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State Senate Votes to Hold Kane Hearing

Kane-sadKathleen Kane is already having her day in court, but soon she will have her chance to defend herself in the State Senate.

The body voted unanimously 50-0 to take the recommendation of the committee and hold a hearing on whether the Attorney General should be allowed to stay in office.

The January 12th hearing will let Kane or a representative make her case before the Senate. This action is part of the formal removal process as spelled out by Article VI Section 7 of the PA Constitution:

All civil officers shall hold their offices on the condition that they behave themselves well while in office, and shall be removed on conviction of misbehavior in office or of any infamous crime. Appointed civil officers, other than judges of the courts of record, may be removed at the pleasure of the power by which they shall have been appointed. All civil officers elected by the people, except the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, members of the General Assembly and judges of the courts of record, shall be removed by the Governor for reasonable cause, after due notice and full hearing, on the address of two-thirds of the Senate.

“We are setting new ground,” Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman stated before the chamber. “Somebody, maybe, 100 years from now will look at our procedures and we were very cognizant of that to make sure we do this in a very fair and open way.”

33 Responses

  1. Is it true that Seth Williams is also represented by Levant – the attorney that already represents the con-man (Ali) and the corrupt prosecutor (Fina)?If so – that would explain A LOT.

    And it would also mean that he just hired his own lawyer’s wife too … and is paying her from taxpayer dollars.

    It would be one thing if she were qualified to be “Chief of Staff” and “General Counsel” at the DA’s Office. It would still look bad, but at least she would be able to do the job. This Kathy Martin has very little prosecutorial experience and zero general counsel experience.

    Something is NOT KOSHER at the DA’ s Office. Seth has some explaining to do.

  2. @ Ha3:

    You wrote what I anticipated, based on the headline rather than the explicit [revised] quote: “I will do my best to implement … what I’m supposed to be doing under the provisions of the constitution.”

    Inasmuch as the Constitution is definitive, what he was doing was reinforcing the independence of his office [rather than allowing himself to be portrayed as a rubber-stamp]…while recognizing that he cannot countermand his mandated duty.

  3. Um … the fact that Wolf has backed off his “I’ll follow the Senate’s lead’ position and is now beck to being a reasonable Democrat again.

    It won’t matter if (when) the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania reinstates AG Kane’s temporarily suspended license (which should have never been temporarily suspended in the first place).

  4. @ Ha3:

    What is the basis for your claim that “Wolf isn’t going along with their nonsense anymore”?

  5. It may also prove useful to consider that the public is now onto them – as the recent Poll (which the mental patient prematurely celebrated) demonstrates.

    The Senate is wasting time and money anyway. Wolf isn’t going along with their nonsense anymore

  6. When you think about it, events have been moving apace; if the report is rendered during January, it’s not inappropriate to anticipate it will yield a prompt debate/vote.

  7. Is this the part where the mental patient again pushes back the date so he can pretend he was right if it actually happens? LOL … How pathetic!!

    There is a greater chance that the Supreme Court reinstates Kane’s law license by the end of January.

    But it is STILL FUN to watch the TEA-guzzling FOXtards fall all over themselves hoping for a D to be removed from Office. I remember when Kenneth Starr was their HERO!!!

  8. Speaking of “prognostications,” anyone notice how often the Jello-eating mental patient has been wrong. Kane was supposed to be “gone” by now … dragged kicking and screaming … LOL

    But the only people being dragged are Fina and Eakin – right out of their high-paid jobs in Government.

  9. “…one wonders if d2 will attack Dem-Supremes if they fail to abide by his sage legal prognostications.”

  10. Pat Unger-

    Wolf has shown himself to be a ball-less wonder against the Senate. He concedes too quickly, expecting comparable concessions that never come.

    On the budget and the shale tax, he should tell them to f*ck off and pick A or B:
    A) Shale tax
    B) Shale moratorium

  11. The state Senate is making the same mistake the Congress has made in the past. Legislators rush to impress voters with their concern for the common good that they jeopardize a fair trial for the accused. Kane’s courtroom case will be absolved following this premature investigation and lynching. A fair trial is impossible.

    The state Supreme Court and now the state Senate have made a mockery of our judicial process.

  12. Add — Glenavie Norton, Chair, Americans for Democratic Action of Southeastern Pennsylvania

    She wants those ayy-holes removed from the City’s payroll as well.

  13. Real Ha3: Here’s that list you were asking about. I’m sure I missed a couple …

    Sen. Anthony Williams
    Congressman Bob Brady
    Former Gov. Ed Rendell
    Mayor-Elect Kenney
    Future Senator Katie McGinty
    Rep. Brian Sims
    President of The National Organization of Women
    Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association
    President of the Pennsylvania Bar Association
    Councilwoman Maria Quiñones Sánchez
    Councilwoman Cindy Bass,
    Councilwoman Blackwell,
    Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown
    Councilwoman Marian Tasco
    Councilman Curtis Jones
    Councilman Wilson Goode Jr.,
    Councilman William Greenlee,
    Councilman Kenyatta Johnson
    Black Clergy leaders
    NAACP leaders

  14. LOL … now the mental patient has it “wrapped up” but the end of January!!

    Some (deranged) people NEVER LEARN.

    What ahouldl be “wrapped up” soon will be the DA careers of Fina & Costanzo. Have you all seen the list of leaders calling on DA Williams to remove those two pervert racist creeps from the City’s payroll?

  15. Buried in the aforementioned editorial is a damning-quote:

    “A thorough investigation of Eakin’s emails has been thwarted … by embattled Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who discovered the emails but has hoarded many of them for ammunition against her enemies and distraction from her own transgressions….”

    d2 has evolved from bold predictions to shudda/cudda to “likely”; it would seem the entire matter can be wrapped-up by the end of January; one wonders if d2 will attack Dem-Supremes if they fail to abide by his sage legal prognostications.

    [[this is my first posting on this page]]

  16. Don’t worry about that pathetic troll, doc. Everyone is on to him (except DD who just keeps responding).

    Come on DD …. there is no value in the troll-boys comments here. And trolls live ONLY for the attention … not to advance the dialog. Join the rest of us in ignoring the pathetic troll.

  17. I have again reached out to Sy Snyder to have him remove this copy-cat poster. It worked the last time I so reached out. My hope is that it is equally successful today.

  18. DD – Wolf won’t go along with this … even if the Repervlicans muster up the 2/3. And, if he did, the Supreme Court would immediately overturn them.

    The Repervlican FOXtards would be better off waiting until her term expires. That way – they don’t run the risk

  19. Larry-

    1) They didn’t have enough votes to stop it

    2) The Dems are enjoying watching Eakin and other GOP fall.

    3) If the GOP thinks they don’t have the Dem votes to get to 2/3rd, they will try something else. But, if the Dems stroke them along with this farce (which will likely be overturned by Supreme court), they will drag this out, rather than the GOP jump to another tactic.

  20. Hey Pat Unger, help me out here — I don’t see how this article has anything to do with Eakin. Also, it appears that Kane will be removed from office very soon. That’s good news!

  21. More bad news for Eakin today. Inquirer Editorial Board calls for him to resign:

    “The Pennsylvania judiciary’s slumbering watchdog has stirred. The Judicial Conduct Board has at long last charged J. Michael Eakin – spousal abuse humorist, self-proclaimed “titty deficit” hawk, and state Supreme Court justice – with tarnishing his office by sending and receiving prejudiced and profane emails.

    Despite his documented and strenuous efforts to avoid the consequences, the justice now claims to welcome his pending trial by the Court of Judicial Discipline. The people of Pennsylvania can welcome it more sincerely. They have been deprived of objective and transparent enforcement of ethical standards for too long, particularly in matters involving their supremely troubled high court and the offensive emails traded among scores of judges and attorneys.

    What’s already known about Eakin’s emails is enough to conclude that he has no business on any court, let alone the commonwealth’s highest. While the honorable course would be to resign, Eakin’s communications do not create an expectation of honor. Given the serious doubts they raise about his impartiality and dignity, however, he should at least refrain from participating in the high court’s deliberations and opinions until the case is resolved.

    In addition to receiving numerous emails laden with pornographic, misogynist, racist, and homophobic content – with not a hint so far that he ever objected to any of them – Eakin relayed a “joke” about a battered woman, vowed to close his “titty deficit” by patronizing South Carolina strip clubs with fellow officers of the court, and nauseatingly imagined dragooning his female aides into sharing rooms with them.

    A thorough investigation of Eakin’s emails has been thwarted by the justice himself, who omitted most of them from a supposed “self-report” and then tried to skew the disciplinary proceedings in his favor; by embattled Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who discovered the emails but has hoarded many of them for ammunition against her enemies and distraction from her own transgressions; and by the Judicial Conduct Board, which ignored glaring conflicts of interest while engineering Eakin’s premature exoneration last year.

    Having excused its chief counsel, an Eakin associate, and two of its members from the proceedings, the board this week rightly noted that the justice’s emails are incompatible with the dignity and impartiality expected of a judge. Indeed, the author of any such works would be deemed unfit to run a Radio Shack, much less an entire branch of state government.”

  22. The last time PPA used that photo, they were announcing the results of their Poll:

    *** Do You Support the Senate Inquiry into Kathleen Kane? ***

    Yes (46%)
    No (54%)

  23. No one (elected officials) believes she is capable of performing the duties of the office in her current state. She is not able to perform the tasks required by those who voted for her. Soon the next shoe is going to drop and she will have run out of excuses as to why its everyone else’s fault but her own.

  24. LMAO … Votes to hold votes … Kane, I’m sure, will stick to her guys and repeat: “PROVE IT IN COURT OR SHUT UP”

    DD – Good job ignoring the pathetic troll. Remember that he LIVES for our responses. Don’t give him the satisfaction.

  25. David, you’re just an expert on everything, aren’t you? If Dems were really opposed to this proceeding, they would have voted against bringing it up for a vote.

    And gulag, do you really think Kane is going to show up, give testimony, and answer questions? Unlike every single press conference that she gives, chickening out of questions will not be an option. She will have to answer lots of questions and maybe even invoke the Fifth Amendment. No way her criminal defense attorneys allow her to do that.

  26. Can’t wait for the show in January. Imagine how Kane can introduce porn emails from every politician who asks her questions or speaks against her. Popcorn will be popping.
    Eakin should be gone by then and the new Supremes in place with a Dem majority.

  27. Really, 100 years from now? Let’s see how the Supreme court rules on this in the next 100 days.

    In the Philly news article on this vote, Dems that voted for it said that it doesn’t mean that they expect to vote to remove Kane. This is merely a procedural vote, like voting for a bill to come to the floor, even though one plans to vote against the bill.

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