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Statewide/Judicial Election Open Thread

This is the place to look for updates on both statewide court races, as well as miscellaneous other campaigns not include in our Allegheny, Bucks and Montco threads.Republicans Vic Stabile and Anne Covey are hoping to continue the GOPs 2009 success, as Democrats David Wecht of Pittsburgh and Kathryn Boockvar of Bucks County hope to reverse the trend.

9:52: PoliticsPA calles the Commonwealth Court race for Anne Covey.

With most of Allegheny County and half of Philadelphia County precincts reporting, Bucks County attorney, Republican Anne Covey, appeared headed for a victory in the Commonwealth Court race.

With 48.5 percent of precincts reporting statewide, Covey held a 0.6 percent lead over Democrat Kathryn Boockvar, also of Bucks County.

With 40 percent of Bucks precincts reporting, Covey led Boockvar 54 to 46 percent.

9:05pm: With votes coming in from the state’s major cities (and heavier Democratic areas) Boockvar and Wecht are leading the race. Wecht is also leading the polls now as 50% of votes in his home county, Allegheny, are in.
Statewide, 15% of districts have reported. As rural ares report later in the evening, Republican candidates are likely to see the scales even out.
Superior Court: 
Vic Stabile: 31.8%
David Wecht: 68.2%
Commonwealth Court:
Anne Covey: 41.5%
Kathy Boockvar: 58.5%
6:45pm: Vic Stabile
In the Cumberland County area, Stabile said turnout is still low from what he can gather and from phone calls made around the state.
“If I had a guess, I’d say 25% statewide. No more than that …. it’s just a question of whose voting.”
“I am working today at the polls and thinking, ‘this is the culmination of a year’s worth of campaigning.'”

 Stabile is going to be greeting voters at the polls until 8 o’clock when  he’ll head over to the state party headquarters to watch the returns and then to a reception in his home county, Cumberland County.

“I’m prepared for a long night if that’s what it takes … I remember in the past going to bed with one result and waking up in the morning with a different one … that’s how close the elections have been sometimes. But I’m hoping that’s not the case today.”

5:42pm: Anne Covey CM Mike Morris

“While voter turnout was light in the morning, Anne has seen an uptick in the voting patterns in Bucks during the after work hours.  She is campaigning with her family visiting local precints thanking friends, neighbors and family for their vote and support.”
4:22pm: David Wecht CM Mike Dineen
“Traffic is definitely starting to pick up and we continue to hear positive feedback from our volunteers.  We are pleased with the turnout reports that we’ve received from across the state.”

2:57pm: Kathryn Boockvar’s campaign adviser (and husband) Jordan Yeager.

“Kathy is visiting polling palce in Philly, MontCo and Bucks … She voted this morning and is now out talking to voters.”

Regarding the voter turnout, Yeager said, “We all know it’s going to be low and it’s really a question of “low where?,” and … [how do] the perecentages in Philly and Allegheny compare to the aggregate percentages in smaller counties. I don’t know that knowing turnout number is going to tell you all that much unless you know what it is in relations to other places.”

2:15pm: Vic Stabile.

We’re “still working for some votes … I’m working the polls, greeting people, asking for their vote … The turnout is even lower than … I thought it would be … I don’t see us having a higher turnout than we did in the primary … I think in all respects it feels like an off-year election — well, it just means  a little bit more to me this year.”

Stabile said they are calling people to ask them to come out and vote adding that “If I could be in every polling place in Pennsylvania, I would be in every polling place. That would be ideal.”

2:02pm: Bill Rubin for Philly D10 CM Dave Mellet.Philadelphia’s 10th councilmanic district is the site of a rare competitive race between a Republican (9-term incumbent Brian O’Neill) and a Democrat (Bill Rubin, the former vice chair of the City pension board).O’Neill hasn’t faced a serious challenge since winning the seat 1979, though voter apathy towards incumbents and a persistent sense of electoral change – next year’s 17-member council will feature at least six new members – could prove to be a difference-maker for an upstart like Rubin.Rubin campaign manager Dave Mellet told PoliticsPA that the campaign is feeling “really good” after a “strong ten month campaign.”  They’re banking on volunteers and labor support to supplement their poll coverage, and planning to knock on the doors of 16,000 “super-Democrats” and distribute 10,000 door knockers over the race’s final 24 hours.

1:43pm: Anne Covey CM Mike Morris.

“Anne is on the move from one location to another in Bucks County.  She is meeting and greeting the voters as they vote in their districts.  It is a sunny day in Bucks and voter turnout has been good in our county probably due to the Commissioners race in Bucks.  We have representatives at the various polling places along with signs and literature being handed out by volunteers.”

12:30pm: David Wecht CM Mike Dineen.

“Right now turnout has been steady from some of our early reports and our workers on the ground are relaying a lot of positive response to our TV ad.  Judge Wecht is traveling around to the polls all day and we have volunteers in coordination with the state and local committees reaching out to voters encouraging them to get out and vote.”

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