State Rep. Exploring Kane Impeachment

Kane-sadKathleen Kane may be facing an impeachment threat after all.

Recently, it looked as if the State Senate would be handling any matters concerning the AG. Apparently, though, that has changed.

The Associated Press is reporting that State Rep. Garth Everett is circulating a memo that calls for starting an investigation of the Attorney General in the State House’s Judiciary Committee.

The memo has been signed by about a dozen colleagues.

The State Senate committee will release their report tomorrow.

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  1. DD – You are correct about the Supreme Court. They will make sure the Constitution is followed.

  2. Terry M-

    Lawyers and judges have rules against conflict of interest or improper conduct. The Bar Association or Disciplinary Board determine whether actions constitute a violation. Given Eakin’s own emails, his voting on Kane is a pretty clear conflict of interest, as was using his friend to “investigate” him.

    The goal of the GOP is to remove Kane. I was very surprise by the committee vote in light of the push for an impeachment. But, they wouldn’t risk doing both, unless one failed.

    Think how it would look if the senate removed her, but she won an impeachment trial.

    In reading the article about the Senate committee decision, it leads to a committee hearing. I had thought that the committee decision would lead directly to a full vote.

    Given that there still is to be a hearing, the House plan to impeach makes a little more sense, because the Senate approach is not a done-deal.

    Also, the supreme court can (and hopefully will) overturn the senate committee’s incorrect interpretation of the PA constitution.

  3. Pat – The hand-wringing that must be going on in the Clown Car’s camp!!!

    They just don’t seem to get it. The people of Pennsylvania have woken up.

    It’s not OK for Judges and prosecutors to be racist pervert women-hating creeps. It”s not OK for an ol’ boys network to get away with things the rest of us would be jailed for. It’s not OK that high-lever State officials used their State computers on vile, degrading, bigoted material. That is a crime.

    It’s also not OK that Kane is being prosecuted for ONE alleged leak while Fina & The Corbett Pervs illegally leaked MANY confidential facts.

    Selective enforcement is a form of corruption. You can look it up …

  4. Terry – who said anything about ignoring Kane’s insanity? Most reasonable observers want Kane held accountable if she illegally leaked protected material to get revenge on a political enemy (regardless whether that political enemy is a racist woman-hater).

    Are you unable to see that Kane can be an in-over-her-head loser but still be right about the corrupt ayyy-holes that have been sending stuff like this to their buddies:

  5. HaHaHa, Eakin asked them to take up the case. You seem to be ignoring that. Also, what does that have to do with Kane being guilty as sin? Change the subject much?

  6. Yeah, Marie, and while we’re “ignoring” stuff, we’ll just ignore the testimony of Kane’s closest hand-picked advisors, whose advice Kane ignored. Adrian King, Linda Hoffa — not exactly “Repervlicans.” One by one, of course, they jumped ship to avoid being implicated in Kane’s insanity. But we’ll just ignore all that.

  7. Agreed, Isaac. Well said.

    Continue to ignore the shills. They keep pretending that something has actually been proven in the trumped-up case against Kane. But nothing has. We do know for sure that the star witness has told TWO COMPLETElY DIFFERENT STORIES.

  8. Isaac, please explain how Fina’s actions excuse Kane’s decision to leak confidential documents and then lie about it under oath (let alone the firing of witnesses against her and the promotion of a known sexual harasser).

  9. Time to break out the popcorn. I would love to see this litigated with a full and vigorous defense instead of the half-information and leaks we keep getting. While it would appear Kane has made her share of mis-steps, the more information that comes to light, the worse it looks for Fina and friends. Definitely looking forward to some house cleaning.

  10. Diano, not recusing is not a violation of any rule of ethics. I challenge you to cite the rule that Eakin violated. It’s simply nowhere near grounds for any discipline.

    Your pure speculation about what the Senate “realized” is just wrong. The constitution does not bar both proceedings from happening at the same time. In fact, the Senate could remove Kane and then hold an impeachment trial. But thanks as always for your hilarious amateur lawyering. Do you also do your own dentistry?

  11. @Diano. Eakin should have recused himself but he didn’t. He learned that trick from Castile who started investigations of McCaffery, then leaked it to the press before finally voting to suspend him without due process. In doing so he wrote a scathing opinion calling him a sociopath. If any other judge in the country acted like Castile he would have been jailed.

  12. Terry M-

    Eakin should have recused himself from ruling on Kane due to conflict of interest, and he also had his former campaign worker as an “independent” investigator. These are ethics violations that could be sufficient for loss/suspension of license or disbarment.

    If State Rep. Garth Everett is circulating a memo for impeachment, then it sounds likely that he got advanced word that the Senate committee realized it doesn’t have the authority to remove Kane without a trial. Why else would he need to push for a trial if the committee thought it could remove Kane with a simple vote?

  13. Pat Unger (real or fake? who knows?): Obviously, you are ignorant. Take your own advice and read my post. I never said the Senate was filing impeachment. Whether the old provision for ousting senile officials actually allows the Senate to oust Kane is highly debatable. But that was not your point, was it? Infantile assholes like you would rather engage in personal slander than an intelligent discussion of public issues.

  14. That’s great. After getting maximum ink from the Inky, GOP Senate finally reads the legal research and decides impeachment is the viable option. That will mean much more ink from the Inky for months. Kane is kinda like Donald Trump, always good for a headline. Did the PA legislature find time to pass a budget yet?

  15. The timing of this initiative is uncanny; we will know within 24 hours whether AG-Kane will be gone, expeditiously.

  16. I am totally dumbfounded at what Marie and Unger have discussed below. Someone needs to step in and put the brakes on this. No way Fina’s lawyer’s wife – who is also Tyron Ali’s lawyer’s wife – should be getting paid from MY TAXPAYER DOLLARS.

    And – no way it is OK for Tyron Ali (the criminal who had all his charges DROPPED by Fina) and Frank Fina to have the SAME LAWYER. This is unbelievably crazy.

  17. My panties are in a BUNCH over this! It’s obvious that I hate Frank Fina because he exposed Pedo State as a haven for child molesters. Fina revealed that Joe Pedoterno condoned child molestation rather than ruin his own egolicious reputation. I can’t even tell you anything that Fina actually did wrong, but it chafes my asshole to read about him!!

  18. Pat, I’m not aware of such a case. If you’re going to call him a criminal, it’s kind of on you to provide the factual basis of that charge.

  19. Wait!! Tyron and Ali and Frank Fina have the same lawyer???

    And this lawyer stands to profit from Fina’s lawsuit against Kane? And this same lawyer negotiated with Fina to get him to drop all the charges against his other client – Ali? And this same lawyer convinced his client Fina to let his other client Ali keep the $400,000.00 he stole from the taxpayers of Pennsylvania?

    This is a MAJOR RED FLAG. Hey FBI — we need you over here!!

  20. Terry – I have heard great things about Mosee.

    Is it true that Frank Fina once prosecuted a woman for using her State computer to pay her child’s tuition at Penn State? If so – isn’t he a criminal too then? Shouldn’t he be prosecuting himself?

  21. Pat Unger, name the crime committed by Eakin. Also, great promotion of Mosee. That guy’s a legend.

  22. Meanwhile – at the DA’s Office – things are getting even weirder. It seems DA Williams has hired Kathleen Martin to be Chief Integrity Officer and General Counsel (a position no other DA ever needed). Martin has just about no experience as a prosecutor. But – her husband is Tyron Ali’s lawyer AND Frank Fina’s lawyer. You can’t make this stuff up:


    “Later in the day, Williams announced a handful of personnel moves …

    Longtime First Assistant District Attorney Ed McCann resigned his post and was replaced by George Mosee Jr., who has served as the deputy district attorney in charge of the office’s Juvenile Division since 2002.

    Williams also announced that he hired former Pike County Assistant District Attorney Kathleen Martin to fill a newly created position of chief of staff, general counsel and chief integrity officer.

    Martin is married to Robert Levant, a lawyer who represented infamous lobbyist Tyron B. Ali, whose name should be immediately familiar to anyone who has even paid brief attention to the never-ending political soap opera that stars Fina, Williams and state Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

    And Levant’s law firm, Feldman Shepherd Wohlgelernter Tanner Weinstock & Dodig, is representing Fina, Costanzo and several others in a defamation lawsuit filed earlier this month against Kane and the Daily News.”

  23. Yes!!! Impeachment would mean a trial in the Senate. That will mean that Kane gets a chance to defend herself and the Constitution is followed.

    Has the House or Senate moved to get rid of Justice Eakin?

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