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State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe Defends White Nationalism

Daryl-MetcalfeProceedings turned ugly in the PA House’s State Government Committee after its Chairman was accused of allowing a white supremacist to speak at their hearing for an “English Only” bill.

Rep. Leslie Acosta took exception to Robert Vandervoort’s appearance at the committee meeting, according to a report by Christian Alexandersen of the Patriot-News. Vandervoort has been labeled a “past and present leader of white nationalist groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe – PA’s “No. 1 Conservative,” according to his website – attempted to diffuse the situation, chalking it up to a misunderstanding and explaining that Vandervoort is not a white supremacist, but a white nationalist.

“The comments that she made about some alleged white supremacist being in our meeting was outrageous,” Metcalfe said. “It was an email put out alleging that somebody was a white nationalist, which is quite a bit different from a white supremacist.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center would beg to differ. White nationalist organizations “espouse white supremacist or white separatist ideologies, often focusing on the alleged inferiority of nonwhites,” the SPLC said.

But Metcalfe was not finished in his vehement defense of Vandervoort.

“To say somebody is a nationalist and for the independence of their country and a patriot to defending their country is a lot different than saying somebody is a racist,” Metcalfe said, though he didn’t clarify what was threatening the country’s sovereignty. “For whoever said the man was white to begin with, that person is a racist – tying his skin color to his patriotism and what he stands up for for his country.”

After shelving anti-discrimination rights for LGBT Pennsylvanians in August – and with budget negotiations at a standstill – Metcalfe is now shifting his focus to establishing English as the state’s official language.

18 Responses

  1. There is absolutely no difference between a “white nationalist” and a “white supremist”. No shame by this elected official.

  2. Lets stay on the point and not allow distraction as a way to kill the bill. English only makes sense. What is outrageous is letting people have drivers license tests in Spanish and driving w/o knowing English. Pass the bill and don’t let opponents play the media on side issues.

  3. You must not know much about Metcalf’s House District-this makes him even more likely to retain his seat there.

  4. I think we should thank the man! Without his stupidity this clown could still be a public servant for years to come, but instead he just committed political suicide. How is a person of his character elected anyway? In the racist’s world birds of a feather flock together. I don’t want a racist leading anything in the great state of P.A. I’m not that type of bird. Get it together Cranberry.

  5. Metcalfe might say it is about speaking English, but everybody knows what he is saying is that only white people belong here and the rest of you get the hell out. Just a dog whistle way to say it. His dishonesty in trying to distinguish it by definition is evidence that he knows his ideology is wrong.

  6. They don’t call him the Nutcalf for nothing. It is too bad that Darryl is called conservative. There are just so many other English adjectives that better describe him.

  7. Proud to be from Western Pennsylvania. We may speak differently, but we are intelligent and caring people.

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  8. And Turzai says nothing? Metcalfe must have the goods on him. This is truly the most despicable thing Metcalfe has done, in a very long line of despicability. What party in their right mind would allow him to caucus with them? This will be in every ad campaign this November and next November, at every level of office. This is what the Pennsylvania Republican Party is really all about: nazism.

  9. I am very proud of State Representative Leslie Acosta. She stood up for herself and her constituents. Rep. Metcalf again behaved like a horse’s tail. Simply saying someone is white or black is a statement of fact, Mr Metcalf, not racism. Racism is perpetuated by characters like Mr. Vandervoort who espouses racist views and calls for seperate nations those promoting civil war. That is not patriotism, its racism. Try getting a clue, Mr Metcalf, or at least read a book.

  10. If English becomes the official state language, what are we going to do about Pittsburgh? I’m pretty sure what they speak counts as a separate language.

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