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Statewide Reactions to Trump’s Comments on Women

trump-bushWe’ve collected the reactions of various candidates and officials to Donald Trump’s comments on women:

PA GOP Chair Rob Gleason

“Today people are making a big deal about things that Donald Trump said 11 years ago, and maybe they should. But as we’re talking about this, women and children are being killed in Aleppo and there are many life-and-death issues that we have to deal with. Donald Trump has a plan for dealing with them. I’m very comfortable moving forward with him.”

Senator Pat Toomey

“Donald Trump’s comments were outrageous and unacceptable.”

Democratic Senate nominee Katie McGinty

“As the mother of three teenage girls, the comments Donald Trump made in this latest recording are some of the most appalling and despicable I’ve ever heard, but unfortunately, I can’t say I’m surprised to hear them,” said Katie McGinty. “Donald Trump has spent his entire career demeaning and degrading women. Young girls and women across this nation deserve better. What further evidence do we need that Donald Trump is completely unfit to be president of the United States?”

“The only thing worse than Donald Trump’s comments are the people who should be standing up to him but instead do nothing.  Pat Toomey likes to say he’ll stand up to Donald Trump, but every time something like this happens, he runs and hides.  I’m not afraid to say that these comments are disgusting and unacceptable, and that Donald Trump is unfit to be President.  Pat Toomey is afraid to say that, and that’s just not going to cut it.”

Congressman Scott Perry

“Let me be clear: Donald Trump’s comments 10 years ago were reprehensible and indefensible—period. My support’s based solely on which candidate can best revive our economy and make our Nation stronger and safer. That candidate is not Hillary Clinton.”

Congressman Ryan Costello

“Donald Trump’s comments in the recently released video are atrocious, disrespectful towards women, and are incredibly inappropriate for someone who wants to lead our country.”

Congressman Pat Meehan

“For the good of the country, the Republican Party, and his family, I hope he’ll step aside and end his candidacy for President so that we can come together as a party and defeat Hillary Clinton.”

“This sort of vile talk is appalling, it’s offensive, and there’s no place in public or private for it. It’s simply wrong.”

Congressman Tom Marino

“Donald Trump’s vulgar remarks about women are disgusting, and there is no excuse for this type of language. Women have been a valuable and integral part of my management teams throughout my professional career. I could not look into the eyes of my mother, my wife, my daughter or my colleagues in Congress without condemning such inappropriate comments. Women are to be respected and treated as equals — always. Donald Trump owes his supporters and all Americans an apology without mitigation. Many have asked if I will continue to work to support Mr. Trump’s candidacy. All I can say is that I will be watching in the coming days and I am hopeful he can make amends.”

Congressman Lou Barletta

“Donald Trump’s comments were indefensible, demeaning, and totally inappropriate. He needed to apologize and take responsibility for his actions, and I am glad he took that important step,” Barletta said. “This election is about the future direction of our country, and we should not hand the keys over to Hillary Clinton.”

Congressman Keith Rothfus

“I am sickened by Mr. Trump’s offensive comments. They are vile and wholly unacceptable and I strongly condemn them.”

Congressman Charlie Dent

“They are indefensible and disturbing coming from an individual seeking the nation’s highest office,” Dent said in a statement. “Given his past erratic behavior and incendiary comments, the latest revelations regarding Donald Trump do not come as a surprise.”

Congressman Tim Murphy

“He said he was wrong, and I agree. The comments were thoughtless and ugly and stand in sharp contrast to the values of Southwestern Pennsylvania, the Republican Party, and our nation. I will hold him to his pledge to be better than those comments.”

PA-16 GOP Nominee and State Senator Lloyd Smucker

“As a husband and a father of two daughters, I find Donald Trump’s comments about women to be lewd, inappropriate and appalling. I strongly denounce these offensive comments”

PA-16 Democratic Nominee Christina Hartman

“Our campaign has repeatedly called for Lloyd Smucker to repudiate his standard-bearer’s troubling and disgusting words. Tonight is no different. Donald Trump denigrates women, yet he’s earned Lloyd Smucker’s support. Lloyd Smucker must be held accountable and at Monday’s debate he will finally have to explain to the people of this district why he has endorsed a man who makes casual and lewd remarks about sexual assault.”

PA-8 GOP Nominee Brian Fitzpatrick

“”Donald Trump’s comments and actions are offensive and disgusting and they cannot be rationalized or ignored, regardless of context.  Like the vast majority of residents in this district, I have been frustrated by this presidential campaign because neither candidate shares our values. This is why, as a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Federal Prosecutor, I have refused to endorse either candidate, and reached the point that I cannot vote for either candidate.  

While Steve Santarsiero has steadfastly refused to show any difference between himself and his party’s nominee – the voters of this district can count on me to demonstrate independence always, regardless of the consequences.”

PA-8 Democratic Nominee Steve Santarsiero

“Like his entry into this race after moving here from California just 9 months ago, Brian Fitzpatrick’s belated attempt to distance himself from Donald Trump is blatant political opportunism. Where was Brian while Donald Trump demeaned women, attacked minorities, mocked the disabled and a decorated war hero, belittled a Gold Star family and praised Vladimir Putin? Despite all of that, Brian was still on board the Trump train. Now, with the election just weeks away and Trump’s campaign in free fall, Brian is scrambling to save his own political skin. It is hardly a profile in courage moment, and it is certainly not an act of independence no matter how hard he tries to spin it that way; it is an act of political self-preservation. I am confident that the voters of the 8th District will see through it. After all, Brian still supports Trump’s agenda of defunding Planned Parenthood, slashing Medicare and Social Security and giving tax cuts to the wealthy at the expense of working families.”

PA-6 Democratic Nominee Mike Parrish

Donald Trump’s comments, caught on tape, and released to the media on Friday are disgusting and deeply disturbing, not to mention totally disqualifying. That so many Republican elected officials, including Ryan Costello, continue to stand behind him serves as an embarrassing and constant reminder of my opponent’s failed leadership.

Beyond the entirely immoral and lewd nature of the comments made by the Republican Nominee, the acts Trump describes and brags about in the video are by any definition, including the one used by the Department of Justice, sexual assault and harassment. I have already seen defenders of Trump dismiss his language as ‘crude locker room chatter’. I served in the Army for 30 years and I have never heard something as totally appalling in any locker room or mess hall.

As the father of two daughters, the son of a wonderful mother, and frankly, as a human being, I am ashamed that Donald Trump is a credible nominee for President. The truth is that Trump’s ascent was made possible by the cowardice of career politicians, like Mr. Costello. Their continued complicity has only emboldened a dangerous man who does not demonstrate the judgment, temperament or character to lead our nation.

At the beginning, when Ryan Costello announced his support for Donald Trump, and was elected as a delegate to the RNC, Trump was already known to have open hostility toward and disrespect for women, including use of terms like “fat pig.”  Costello endorsed him anyway.  When Trump attacked Latinos and Muslims, Ryan Costello failed to challenge him.  When Trump disrespected veterans, and attacked Gold Star families, Ryan Costello failed to denounce him.

At this point, even if my opponent were to finally denounce Mr. Trump, and support the values of our community, it would be obvious lip service and disingenuous political opportunism.  Mr. Costello’s ongoing support for Donald Trump has shown us who he really is.

Trump’s comments are not surprising.   Donald Trump’s misogyny, ignorance, total lack of judgment, temperament and lack of  moral character have been on display throughout the long election cycle.  During the Primary, many prominent Republicans were quick to point to these very characteristics as evidence of his lack of fitness for office. Since his nomination, we have learned a lot more about both Donald Trump and the moral courage of his supporters in the Republican Party. Ryan Costello, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell have turned a blind eye to their nominee’s obvious and offensive moral failings, once again putting their party over country, their own naked ambition and desire for victory in front of the needs of our nation, and in doing so have failed our communities and country.

19 Responses

  1. It’s not an attack at all. It’s a measure of character: will Republicans place party politics above the morality they claim to hold so dear? Support or non-support for Donald Trump is no longer a political choice, it is a moral choice. And those who continue to support him fail the test.

  2. Let’s stop this McCarthyism and grow up. Evaluate your candidates individually and decide who you want for what job. This “do you support or have you ever supported Donald Trump” is a thinly veiled Democrat attack which Republicans have bought into. Pat Meehan was never going to vote for this guy. Say what you want about him but he has made his career advocating for victims of sexual assault and he wasn’t going to abide Trump’s comments. This Dude doesn’t abide

  3. There’s hardly anything that Pat Meehan and I agree on, but at least he had the political courage to call on Trump to step down. So many other Repubs weaseled out — Toomey, Ryan Costello, and most other PA Repubs just didn’t have the balls to say that their candidate was unfit for office.

    Of course, now that Trump has refused to quit, somebody needs to follow up with Meehan see how he feels.

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  5. I have been a registered republican for 38 years and believe it has not been difficult to discern bona fide fact from fiction (unsubstantiated feelings/opinions) in this presidential election. Donald Trump does not possess the intellect, character, or comportment to become POTUS, the most important leadership office in the world. He whips up his base with wild accusations, vitriol, and ridiculous promises that he would never be able to fulfill. I have never had respect for the type of business person he is and what he has represented in our culture over the years. There are so many other examples of successful business men and women who are inspirational and have achieved success – with a measure of ethics that Trump has never possessed. I was crushed when Romney failed in his bid in 2012 and then when Kasich fared so poorly in these past primaries. What now? Never Trump for certain, he’s a complete idiot. Despite her flaws, I believe Hillary Clinton is the most qualified and sane candidate on the ballot, the only real choice available, and she has my vote.

  6. Kathleen Kane was crucified for exposing it

    LOL Kane was convicted of perjury….Period.

    She is lucky being white trash is not a crime

  7. Rob Gleason is comfortable moving forward with Trump. When Trump loses PA by 10 points Chairman Gleason needs to resign and move into Trump Tower.

  8. Where was this level of outrage from these elected officials when PA’s Porngate was unfolding? Systemic male misogyny, racism and homophobia was exposed in emails circulated between prosecutors and judges — Kathleen Kane was crucified for exposing it. Most of the perps still hold office after attending a sensitivity training.

  9. Linda2: It saddens me that their are people who vote who base their decision on a Hollywood movie’s take on events. Its so America, 2016 – instead of listening to the endless hours of Congressional testimony that found her not culpable – the SEVEN different investigations that found she neither lied or was responsible, you watched a HOLLYWOOD movie to make your decision. Not even a documentary – a fictionalized movie with play actors. Pathetic.

  10. All of the GOP politicians’ comments are carefully calibrated. “He was disgusting, but Benghazi”. I’d be worried much more about Trump being anywhere near the nuclear weapons codes.

  11. Please note I am not the Linda who wrote the original comment. Neither candidate makes me excited. However, Clinton has lied so much over the years it makes it hard to believe anything she says. But watching the movie “13 hours” shocked me so badly and then compounding it were her lies to the parents of those men saying the riot was the result of a video!!! And the deaths of 2 men who were going to testify against her – unbelievable!!!

  12. Linda- you must mean Bill Clinton and “devil” Hiliary who laughed @ a rape victum who was only 12. Clintons are truly scum of the earth- Donald Trump flaws and all doesn’t change the filth represented vy the Clintons!

  13. Kathy Kane demanded he resign from the ticket and attacked Trump’s lying and refusing to accept responsibility. She said he has no experience and is in way over his head. Saying he is a petty vindictive person who is thin skinned and prone to anger outbursts when criticized.

  14. The tape is dated 2005 but I’m sure he said many similar statements in 2015 (and every year in-between)

  15. Tim in Albion reaction was “LOL! What a sense of humor Trumpy has! Too bad that babe shut him down! Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying!”

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