Statewide Reactions to Shooting in Dallas (VIDEO)

We’ve collected the various reactions of PA elected officials and candidates to the shooting in Dallas. Some also referred to the incidents in Baton Rogue and Minneapolis in their statements:

Governor Tom Wolf

“I’m greatly saddened by the horrific acts of violence that have taken place over the past several days.

“We have to ask ourselves, is this the type of country we want? I believe the answer is no.

“We must treat each other with compassion and understanding. We must seek to understand each other, our similarities and our differences. And we must never, ever let violence beget violence.

“When incidents like those in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Dallas happen, it raises concerns and questions, and we must demand change and action.

“It is unacceptable for people to live in fear because of the color of their skin. There is no justification.

“Law enforcement has a trying and dangerous job to do, and they keep us safe. As officers were bringing out the best in ourselves by protecting protesters and preserving their right to assemble, they were attacked. There is no justification for that either.

“All of us must take steps – community leaders, elected officials, public safety professionals, each and every person – to build the country we want so that all people feel safe in their interactions with their fellow citizens. We all must denounce violence unequivocally and embrace peace. We must ensure that justice is served to those who commit attacks and gruesome crimes against fellow citizens and law enforcement. We must demand better of our country and our fellow Americans.”

Senator Bob Casey

“Today our nation is in mourning following last night’s horrific shooting in Dallas that took the lives of 5 police officers and injured 9 others. Although more information on these shootings is forthcoming, it is clear that this was a coordinated and cowardly ambush specifically directed at law enforcement officers who take risks every day to keep our streets safe.

It has been a week of pain and sorrow for our nation. The deaths in Dallas came on the heels of shooting incidents involving police in Louisiana and Minnesota that once again raised questions about the appropriate use of force in our policing and criminal justice system.

As we offer prayers and condolences for the families of all of the victims, we must, as one nation, commit to addressing these challenges.”

Senator Pat Toomey

“The massacre in Dallas reminds us of the heroism and bravery of our men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line every day to protect us from criminals and terrorists, and the debt of gratitude we owe them.

“This morning, the Dallas police spokesman said that at least one of the attackers was motivated by recent police shootings. Such incidents – including the shocking and disturbing videos from Minnesota and Louisiana – must be investigated thoroughly, and if any official is found to have violated the law, he should be severely punished.

“But none of that should be confused with what happened in Dallas last night. This disgusting attack has no possible justification. The overwhelming majority of police officers are honest, hardworking Americans who should not be scapegoated for the actions of a very small number within their ranks.

“Dallas must serve as a wake-up call to Americans that we should all stand together in support of the law enforcement family, a family that knows no boundaries of race, religion, or sex.”

Democratic Senate Nominee Katie McGinty

“Over the past several days, we’ve been confronted yet again by several horrific situations.

“In Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, and last night in Dallas, we again saw families grieving, communities mourning, and Americans everywhere asking why these tragedies continue to occur.

“At the end of this trying week, I’m simply heartbroken, and my prayers are with the families of the police officers killed and injured in Dallas and the families of the men killed in Minnesota and Louisiana.

“As the daughter of a police officer who walked the beat here in Philadelphia, I know well the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform and their families make every single day. Last night’s coordinated attacks on police officers were a terrible reminder that those sacrifices are real, and can include officers’ very lives. Today, and every day, we must stand in support of the brave men and women who protect us.

“At the same time, we know that law enforcement works best when officers and the community work together to ensure public safety. The need for deep and strong bonds of trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve means that violations of that trust in any incidents of excessive use of force or abuse of power need to be investigated swiftly, thoroughly and transparently.

“The shocking incidents that occurred in Minnesota and Louisiana certainly need to be investigated in a manner that restores trust and gives the community confidence that justice is being done.

“It is urgent that we pull together as a people and as grieving neighbors and friends. We cannot accept a country that’s divided to the point that we have violence in our streets and fear in our hearts.

“The good news is that there is hope. Amidst the tragic news of the past few days, we’ve also seen reports of police officers protecting peaceful protestors from harm and community leaders standing with law enforcement to speak out against violence. These actions show the true spirit of the American people. And that is a spirit that is vital but fragile in this troubled world. Today it is the shared privilege and responsibility of every one of us to become a force for togetherness and unity of purpose.”

Congressman Mike Kelly

“My heart truly aches for the heroic police officers tragically killed in Dallas during last night’s despicable attack. Law enforcement everywhere deserves our unequivocal support, now more than ever. All of this week’s victims of violence, and their families, will remain deep in my prayers. With every loss of precious life, the fabric of our great country tears. As we pray for a return to peace, order, and civility, let us also commit to bridging our differences and restoring the unity that we have sadly lost. Let us remember that even in our darkest times, we are all blessed to call ourselves Americans.”

Congressman Bill Shuster

“The attack in Dallas on law enforcement is a real life nightmare for our brave men and women protecting us each day in every town and city across America. The police officers that were senselessly killed will be remembered for what they are –heroes.

May God bless our law enforcement and my prayers are with the families of the brave police officers that were lost in Dallas. The hate displayed in this shooting pulls our nation apart and does not make it safer. We must come together stronger and unite around one common bond we all share – a love for this country.”

Congressman Tom Marino

“Yesterday our nation experienced the deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11. The senseless loss of life this week is horrific and my thoughts are with the families of those who have been tragically taken. Instead of unifying and bringing our country together, too many of our leaders, including our president, have been the driving force in dividing us and pitting our citizens against one another. Some of this rhetoric has vilified our law enforcement to the point where individuals believe it is ok to commit mass murder against this community. The Dallas police chief said it himself – most days he and his team do not feel support. The very people who have dedicated their lives to protect us feel ostracized. Still, these officers ran headlong into danger and risked their lives so that the people around them and the city of Dallas would remain safe. My heart goes out to the injured officers, the victims’ families and their communities. There is absolutely no place for this type of violence. This divisiveness must stop.”

PA-16 Democratic Nominee Christina Hartman

This has been a challenging week for our country. My thoughts and prayers are with the grieving families of Alton Sterling, Philadro Castile, the victims in Texas and the 12 brave police officers—including five who lost their lives—protecting peaceful protesters in Dallas.

All of our citizens and all of our police officers must feel safe and supported. We must hold those who commit crimes to account. We must work together as one nation– one community—to heal the wounds that exist between us.

As we we wait to learn more details, it is clear that we need to take a serious look at race and justice in America by working to rebuild communities of trust, ending gun violence, and increasing support to police departments that help spearhead such initiatives.  That includes sensible gun control to keep powerful weapons, meant for mass killings, out of the hands of domestic abusers, terrorists and criminals, and increasing federal funding to police departments like Dallas that prioritize community-centered policing models that emphasize de-escalation and include anti-bias training.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

“In the hours following the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and now the deaths of the officers in Dallas, I searched for the right words to express my profound grief. The phrase “my thoughts and prayers” has lost its meaning to me, and I do not know what it’s like to walk in a black man’s or a police officer’s shoes. So, instead of speaking, I listened.

“I listened to the story of Alton Sterling. A father.

“I listened to the story of Philando Castile. A mentor.

“I listened to the story of Brent Thompson. A police officer and newlywed.

“In the hours and days to come, we will learn more about the other four Dallas police officers, Brent Thompson, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. Their stories will break our hearts and enrage our souls, but I ask all Philadelphians not to react in hate, anger or violence, but instead to grieve with the nation by listening to one another.

“I have profound respect for the peaceful protestors who marched in Philadelphia last night to demand change, and I have a profound respect for the Philadelphia police officers who stood ready to protect them and who put their lives on the line for this city every day. The only way to achieve the peace we all seek is to listen and to be willing to hear one another.”

Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse

“On behalf of the people of Harrisburg, I extend condolences to all of the grieving families who are suffering from the recent shootings in Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights and Dallas,” said Mayor Papenfuse. “I join the calls for calm, unity and justice as our nation tries to cope with the aftermath of these tragic incidents.”

State Senator and GOP Nominee for Attorney General John Rafferty

“The tragic shooting of our brave police officers in Dallas is the latest reminder that our law enforcement officers literally put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe from criminals and protect our streets,” Rafferty said.  “My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and the entire law enforcement community in Dallas and across the country.

“According to the Dallas Police Department, one of the shooters was motivated by the recent police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana.  There is no doubt that those incidents must be investigated and if any wrongdoing occurred, those involved should be punished.

“With that being said, there is no possible excuse for killing law enforcement officers, the overwhelming majority of whom are dedicated, honest and courageous.  It is despicable that our brave law enforcement officers were targeted in such a cowardly manner.

“Now is the time for everyone to unite and support all of our brave law enforcement officers.”

8 Responses

  1. Fed Up!!……Lets try and agree….. In no particular order
    All Lives Matter=Black Live Matter=Blue Lives Matter
    All Lives Matter includes persons of all nationalities, sexual preference, and any other
    Person not covered by the above.

    David Diano…. Your points are very valid and appreciated. Now can we determine that any
    of the weapons were illegal or straw purchased. If illegal how did he get them. If legal
    and the magazine size was the issue if he could not purchase a 30 round magazine would
    he have purchased 2 15 round magazines of course he had plenty of loaded magazines.

    In this case I am glad the open carry citizens fled. It would have been difficult to control
    the situation. Open carry should be limited to protecting themselves and others to include
    People who are clearly victims of crime or to assist the police to save the life of the officer.

    Some smart people here maybe there’s a solution.

  2. From what they found in his journal, the sniper appears to have been mentally disturbed. The many killings of innocent, unarmed blacks by police that have been in the news drew his focus to (in his mind) avenge/revenge those deaths by attacking random police officers.

    Though is actions were deliberate, assigning rationality to them to draw conclusions about the debate is a mistake.

    He still had no business having this kind of weapon. According to one news report I read, he had a “Saiga AK-74 style semiautomatic rifle on the floor among the rubble. The weapon reportedly had a 30 round magazine, single point sling, Magpul folding stock, and a rail system with a red dot sight.”

    Those details may change with an official statement, but the gun he used, and the arsenal of other weapons he had at home, still show that he had access to more weaponry than he should. Guns are too easy to get, particularly powerful ones.

    If a guy can hold off an entire police force by himself, this is not an example of having guns for “self-defense” like the NRA pretends. Also, the many armed-open-carry civilians fled when the shooting started. They didn’t stand their ground or help police. This majorly undercuts another of the NRA myths about all these guns making society safer.

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