State House & Senate Election Day Open Thread

Here’s a map of the current state House picture

We’re keeping track of the battles for control of the state House and Senate in Harrisburg. Check here all day for updates on the best races in Pa.

And in case you missed ‘em, here are PoliticsPA’s Top Ten PA House Races andTop 5 PA Senate Races.

2:27 p.m.: Says HDCC ED Ethan Smith: “If Romney’s contesting the state, we’re not seeing it in the field. There are volunteers for our state House candidates, labor and President Obama everywhere and very few reports of Republicans doing any sort of GOTV.”

And for those hotly contested SEPA state Rep. races? “There’s especially high turnout in the college precincts — particularly Swarthmore, West Chester and Edinboro.”

2:25 p.m.: Villella’s CM in SD-47 says: “Reports are now saying that Dems in Beaver County and Lawrence County are flooding the polls.”

2:19 p.m.: One GOP operative in SD-37: “Have about 30 Allegheny Co. precincts and decent correlation between GOP performance and turnout. For example looks like Upper St. Clair and Peters running stronger than Mt. Lebanon Ward 5, usually 3 to 5 percent.”

10:20 a.m.: From Ethan Smith, Exec Director of HDCC:

In HD157, there are Phoenixville precincts that already have 30% turnout.
In HD131, Allentown is keeping pace with the Republican parts of the district.
The lowest turnout so far is in HD74, which doesn’t bode well for Republicans.

“While the Republicans abandoned PA until the final week, the Democrats always treated it as a swing state and that is panning out even in the morning turnout.”

10:17 a.m.: State Rep. Tarah Toohil says turnout is high in the HD-116 in Luzerne County. “ We are anticipating that we will have results right after 8pm,” she said.

10:10 a.m.: From Kim Villella’s CM Jason Henry in SD-47:

“From what I’ve been hearing turnout is heavy, particularly in the southern beaver county towns and new castle which is huge.”

He says they’re focused on the New Castle area and working with IBEW. For Beaver County, they’re leaning heavily on Critz and Obama GOTV efforts.

9:57 a.m.: Matt Smith’s state Senate CM says turnout is looking good in Dem precincts in SD-37.

9:55 a.m.: From a campaigner with Rep. Joe Markosek (D-Allegheny): “He voted at 7am this morning and reported that his precinct is having the busiest morning that he has ever seen. We will start receiving our first turnout numbers soon but we anticipate it to be high based off initial reports from volunteers at the polls. For GOTV, we have a full day planned of door knocking and phone banking to make sure Joe’s supporters make it out to vote.”

9:50 a.m.: From Rob Teplitz’s CM VIctor Wills in the hotly contested 15th district: “Turnout is high. Poll coverage is strong. Few reports of Voter ID being required. Few reports of machines in the city shutting down and the poll being temporarily closed/voters turned away.”

9:40 a.m.: In Schuylkill County and vicinity, turnout is strong. Said Sen. Dave Argall’s campaign manager Dan Cook, “First reports I am hearing from our people on the ground is turnout is very strong. I am still waiting to get some actual numbers from precincts but every volunteer I spoke with so far has said people are coming out.”

On GOTV: “For months the Volunteers for Argall have been identifying supportive voters with great response. We feel our base is extremely motivated to get out and vote and that has shown in the last 72 hours our phone banks have been packed each day contacting our voters and reminding them to get out and vote.”

9:38 a.m.: Senate Dem Campaign Committee spox Aren Platt: “Great morning turnout in all of our races — voter enthusiasm for the President down to State Senate is exceeding our expectations.

“We have hundreds of folks out at the polls and knocking doors in each of our top Senate races. We feel great about our operation up until now pulling thousands of ID’s, and have the fullest confidence in our field operation today to pull our our supporters.”

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  1. Turnout was Huge here in Central Montco too – mostly all new Dem voters. Really have to wonder why there were NO Repub greeters and poll workers to counter several from Dems!This used to be a Repub precinct but is now evenly split – have Repubs written this area off completely? Or are they that confident they can flip the electronic voting machine results? BIG enthusiasm gap here, all to the Dems favor.

  2. Tarah also had someone handing out information inside a polling location illegally. Desperation causes people to to crazy things.

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