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State House Return Before Sept. 11th Unlikely

As September gets close, the ongoing budget stalemate will likely continue until at least September 11th when the state House is likely to return.  

According to the Patriot News, the House Majority Leader Dave Reed (R-Indiana) said in a memo to members the leadership was continuing to work on an alternative plan from the state Senate’s plan that was sent to the House.  

In the memo, Reed said he hoped to have a plan for the entire caucus to review in the coming weeks.  

An informal meeting of Republican legislators is scheduled to be held Tuesday to discuss a plan to close the $2.2 billion that relies on transferring money from different funds within the state.  

The group is pushing to avoid the proposed natural gas tax and borrowing that the Senate’s plan includes.  

The House plan will likely be a new point in negotiations between the House, Senate, and Governor Wolf.

3 Responses

  1. Turbo wants his private licker or no deal. Would someone please get him a good tongue lashing?

  2. Which means do-nothing legislators like the many incompetent Democrats in the Philly ‘burbs will be having long leisurely vacations and sipping bordeaux at their constituents expense. Politics as usual.

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