Steele Attacks Castor over Bill Cosby in New TV Ad (VIDEO)

Without a doubt, one of the biggest stories in 2015 has been the numerous sexual assault accusations against Bill Cosby.

They have left many people wondering why nothing was done. Now, Democratic nominee for Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele is asking the same thing.

In a new TV ad, Steele hammers former DA Bruce Castor for not prosecuting the comedian.

“Bruce Castor, a former DA who refused to prosecute Bill Cosby,” the commercial’s narrator states.

The thirty-second spot also recounts Castor’s quote in a Bloomberg report last year that “in Pennsylvania, we charge people for criminal conduct. We don’t charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish.”

“Many more victims came forward and Castor admitted he could’ve used their testimony against Cosby,” the narrator continues. “But Castor didn’t even try.”

“Bruce Castor was not looking out for the victims,” the ad concludes.

Castor, the Republican nominee, previously served as Montgomery County District Attorney from 2000 to 2008. He is currently a member of the Montco Board of Commissioners.

UPDATE: Castor responded with the following statement to PoliticsPA:

“Predictable craziness from a desperate candidate. The information about all of Cosby’s alleged victims came to light after I left the DAs Office and lost the power to enforce the law. However, Mr. Steele is still a prosecutor and could have moved against Cosby anytime after the additional evidence became available a year or so ago. Yet he did nothing. He’s been first assistant for 8 years and done nothing on Cosby in all that time. Now the election rolls around and somehow it’s my fault? If he had been doing his job, and the the evidence was there, he could have arrested Cosby. Simple as that. Sad to see him this way. I feel sorry for him. Switching parties and all, then realizing no one trusts him anymore. A pity, as he was once a better than average assistant DA.”

22 Responses

  1. I wonder if ANY media outlet has ever considered presenting the FACTS other than this one
    Read the articles
    The Media Lynching Of Bill Cosby
    Lamar Odom, Trick Rolling, Broke Athletes And Entertainers
    And your whole opinion of this case will change IMMEDIATELY.

  2. The PA rape statute is 12 years ; it’s a 1st degree felony 40 years in jail. plus 10 and $100K fine if perpetrated by use of a drug to cause loss of consciousness. Steel is an absolute idiot for claiming that his boss the DA did not prosecute. as 1st assistant he could have done such a prosecution himself. looks like the clown car is at work running his DA election campaign—- and if so he is too oblivious or careless to deserve being a DA..

    and as for the ‘he said she said argument: when i was an assistant DA we took the case if the victim was willing to prosecute. we advised the victim that things could be tough if there was no collaborating evidence (witnesses, DNA , injuries, prompt complaint, etc.) it’s not for a DA or assistant DA or cop to decline to prosecute a he/she crime. that’s why we have juries. shame on you, Steel!

  3. Who is advising the Steele campaign? Kevin should fire his team immediately, hold a press conference and blame them for acting without his approval and say he is going to review every aspect of Cosby when elected and bring charges if he can. This ad is madness from a political point of view, from which he cannot recover absent a huge mea culpa and someone to blame. Stupid.

  4. Multi Tasker General-

    There are a lot of victims, spanning a lot of years and different states. Too many to keep track of. So, I don’t know which ones (if any) are within the Montco jurisdiction and statute of limitations.

  5. Four years ago, Marcel Groen decided to run nobody against Ferman and give her a walkover. This year, they’re running a Republican. For some reason, Montco Democrats don’t seem to really want this office.

  6. DA Ferman has the evidence and can bring charges. I have read that Statute of Limitations expires in January. Bruce Castor’s decision was a judgement call and reasonable given the evidence he had at the time. A “he said; she said” rape case with very high profile black man and a white accuser is near impossible to win.

  7. Where’s current District Attorney and Republican Candidate for County Judge Risa Vetri Ferman in all of this? She’s the (supposed) Republican who promoted Steele to first assistant then sat by when he changed his party registration from Republican to Independent then to Democrat. Should Steele win, responsibility should be placed squarely at Ferman’s feet.

  8. I’m kind of leaning toward the “false flag Democrat” theory of Steele’s candidacy. That would explain the idiocy of this ad and it’s obvious negative bounce-back.

  9. David, I assume that those questions are rhetorical, since you routinely have all the answers to complex legal questions.

  10. Hasn’t the statute of limitations run out on the Cosby victims? Other than Cosby wanting to live a lie for his reputation, is there any legal recourse against him if he brags about it?

    Is there anything left to prosecute him on?

  11. I wonder if the media will pounce on this nonsense or let it slide because he’s now a Democrat?

  12. Why would Steele infer Castor had all the evidence that came out just last year and earlier this year? It was international news. Sealed deposition, Jane Doe plaintiffs, etc? Castor was long gone by then. It makes no sense to accuse Castor of bungling Cosby and it shines a light on the fact that Steele, himself, had the evidence and did nothing with it. Castor puts that in an ad on TV and Steele’s cooked. Makes no political sense at all. Can someone explain the strategy here because I’m not getting it? It can’t be to just hurt Castor’s feelings (if the guy even has any). A veteran of that many campaigns will have a hide as thick an an elephant. So what is the strategy here? The press will never buy into this as other than a sleazy political dirty trick. (Bad for someone running for DA). Add that to disloyalty, and opportunistic part-switching and Steele is going backwards and might be the the only “D” to lose this year in the totally blue Montgomery County. Really embarrassing. Who’s running this campaign? Pee Wee Herman?

  13. Never a good idea when your opponent posts the Inquirer story on FB that you were hoping to use to start your negative campaign. Bad start, there, Kevin. You are not quite ready for the big leagues, are you? Now Castor has every right to take you apart piece by agonizing piece which, it appears, he was not going to do. Why did you change parties anyway? Castor never would have run had you not done that. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. Has Castor spent any money yet? No? Why do you think that is?

  14. Apparently Steele was too busy going after fellow Democrat Kathleen Kane, which I’m sure he’ll wear as a badge of honor. I don’t see it that way. Think I’m just sitting this one out, neither one deserves the office.

  15. Whatever you do Kevin, don’t run a commercial about the Matronardos, either. That will surely backfire, too.

  16. What a blunder from Steele. The guy is an idiot, everyone in the country knows all those women came forward after Castor was out of office. Steele should have done something then. Castor’s work made the victim in the MONTGOMERY County Case a millionaire. What they learn after Castor was gone is Steele’s fault they didn’t act on it. This is going to blow up huge in not ready for prime time Steele. A monumental mistake. Plus Castor with a double digit lead has sat on his money. When he starts to spend it, Steele will have to move out of state and change his name just to get a job.

  17. Uh. Steele was first assistant for the past 8 years. Any reason why he didn’t prosecute Cosby?

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