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State Sen. John Pippy To Retire

By: Geoffrey Middleberg, Assistant Editor

State Sen. John Pippy who has served since 1997, announced today that he will not run for re-election.

The rumors of his retirement had been swirling over the last couple weeks. There have also been two rumored candidates: Allegheny County Councilman Vince Gastgeb (R) and State Rep. Mark Mustio (R-44).

Here is the statement:

“I am announcing today that I will not seek re-election to the Senate of Pennsylvania in 2012.  Since 1997, I have had the pleasure of serving and working alongside the constituents of the 37th Senatorial District and 44th Legislative District.  Over the years, I have met many wonderful and dedicated people in the public and private sectors, and am grateful for the support and encouragement of so many.  It has been truly an honor and privilege to serve the people of Pennsylvania and I will be forever grateful for that opportunity.”

7 Responses

  1. Happy to see that pippy will not be running again, frogger hit the nail on the head, hes def one to step out with the ladies, its about time its caught up to him, hes been doing it since iv known him.

  2. I don’t know Kim Stolfer but he is military and he has private sector, real world business experience and is familiar with the ways and wiles of Harrisburg. 2d Amendment does not always mean Limted Government and Fiscal Common Sense. Bill DeWeese is proud of his endorsements by NRA.

    We look forward to hearing more about Kim Stolfer’s fiscal policies. Good that Big Government John Pippy is leaving. What will he do now? Lobby …

    Kim Stolfer’s Press Release

    Kim Stolfer is a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, a father, husband and community leader who cares deeply about the future of Western Pennsylvania.

    Serving his nation in uniform as a young man, Kim deployed with his Marine helicopter squadron not only to Japan but later to aid in the helicopter evacuation of military personnel and civilians during the fall of South Vietnam.

    Kim then worked with machinery of a different kind, working on automobiles with his own small business and through area dealerships. In the early 1980s he joined the United States Postal Service providing the same services for the people of Western Pennsylvania ensuring the machines that hauled the mail were in working order. Kim also served as a union steward and trustee of the APWU where he learned the strengths, and yes weaknesses, of union politics and about government intrusion into the private sector and people’s lives.

    As a taxpayer, former small businessman and sportsmen who has enjoyed the rich heritage of fishing and hunting Pennsylvania has to offer, Kim decided to volunteer his time to protect the freedoms of Pennsylvania citizens.

    Kim co-founded Firearms Owners Against Crime, a statewide grassroots Political Action Committee focused on ensuring that the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution was protected and that citizens would be protected from violent crimes. Over the years FOAC has had many successes tackling a number of issues helping to fight burdensome government regulation and red tape placed on Sportsmen and the people of Pennsylvania.

    As Chairman of FOAC, Legislative Committee Chairman of the Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League (the largest and oldest sportsmen’s league in the state),Vice Chairman of the Legislative Committee for the Pennsylvania Sportsmen’s Association and as a member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET), Kim has become known in the halls of government as a well spoken advocate for personal freedoms. He has received the “Man of the Year” Award from the Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League, the Washington County League of Sportsmen and the Bill of Rights Committee.

    Kim knows that lifelong politicians have lead Pennsylvania to a place of high taxes, wasteful spending, job losses and where a massive red tape bureaucracy strangles our small business job creators.

    Kim is running for the State Senate to put people before politics and focus on job creation, economic growth, lower taxes, reduced regulation of job creators, and the reduction of the size and cost of state government.

  3. Senator Pippy spent the last 15 years serving his state and the residents of communities within both his house and senate districts while simultaneously serving his country in the military. He is a class act and will be missed.

  4. Touting years of experience schmoozing in the cesspool of Harrisburg probably isn’t the best strategy for a candidate. Kim, whatever you do, run as far and fast away from Judy Brown as you can. No one can stand her and She will bring your campaign down before you even have a chance to announce!

  5. The good senator is known to step out with the ladies. Everyone knows it. That is why he never ran statewide and is bowing out. Truth finally caught up to him. Hope Matt Smith goes for it. Don’t know if he’s redistricted in the new seat, though.

  6. Kim Stolfer, Chairman, Firearms Owners Against Crime FOAC, will be running for the 37th State Senate. He hasyears of experience working with legislators in Harrisburg. They know him well. He will make a great State Senator.

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