Stack Touts F Grade From NRA, Work For Veterans in New Ads

Incumbent Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack launched two new TV ads, one highlighting his F grade from the NRA, and the other touting his support for veterans.

“I was trained to fire rifles in the National Guard, but that didn’t stop the NRA from giving me an F,” Stack says in the ad ‘F Grade.’

Stack goes on to voice his support for mandatory background checks, and banning assault weapons and bump stocks.  

The second ad, titled ‘On Duty,’ touts Stack’s service in the National Guard and his work for veterans while in office.  

“Before he was Lieutenant Governor, he was Captain Stack.  Now he’s a dedicated advocate for veterans and their families,” the ad’s narrator says.  

The two ads will run on TV in Philadelphia this week, and spread to other markets next week.  

“Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack is the only veteran on the Democratic ballot for Lieutenant Governor and we believe that experience uniquely prepares him to serve and sets him apart from his opponents who have no experience in either the military or state government,” Stack’s campaign manager Marty Marks said.  

Philadelphia Deputy Mayor Nina Ahmad, Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, and Montgomery County businessman Ray Sosa are running against Stack in the primary.  

You can view the ads below.  

‘F Grade’

‘On Duty’

10 Responses

  1. Remember this guy has an Actor’s Equity card. He wears make up to political events. It’s all an act with him. He’s not a useful elected official just because he plays one on TV.

  2. Stack will win big. Fetterman is giant phony and a total douche bag. He looks like a guy that would rape men in prison.

  3. Fetterman will win by big margins on the western part of the state Erie, Crawford, Mercer and Lawrence counties are all swinging hard for him. Stack will face the same fate as Arlen Specter did against Joe Sestak.

    1. Don’t think that comparison works here. Arlen switched parties when he lost as an incumbent. He wasn’t fully accepted by the party when he switched. He wasn’t a complete POS who got his security detail stripped like Mike Slack.

  4. This dude just looks like a sleeze. Completely untrustworthy. And of course, with one google of his name you can see that the face matches up with his history.

    Good campaigner, terrible, terrible, terrible public official. The only reason this guy is even in the race still is because he comes from the Southeast. If PA elects this guy it will be seriously sad.

    On the upside, if he is elected we can stop fracking and looking for oil in general. Stack is the greasiest man alive.

  5. Both ads are showing a side of Mike Stack that did not cut through the Harrisburg political static and serve him well. They are excellent ads. I don’t know the polls on LT Gov race but I just can’t see folks getting two exercised about the race as it is over shadowed by Gov race. I think Stack’s name is more known and an advantage here.

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