Stack to Kick-Off Re-Election Campaign Tuesday

Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack will officially kick-off his re-election campaign in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

PoliticsPA has learned that Stack has reserved space in Philadelphia Tuesday to announce his re-election.  

Stack is facing at least three primary challengers next year.  Stack came under scrutiny after it was revealed Governor Wolf ordered the Inspector General to investigate Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack’s treatment of his security detail and staffers in the Lieutenant Governor’s Mansion.  

Stack has stayed mostly out of the public eye since he conceded the allegations in a press conference in his office.  

Aryanna Berringer, and Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman have all entered the race to challenge Stack.  State Representative Madeleine Dean (D-Montgomery) is also considering a run.

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  1. Fetterman is the real deal. He’s passionate, articulate, and capable of firing up the Democratic base across the state with his strong, clear, progressive message. He is precisely who the Democrats need on the ticket next fall. He is also willing to bust his hump campaigning to folks most Democratic candidates have ignored for decades. If Democrats want to win in November 2018, they want Fetterman on the ballot.

  2. Unless I’m grossly misunderstanding the dynamics here I think that this is a fundraising game. If Mike Stack can raise enough money he can fend off challengers. Most people have no idea who the Lt Gov is and also don’t focus on it. I think Mike Stack can win if he raises enough and does some media.

  3. Mike Stack has humiliated the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and many of the Employees of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania . Its now time to send Mean Mike into retirement Mike Go Pound Sand you Dopey Moron

  4. No one cares about the Lt. Gov and this will most likely be the last election for one. The Gov candidate should either announce their running mate after the primary election or just designate someone after they are elected. No one votes for a Gov candidate because of the Lt. Gov.

    1. Although I agree with you on the last part, I don’t want the legislature taking more power away from the people in choosing officials. This is also one of the hardest states (well, commonwealth) to place on ballot initiatives and referendums.

      1. If you allow the Gov to pick the Lt. Gov after the primary voters can factor this in when voting in the general election.

    2. Jack

      Sometimes an Lt Gov candidate balances the ticket regionally. It’s not a big factor, but it does help if LT Gov candidate is well known/liked in some areas.

      1. Any smart Gov candidate will take this into account after they will the primary. Also, allow for interest groups like NOW, LCV, Labor and others to offer advice on a running mate. Could even allow for those not from the elected official class a shot. Too much upside for me to stay with the status quo.

  5. Stack is a serial abuser, and voters will be told this fact over and over…which will make Stack a Sadist and. Masochist ????
    Fetterman, although intriguing, is a large mayor from a small town and would bring nothing to Pennsylvanians except a large Trump-like personality appeal…we see what that has gotten us!????
    Cozzone is super-qualified, but the voters will never see past (over)Fetterman ????????
    Dean is Mean????????????

    1. Fetterman got 20% — 300,000+ votes, and won Allegheny by double digits in ‘16. All of the others have a combined name ID in PA of .05%. Honestly, had to google the three because I’ve never heard of any of them.

    2. PennsDemz

      I doubt anyone will one will get 300,000 votes in the primary (if so, it’s a winning threshold). Turnout will be less than half of 2016 primary. No Presidential primary. Wolf not expected to have primary (same goes for most of congressional and state legislators). No AG race.

      Dem primary turnout will be around 800,000. The math is different in a two-man vs a four/five person race. Stack’s signs will all say “re-elect”, not “elect”. Do the less well known candidates spend on positive ads to raise their own name ID, or run negative ads against Stack (which help their opponents)?

      Does Stack run away from Wolf’s record or show ads that make him look like Wolf’s partner?

      Do all the candidates just run against Trump as their LT Gov platform?

  6. Mike Stack: “We’re going to announce at the worst possible time of year.”

    Campaign Manager: “Sorry Joe, the venue is booked on Christmas Eve, but the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is available.”

    Mike Stack: “Perfect.”

  7. What Wolf did to Stack was totally unprofessional. Sounds like something his former Chief of Staff did and still does. By the way, where is Mary??? Too many back room deals?

    1. Some would say what Stack did to his staff was totally unprofessional.

      I wouldn’t trust Stack to run his tanning salon.

      All Stack had to do was stand there like a mannequin in his just a little too fabulous suits while being waited on and chauffeured around the state. Seriously, how do you mess that gig up? That boy ain’t right.

      1. Do you know this for a fact? I don’t believe any of it. Rumor has it that Wolf has just enough baggage that his staff could do a tell all. I always had the highest regard for Governor Wolf, but when he aired dirty laundry on Stack, I found out he isn’t the nice guy after all.

      2. Steve

        I’ve heard similar rumors that indicate Wolf was throwing stones from his own glass house.

  8. Wolf tried to embarrass him and get Stack out of the race. Too bad, Gov, he isn’t going away and actually you need him if you have any chance next year.

    1. Wolf has been the embarrassment. He just rolls over and waits for GOP to rub his belly. He didn’t take the advice of Stack and others, so he abandoned the down ticket candidates, and got stuck with negative coattails and stronger GOP majority.

      Plus, Wolf didn’t even have the integrity to ask for Marcel’s resignation for losing electoral vote, after the hard time they both gave Jim Burn.

      1. What are you talking about. Like Stack has ever helped Dems will house or senate seats. Stop looking to the top of the ticket to lead the way. It starts at the bottom. VA showed us that.

      2. The Lt Governor should be out party building and helping candidates for the legislature. He has done zero for anyone but himself, and even screwed that up.

        And Jim Burn? Really? What does he have to do with anything we are talking about here?

        1. Jim Burn the weasel is all the Zappala crime family has left to muck up Pa politics. He has been run out of the party and has no integrity left with the base but he comes cheap and that’s all that counts because crime doesn’t pay.

      3. Answer Desk-

        I agree that the Lt Gov candidate should do party building. It’s tough when you have a Gov who doesn’t support that goal.

        Jim Burn case is an example of Wolf’s poor judgement and inconsistency regarding who gets rewarded despite lack of performance, and who gets pushed aside for not kissing Wolf’s ass.

          1. Umm… BECAUSE the state committee members (whose job it is to pick the chairman) reelected Burn as chair. There is NO rule or bylaw that says the Gov picks the chair.

        1. Jack-

          Burn was chair in 2012. PA was Blue for electoral college (just like the previous results for 20 years).

          Wolf forces out Burn (after Wolf and Marcel deliberately damaging the state party to make Burn look bad), and PA goes Red for electoral college. Doesn’t really feel like a coincidence.

  9. Although I have to say hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha – Stack is still going to win.

  10. Stack will be a tough sell another time. But, who knows, he IS a Demmocrat and he DID apologize — sorta…

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