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Stack Survives Residency Challenge

The Commonwealth Court ruled that Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack can remain on the ballot, despite the claim he does not reside at the address he listed on his nominating petitions.

According to the Inquirer Commonwealth Court President Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt agreed with Stack’s argument that even though he sold his house in Philadelphia, his mother’s house is his residence.  

“It is the place where he votes, collects mail, pays taxes, stores personal effects and spends occasional nights,” Leavitt wrote in her opinion.  

Stack was happy with the decision saying he “looks forward to continuing his discussion with voters throughout the Commonwealth about the progressive policies he has helped to implement” and “addressing the issues and concerns that truly matter to working class Pennsylvanians.”

28 Responses

    1. According to the most recent poll, Fetterman is at 20% name ID, Cozzone is at 10%, and Stack at 8%…

      Considering Fetterman has run state-wide and spent all of the money on a state-wide campaign and receives free fluff press every week (much like Donald Trump once did) and Stack is the current LT. Guv (having run state-wide,too!) while Cozzone has only been in Chester County working and fighting for her constituents – this should be thought of as a well-documented abject failure on Fetterman’s and Stack’s part, especially when adding all the family money they both have spent. Conversely, Cozzone has NOT run state-wide, and yet appears to be on the verge of a breakout to overcome the rock-star status bestowed upon the mayor of (the) smallest-town USA, and the abusive current Lt. Guv.

      This poll does not bode well for Team Fetterman or the feckless Stack.

  1. Congrats mike of becoming the next living in mommy’s basement Lt. Guv but i will maybe support me is to run for Lt. Guv in the primary.

  2. well it is still an open question as to why Fetterman ran in the US Senate dem primary against mc Ginty and sestak. if fetter man was a mere recruit by DSCC to torque the race to mc Ginty then some voters will have no use for him. i’d sure like to see those emails… the jury is still out. why did fetter man spend so much money on a hopeless senate primary ??? his family has a lot of money but not THAT much. ..

    fetter man’s wife is a real community advocate and she is a terrific asset on the campaign trail. she wouldn’t be as rude to the hired help as stack and his wife, to be sure. i only wonder how the Fetter man former drug dealer /rock star look will go over among the few Dems left in the center T. he’ll be great with that look in pgh and philly…

    1. eagleswing-

      All the other Lt Gov candidates say they’d rather be running against John than his wife. She’s the real-deal for community advocacy and she’s a Dreamer to boot.

      Whether or not John wins as Lt Gov, Wolf should create a community advocacy cabinet position for her, and give her the resources to expand her work across the state.

  3. The voters of Pennsylvania will have a very important decision to make: Who would you be comfortable with i becoming the next Governor if something were to happen to Governor Wolf:

    (In Ballot position order)

    1. Cozzone – qualified, executive experience, respected
    2. Fetterman – Mayor of 1,259, ran state-wide, has done nice things in his town
    3. Stack – Disqualilfied by his own actions
    4. Sosa – No qualifications.
    5. Ahmad – Unqualified.

    Pennsylvanians will be faced with this very important question in 6 weeks.

    1. Who is qualified?

      Well, this certainly appears to be an unbiased assessment by someone with no connection to any particular campaign. LOL 🙂

      1. Well, Dave Diano, if a well qualified pundit like yourself doesn’t speak up, someone has to say something!!!


        1. Who is qualified?

          You’ve posed: “comfortable with” rather than qualified as the criteria.

          Cozzone has the exec experience

          Fetterman would probably shift the focus of the office to helping the little guy, and command the bully-pulpit for a while. (If he puts his wife in charge of community development, we can have some real progress for a change.)

          Stack has more political experience than Wolf and could probably do a better job getting budget through (bonus is that it would p*ss Wolf off to have Stack as Lt Gov again)

          Sosa is a bit of a blank slate, so can’t say he’s qualified

          Ahmad has been in the inner circle at Philly City Hall and has more political experience than Wolf had, and exec experience from Philly as deputy mayor.

  4. “Now if only Stack can survive his Campaign Manager, Marty Marks. The most unethical campaign person in Pa…” well, being as there are a lot of High Powered Dems who know full well what marty is reputed to have pulled, and well, being as top western Dems choose to completely ignore what he did — everyone is stuck with him. is there evidence to prove MM was behind the fake slate cards handed out in Allegheny County at the 5/17 primary –which fake slate card coincidentally copied the text and color of the official allegheny county endorsed slate , but substituted MM clients for the real endorsees? why doesn’t some High Powered Dem do something ? (meanwhile let’s watch all the campaign manager /PR types who are MM’s affiliates run like mad for dem state committee . a chance to get all that business — like mike stack’s– is an irresistible lure..)

    1. Agreed. Certain Dems simply ignore Marty Mark’s dirty tactics. Candidates that are thinking about hiring him should think twice.

    2. Marks has zero credibility at State Committee. We all know he is a liar.

      1. Bad choice is Marks becoming the next Allentown’s next mayor but i will support Marks is to run for mayor in 2019 and in 2021.

    3. eagleswing-

      He put out fake slate cards that looked liked the official county ones?


      Get the firing squad ready for such an unpardonable sin !

      That’s pretty funny, actually. The question is: did it work and get any of his candidates elected?

      1. no, his candidates lost. it was pretty funny to compare the well done and professional fake slate card to the real one — as the type font, script, size and phony logo were pretty good. only when it became obvious on a line by line comparison that ‘his’ candidates were replacing the ‘official’ endorsees did it become patently obvious… of course, there are now a bunch of people running for state committee whose sole reason for running is to get campaign contracts. which is also pretty hilarious.

  5. The only people who care about who the Lt. Gov candidate are people reading this website. Let’s face it, most folks not “eggheads” about politics could care less about this race. If one thinks that Stack is some anchor for Wolf this fall, you have not been listening to the absurd ideological pontificating of Mango on assorted issues. Really, it’s great to be passionate about politics but just keep it real and understand that being focused on the Lt. Gov race is sort of like loving football so much you are obsessed about the 3rd string QB on the NY Jets!

  6. Now if only Stack can survive his Campaign Manager, Marty Marks. The most unethical campaign person in Pa.

    1. Mike Fleck’s no longer in politics with Pawlowski, so that does open competition up.

      But, in 2016, you had Josh Shapiro take $100,000 from the school charter PAC right before the primary and report it after the teacher’s union endorsement, and the campaign manager saying: “who cares, we got the endorsement” when questioned about it.

      Bob Brady’s campaign paid his opponent $90,000 to drop out.

      I don’t think Marty can beat these guys in this category.

  7. The biggest surprise is that it took a week to render this decision. It was a 11:00 am case that should have been settled by lunchtime that day.

    From the article:
    Commonwealth Court President Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt wrote in her opinion: “It is the place where he votes, collects mail, pays taxes, stores personal effects and spends occasional nights.”

    Considering all the people who live in Philly that try to dodge the city wage tax, Stack paying the tax certainly bolstered his case.

  8. I think I’d still have to vote for Stack over Ahmad. The more I see and hear about her the worse it gets.

  9. Probably the right decision legally but he’s still an embarrassment to the ticket. It’s clear Wolf doesn’t want him. State Committee refused to endorse him. Anybody who actually cared about the working class Pennsylvanians he claims to love wouldn’t be running because he wouldn’t want to help the Republicans by being such a big target.

    1. Anybody But Stack-

      That is false that state committee “refused” to endorse him.

      With 7 candidates in the running, the committee couldn’t get a threshold vote on endorsement vs open-primary, to do candidate endorsements in the first place.

      So, your statement is not only false, but misleading, as you could equally say that the committee refused to endorse Fetterman as well.

      1. Then say State Committee was manipulated into not endorsing. The move to have no endorsement was lead by the Philly delegation–they wouldn’t have done that if Stack had the votes. The other candidates wanted to hold the vote.

        1. No one had the votes to win the endorsement. There were 7 candidates.

          The vote wouldn’t have been anything more than a straw-poll popularity contest. The committee (being tired or lazy) didn’t want to go through rounds of voting for a foregone conclusion of no one meeting the threshold. It didn’t take any “manipulating” for them not to want to stay an extra hour in uncomfortable chairs in a stuff room.

          I would have liked to have seen a vote, just to see each candidate’s strength.

          1. Dave, the point is that Stack is the incumbent and he didn’t have the votes. The goal was to keep that from becoming a media story.

          2. Anybody But Stack and Trumptard –

            It’s widely known that Wolf hates Stack. If Wolf had actually come out and asked the committee to endorse Stack, then Stack would likely have gotten the endorsement (if there was one to be had).

            You keep ignoring that Wolf is a total d*ck when it comes to Stack.

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