ll see that Stack spent $81,000 on legal fees and still owes his lawyers $26,000. I’m sure all of his donors are really happy about Stack spending their money to keep him out of trouble.

    Oh, and $40,000 of his money is a loan from a family member, Felice Stack.

  4. Dean has totally misrepresented how much money she raised. $100,000 is a loan, $50,000 was pulled from her former campaign account.

    I can’t figure out why Paul here at PoliticsPA keeps misrepresenting those facts. Paul, why are you carrying Dean’s water? I heard you have a friend on the Dean campaign.

  5. His report is out at DOS website – if you naysayers are saying Dean’s is BS, then Stack’s is a manure plant.

    He already had $65k – spent $171k (on what???) and has $90k in debts.

    So he has $232k cash on hand – Dean has more $270k.

    Fetterman’s is up on the DOS too – you can look that one up yourself – but he is bringing up the rear of the tier – big time.

    1. Not quite, $100,000 is a loan. Dean is the one in 3rd place in money raised. Even further back when you consider $50,000 was from her rep account. She has no juice. Stack will run away with it.

  6. The Cash on hand number is end of December, so probably higher now. I’m assuming that it doesn’t contain loans/debts.

    I hope that PoliticsPA can put together a table listing all the candidates and money raised, debts/loans, expenses, and cash on hand.

    This way readers can compare ALL the relevant numbers and have a standard basis of comparison.

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