State Legislative Races Open Thread

harrisburg-capitol-steps2We’re compiling all the State Senate and State House races were watching into this open thread.

Whenever a contest is called, we’ll fill in the information. Make sure to keep checking back for updates on where the results stand.

SD-9: Republican Tom Killion (i) vs. Democrat Marty Molloy

Incumbent Thomas Killion has secured his seat in the 9th District of Pennsylvania’s State Senate. Killion, a Republican, beat out Democratic candidate Marty Molloy 68,895 votes to Molloy’s 64,793. Killion also had a 52% favorability turnout, while Molloy only had 48%.

SD-13: Democrat Gregory Paulson vs. Republican Scott Martin

Republican Scott Martin defeated Democrat Gregory Paulson in the race for Pennsylvania’s State Senate District 13. Martin managed to capture 66,260 votes over Paulson’s 48,129 votes.

SD-15: Democrat Rob Teplitz (i) vs. Republican John DiSanto

John DiSanto defeats incumbent Rob Teplitz and is elected to represent the 15th district of Pennsylvania in the State Senate. DiSanto ended with 51.7% of the votes leaving Teplitz with 48.3%.

SD-19: Democrat Andy Dinniman (i) vs. Republican Jack London

With 112 out of the 115 precincts accounted for, Senator Andy Dinniman wins re-election as State Senator. Dinniman defeated Republican Jack London by winning 56.7% of the vote compared to London’s 43.3%.

SD-35: Democrat Ed Cernic vs. Republican Wayne Langerholc

After a long campaign battle Pennsylvania’s 35th District now has its official candidate who will take its State Senate position. Ed Cernic had 39,575 votes with 37.5%. However, Republican candidate Wayne Langerholc had 66,040 with 62.4%. Thus, Langerholc will take the seat in the Senate.

SD-49: Democrat Sean Wiley (i) vs. Republican Dan Laughlin

Another win occurred tonight for the Republican party. Democratic candidate Sean Wiley had 47,723 votes with 46.5%. However, Dan Laughlin had 54,899 with 53.5%. Thus, Laughlin like Langerholc, took another seat for the Republicans in the Senate.

HD-10: Democrat Jared Gibbons (i) vs. Republican Aaron Bernstine

The Republican challenger, Aaron Bernstine, has taken out the Democratic incumbent Jaret Gibbons. Bernstine garnered 59% with 15,474 votes while Gibbons only attained around 41% of the population with 10,918 votes.  

HD-31: Republican Ryan Gallagher vs. Democrat Perry Warren

This district is still too close to call between the Republican nominee Ryan Gallagher and Democratic nominee Perry Warren. Warren leads Gallagher by 28 votes. Both attained 50% of the vote.

HD-49: Democrat Alan Benyak vs. Republican Bud Cook

The Republican candidate Bud Cook has won the district against the Democrat Alan Benyak. Cook won with 54% of the population, specifically 13,412 people. Alan Benyak only attained 46% of the vote with 11,312 people.

HD-50: Democrat Pam Snyder (i) vs. Republican Elizabeth McClure

The incumbent Democrat Pam Snyder has won against the Republican challenger Betsy Rohanna McClure. Snyder garnered 53% of the vote with 12,555 people, while Rohanna McClure attained 47% with 11,024 of the people.

HD-51: Democrat Tim Mahoney (i) vs. Republican Matthew Dowling

The Republican challenger Matthew Dowling has defeated the incumbent Democrat Tim Mahoney. Dowling garnered 53% of the vote with 13,271 people, while Mahoney attained 47% of the vote with 11,721 people.

HD-58: Democrat Mary Popovich vs. Republican Justin Walsh

The Republican nominee Justin Walsh has defeated the Democrat Mary Popovich. Walsh earned 62% of the vote with 17,817 people, while Popovich only attained 38% with 11,127 people.

HD-72: Democrat Frank Burns (i) vs. Republican Cecilia Howser

The Democratic incumbent Frank Burns has been re-elected, defeating Republican Cecilia Houser. Burns garnered 58% of the vote with 15,610 people, while Houser attained 42% with 11,523 people.

HD-74: Republican Harry Lewis (i) vs. Democrat Josh Maxwell

Republican incumbent Harry Lewis has defeated the Democratic challenger Josh Maxwell. Lewis won 51% of the vote with 14,721 people, while Maxwell gained around 49% of the vote with 13,965 people.

HD-76: Democrat Mike Hanna (i) vs. Republican Stephanie Borowicz

Incumbent Mike Hanna was once again voted in to represent Pennsylvania’s 76th District in the state’s House of Representatives. Hanna defeated Republican candidate Stephanie Borowicz with 52% of the votes in that district to Borowicz’ 48%.

HD-115: Republican David Parker (i) vs. Democrat Maureen Madden

Democratic candidate Maureen Madden defeated incumbent David Parker in the race for a seat in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives as the representative of the 115th District. Madden secured 52% of the votes with 11,278 votes in that district. Parker only managed to get 10,437 votes, which is 48% of the votes in that district.

HD-146: Republican Tom Quigley (i) vs. Democrat Joe Ciresi

Incumbent Thomas Quigley was once again voted in to represent Pennsylvania’s 146th District in the state’s House of Representatives. Quigley defeated Democratic candidate Joseph Ciresi with 13,914 votes in that district to Ciresi’s 13,370.

HD-150: Republican Michael Corr vs. Democrat Linda Weaver

Republican candidate Michael Corr defeated Democrat Linda Weaver in the race for a seat in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives as the representative of the 150th District. Corr secured 54% of the votes with 14,900 votes in that district. Weaver only managed to get 12,670 votes, which is 46% of the votes from that district.

HD-156: Republican Dan Truitt (i) vs. Democrat Carolyn Comitta

Incumbent Dan Truitt defeats Carolyn Comitta and keeps his seat as House Representative for Pennsylvania’s 156th district. While Truitt came out on top the race was extremely close with Truitt winning 50.1% of the vote and Comitta 59.9%.

HD-158: Republican Eric Roe vs. Democrat Susan Rzucidlo

Republican Eric Roe wins the election and will be the representative of the 158th district for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Roe defeated Democrat Susan Rzucidlo by attaining 53.2% of the vote.

HD-161: Democrat Leanne Krueger-Braneky (i) vs. Republican Patti Rodgers Morrisette

Incumbent Leanne Krueger-Braneky wins re-election to her seat over Republican Patti Rodgers Morrisette. The contest was close: 17,284 votes to 17,044 votes.

HD-163: Republican Jamie Santora (i) vs. Democrat Barbarann Keffer

Incumbent Jamie Santora keeps her seat as Pennsylvania’s 163rd district representative for the house. Santora defeated Democrat Barbarann Keffer by winning 54.3% of the vote.

HD-165: Republican Alex Charlton vs. Democrat Elaine Paul Schaefer

Representing the 165th District of Pennsylvania now has its new State House Member. Democratic candidate Elaine Paul Schaefer had 14,227 votes or 42.7%. However, Republican candidate Alex Charlton had 19,059 votes or 57.3%. Thus, Charlton is the winner to represent the 165th District.

HD-170: Republican Martina White (i) vs. Democrat Matt Darragh

Another race that was extremely close on Tuesday night finally came to an end. Democratic candidate Matt Darragh had 11,705 votes or 45.7%. However, Republican candidate Martina White had 13,891 votes or 54.3%; an 8.6 jump from the Democratic opponent. Thus, White is the latest winner for the 170th District.

HD-178: Republican Scott Petri (i) vs. Democrat Neale Dougherty

Another shift in political control occurred in PA’s 178th District. Democratic candidate Neale Dougherty had 14,283 votes or 39.0%. However, Republican candidate Scott Petri won the 178th district with 22,229 votes or 61.0%. Thus, another Republican seat in the State House has been achieved.

HD-183: Democrat Phillips Armstrong vs. Republican Zachary Mako

The 183rd District managed to pull another win for the Republican party Tuesday night. Democratic candidate Phillips Armstrong had 12,311 votes or 41.9%. However, Republican candidate Zachary Mako had 17,068 votes or 58.1%. Thus, Mako will serve and represent the 183rd District for the Republican party in the State House.

12 Responses

  1. In the 156th Legislative District race, Carolyn Comitta (D-Chester) is up 18 votes over incumbent Dan Truitt (R-Chester). At this point, the race is not over…

  2. “HD-178: Republican Scott Petri (i) vs. Democrat Neale Dougherty
    Another shift in political control occurred in PA’s 178th District. Democratic candidate Neale Dougherty had 14,283 votes or 39.0%. However, Republican candidate Scott Petri won the 178th district with 22,229 votes or 61.0%. Thus, another Republican seat in the State House has been achieved.”

    1) An incumbent winning reelection isn’t a “shift in political control.”
    2) That statement doesn’t seem to make any grammatical sense anyway.

  3. This Perry Warren guy really lucked out. 28 votes? Wonder how it’ll be after an automatic recount. That district leans fairly Democratic as Santarsiero was there for 8 years even during Republican wave mid-term election years. Pretty pathetic performance by newbie Warren.

  4. Just saying that manyt voters who complain about gerrymandering, state budgets, taxes, school funding, and many other issues do not realize that they are voting for the same old, same old, when they return the very State reps to office. These people have much more to do with your everyday life than the U.S. Senator, and even the President.

  5. As a former Democratic candidate for state rep that ran against Scott Petri in 2004, his reelection did not create “another shift in political control” in the 178th. You might want to edit that. The seat has been in Republican hands since 1982 when it moved from Philadelphia.

  6. Justin Walsh elected in the 58th? Just what we need, another criminal in Harrisburg. His motto was “Fighting For Opportunity” but giving his criminal record of being a brawling bully and pleading guilty to assault he will probably be just looking for opportunities to fight. Better stay out of bars near the Capitol come January, Justin may need another punching bag!

  7. Martina White wins by over 8 points in that district? Shows what a great candidate, hard work and a good campaign can do even in a bad area. Congrats to her!

  8. The state dept website and the Delaware county website have Leanne winning in the 161st.

    Are there numbers you have that differ from this?

    KRUEGER-BRANEKY, LEANNE T (DEM) 50.35% Votes: 17,284

    RODGERS MORRISETTE, PATTI A (REP) 49.65% Votes: 17,044

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