State GOP May Look to Take Advantage of Corbett’s Lame Duck Period

pa-state-capitol-b175d9a07740ecf3We’ve now reached that (less than magical) time from November to January when the parties must choose between acting after the election results are in or waiting until the new guard arrives.

According to Mark Levy of the Associated Press, PA House and Senate Republicans, already amidst post-election caucus changes, face various obstacles to passing legislation in the lame duck period.

Two weeks exists between when the legislature convenes and Wolf takes office on Jan. 20. Despite a lack of precedent, the GOP majorities in both chambers could theoretically use this time to propose and pass statutes supported by outgoing Gov. Tom Corbett but opposed by incoming Gov-elect Tom Wolf.

While legally viable, several stumbling blocks could impede passing legislation in such a short period of time, including the now apparent divide between moderate and conservative Republicans.

Conservatives won that round, ousting Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R-Chester) in favor of Sen. Jake Corman (R-Centre).

Still Speaker-elect Mike Turzai admitted he has only just started making preparations for the upcoming legislative session, but assuredly stated, “we will hit the ground running.”

Republican-affiliated lobbyists have increasingly promoted action before Wolf takes office. One of whom being Tom Smith, 2012 challenger to U.S. Senator Bob Casey’s seat, coal magnate and fervent supporter of conservative causes.

“I have talked to people about it and I’ve been called about it by people who will have a vote on it,” Smith continued, “whether that happens or not, I don’t know.”

Senate President Pro Tempore Joseph Scarnati (R-Jefferson) was similar in his speculation, stating, “In the coming days and weeks, I think we’ll get more clarity,” referencing upcoming strategic talks between chief state Republicans.

6 Responses

  1. Who coined the term “paycheck protection” to describe with holding union dues?

  2. Denny:

    Privatizing liquor stores and paycheck protection are not Budget, Taxes or Revenue neutral.

    Privatizing liquor stores IS budget, taxes and Revenue related, not to mention political.

    Senator Pileggi saved the Republican Party from a real blood-bath at this past November’s election by staying away from Privatizing liquor stores, because he fully understands that it’s all about the Beer Distributors, and the financial and employment consequences for going down this road would be dire. If the Republicans continue to go down this road there will be a very dear price to be paid.

    OK, let’s do the math:
    It is reported that there are aprox 2800 Beer Distributors in PA, [possibly more], most are small mom-pop neighborhood businesses, and most employ between 4 to 5 employees. 98% of these would not be able to expand in order to keep up with the Walmarts and large Supermarkets. 98% of 2800 = 2744 businesses to close, x 4 employees = 10976 unemployed, combined with the 17,000+ liquor stores employees = aprox 27,976+ newly unemployed in PA. Additional unemployed combined with loss of local tax base, how many Republicans would have been elected in November if that had happened? Rather than vilifying Sen. Pileggi, as was just done, the Republican Party, and the PA Senate, should have instead thanked him.

    Oh yea, paycheck protection also IS budget related, as well as political.

  3. They should privatize liquor stores, but leave any budget related stuff for after Wolf takes office. They could also pass the paycheck protection law. Just stay away from budget stuff, taxes, revenue, etc.

  4. This is terrible…terribly awesome! They should pass a 4% gas severance tax and let the impact fee die.

    Maybe they can outlaw they union bought right to stalk, harass, and make terroristic threats during a union dispute. Or, is that asking too much?

  5. My bad. At first reading, I thought it said they plan to take advantage of *Colbert’s* lame duck term. Was hoping for something outlandish that would be sure to make the Colbert Report, like thier bill to stop selling dog and cat meat in butcher shops, or Pileggi’s plan for proportional electoral voting… No such luck. Just more corporate giveaways written by ALEC.

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