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Stack’s Residency Challenged in Commonwealth Court

Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack’s petitions are being challenged in Commonwealth Court over whether his residency listed on his petitions is accurate.

According to Billy Penn the petition was to have his petitions set aside was filed just after 4 p.m. Thursday.  

The petition cites that Stack sold his home in Philadelphia since becoming Lieutenant Governor, as was reported in the Inquirer.

Stack has been registered to vote at his mother’s house in Philadelphia while residing in the Lieutenant Governor’s mansion, which is legal.  The petition argues that Stack using that address goes against the instructions for filling out a Candidate’s Affidavit.

“In the face of the clear instructions.  Stack signed a Candidate’s Affidavit, swearing that he resides at his mother’s home, despite previously stating through a spokesperson that all of his furniture and belongings have been moved to the Lieutenant Governor’s residence,” The petition says.  

The instructions for filling out the affidavit “clearly state that “residential address pertains to where [the candidate] actually resides”; it does not reference where the candidate is registered to vote” according to the petition.  

Sources told Billy Penn that former Philadelphia Nina Ahmad is behind the challenge, but the campaign did not respond to Billy Penn’s request for comment.  

If the court rules in favor of the petitioners Stack would be removed from the ballot for the May primary.

21 Responses

    RAY SOSA 5

  2. Lucky, if Cozzone is such a compelling candidate, why is she not able to raise money? Maybe she wins on ballot order. Maybe Berringer wins on geography. But if you want to talk about spoilers, why is Ray Sosa getting a pass? He was a Republican until about 2016 and did not vote at all last year. He barely filed 5 counties. Who put him in the race? Looks to me like a Stack plant.

    1. Answer to why Cozzone is not able to raise money.

      I just googled ‘Kathi Cozzone’ and it looks like she works for a living(imagine that!), and as the elected Commissioner of Chester County of 550,000 citizens, her job keeps her very busy, by the headlines.(Unlike Fetterman(1,259 citizens) and Ahmad (“0” citizens) Cozzone is very engaged in the position she was elected for while running for Lt. Governor. And, (obviously!) she doesn’t use her position for pay-to-play!

        1. this job is definitely NOT for a mayor of 1,259 people, Doc.

          Get off those prescriptions you are writing for yourself????

          1. Cozzone is a very competent and useful cog. Fetterman is a leader. I think people are looking for leaders.

      1. Leaders would not accept endorsements from known perverts. Especially not in today’s environment. Clearly shows Fetterman is anything but a leader

          1. I think the desperation resides with Fetterman, and his ‘at all cost” to win. No principles. We have enough of his type in government already.

            When it comes to Fetterman, I think of the old adage: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

  3. Ahmad is in this race for one reason, and one reason only: to help the very weak candidate John Fetterman.

    Fetterman is the pervert Ed Rendell-backed candidate, who can’t win without the nefarious work of Rendell and Ahmad. Ahmad’s entry only hurts the best (for Penssylvnians) female candidate Cozzone – who luckily pulled the #1 Ballot position – in an effort to help Fetterman. Ahamd’s legal challenge to Stack, if successful, would open the door for a battle for the male vote between Lehman and the DINO Fetterman. Ahmad, thinking goes, would take away the female votes in Philly Cozzone needs for a win.

    Luck, however, may very well negate all of this back-room wheeling-dealing – because the #1 ballot position in a race like this – a race of unknowns, with many candidates – overwhelmingly favors the first ballot position – AND #1 ballot position in this case is the best qualified candidate that is also a female.

  4. Congressman Larry Coghlin of The 13th Congressional District Listed his address at his Daughters House for Decades and had no problem with that . The Candidate Affidavit does not say what is your Domicile The could knock Stack off The Ballot if it said that . This office in not a permanent Job so everyone has an address at which they are affiliated . Rick Santorum did not have any Residence in Pennsylvania after he was elected he sold his house and Kept running saying he lived in Pennsylvania . Stack cam keep his Registration at his Momma’s House as he is not going to be living with his wife anymore after what he put her through . Stack should lose the Election purely based on the Fact that he is an arrogant S.O.B. and disrespected his State Police Guards and everyone else he comes across . Stack is a s h i t head and deserves to lose this Election

  5. It doesn’t matter who wins this court battle. Stack is finished.

    Ahmad is finished, too. Her 6th-place ballot position will cost her very bit of her $450,000 personal loan to her campaign to move her up to 4th place????

  6. I’ve got some lawyer-friends who think Stack will lose, and some election-lawyer-friends who think Stack will prevail.

    It is a “novel” challenge since previous Govs have “resided” at Gov mansion and voted/registered/run using their home county addresses.

    Sometimes it depends on the judge you get. 🙁

  7. I’m not a fan of Stack. HOWEVER, politics aside, have other Lieutenant Governor’s had to change their address? Would the ballot have to say Michael Stack is from Harrisburg?

    Also people who work in Harrisburg & DC are still registered and have a primary residence in their hometown wouldn’t this extend to elected officials?

    1. I hate to say it because of your “name” on here, but I have to agree with you. This seems much ado about nothing and could have repercussions if he is thrown off the ballot.

  8. Stack didn’t have the votes to get the Democratic Party endorsement so his people moved for an open primary, which worked. None of the other candidates could have gotten the endorsement, either, but the point was to avoid news stories that the incumbent didn’t have support. The Guv stripped him of staff and perks but didn’t release the report, even though he doesn’t want Stack as a running mate. Stack’s acting like he’s done wonders with Pardons and Paroles when there’s a 3 year back log and some of the decisions are almost a quota system. He’s taking credit for the Supreme Court’s decision on gerrymandering. The guy is as fake as the makeup he’s obviously wearing. No wonder he lied on his paperwork, playing Philly voters–lots more voters there than in Lebanon, where he actually lives.

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