State Rep. Saccone Introduces Legislation to Impose Term Limits

By Elyse Clonan, Contributing Writer

State Rep. Rick Saccone of Alleghney/Washington has announced the introduction of House Bill 2160, which proposes to impose term limits on members of the General Assembly.

“Term limits have been and will remain a major priority of my reform agenda,” said Saccone, a freshman.

House Bill 2160 would limit elected Representatives to the Pennsylvania General Assembly to a combined total of 12 years in office, including combined House and Senate service.

Correction: Due to a typo, the original version of this story cited a 21 year term limit, rather than 12.

“This legislation…will help to ensure that Pennsylvania’s legislature is always refreshed..” Saccone said in a press release issued Wednesday.  “Out founders intended for public service in any legislative body to be temporary, limited, and never a permanent career.  House Bill 2160 will ensure that these great intentions are finally realized.”

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4 thoughts on “State Rep. Saccone Introduces Legislation to Impose Term Limits”

  1. Grumpy Gramps says:

    John Yakim has to own up to being a republican or a democrat and stop running for political office until he figures it out. He plays both sides. [Redacted per PoliticsPA comment policy].

  2. Bob Guzzardi, Ardmore Penna. says:

    If it is good enough for the Governor, it is good enough for the General Assembly

  3. John G. Yakim says:

    Outstanding idea. State Representative should not become a career, it should not become a way of life. I strongly support Representative Saccone for introducing House Bill 2160.

  4. Don Oesterle says:

    21 years!?

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