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Stefano Announces Bid for SD-32


Pat Stefano, a local small businessman and community leader, formally announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for the State Senate in Pennsylvania’s 32nd District.

“In the coming months, I will work hard to personally meet with residents in each community so they know where I stand and what my priorities will be in office: fighting for our jobs, leading on government reform, controlling spending to protect taxpayers, and meeting the needs of local families and seniors,” said Stefano.   “My focus will never be on politics, instead I will work with legislators and local officials from either party to best serve and support local taxpayers.”

Stefano is the current Vice President of the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Greater Connellsville and Morgantown Chambers of Commerce. He’s never run for office before.

SD-32 is currently held by Democratic Sen. Rich Kasunic (D-Fayette). It’s the most conservative Senate district held by a Democrat and is a major target for the GOP this year. Romney won the southwestern Pa. district 60% to 40% in 2012, while Tom Smith outpaced Bob Casey 55% to 45%. Kathleen Kane won 54% to 46%.

GOP chatter suggests the party is planning to spend $750,000 to $1 million to oust him.

PoliticsPA is seeking comment from Kasunic.

A lifelong resident of Dunbar Township, Sen. Kasunic was elected in 1982 to represent the 52nd Legislative District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. He served in the House for six terms before choosing to run for the Senate in 1994. He’s held the seat ever since.


8 Responses

  1. I doubt you will do anything better than the people holding Senate positions within the state of Pa right now. I have called Casey, Toomey and Ward. All I ever get is lip service. Pa, 5th corrupt state of all 50 and getting worse. Our infrastructure has been in the fail mode for over 50 years and all we get is tax increases. You will do nothing and you know it, (if elected). BTW Western Pa is one big ghetto getting worse by the hour.

  2. Mr W, are you aware that Stefano is running for state Senate? He won’t be going to Washington if he wins, he’ll be going to Harrisburg. If you are that clueless, please consider not voting. How can he be a good start to “get your country back” when you don’t even know what he is running for or where he would hold office? What do you really know about Stefano, other than he is a Republican, which he doesn’t even indicate on his TV commercials? My guess is that you don’t know much based upon your post. Typical Republican, spoon-fed by Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. without taking the time to do your homework. If you truly want to “take your country back”, do a little research instead of buying everything that the Republican mouthpieces sell to you.

  3. Could someone from your Campaign please call me at Clear Channel? 412-919-8541.
    Thank you very much.

  4. I want are Country back. It will happen if we put the right people in Washington, Mr Stefano would make a good start.

    USAF (Ret)

  5. I hope you can help Stop Property taxes and School Taxes . If so You Got my Vote And I hope other Democrats Like me .

  6. The Democrats are all self serving ObamaBots and the Repubs are not much better. Repubs have no spine and the voters are the worst. When these people get elected it’s ‘Kiss Off’ pal and the only one’s who get attention are the suck ups. You voters need to make the people you elect responsible. Remember they work for us and our taxes pay them. I f you can’t get that inside your head don’t vote and keep quite.

  7. “I remember the time that Fayette County was Democrat”

    That would be before the Democrat party became so extremist.

    Now they pass bills to find out what’s in them, end filibuster rules they supported and abused while in the minority, and exempt themselves and their staffs from the pain they inflict on the rest of us.

    I remember when public service meant job security in exchange for lower pay. Now we’re told public employees are even paid better. Obamacare has incentivised the few employers around here that had a modest health benefit to drop it. I resent that I have to dip into my shrinking private savings faster in order to pay for your expanding public retirement plans. That’s good for your kids, but what about mine?

    Fayette Co used to be Democrat but that’s changing. Now my kids resent your kids.

  8. Democrats in Fayette County – it’s time to wake up and smell the roses. Unless you get better Democrat leadership, you will lose this election. I remember the time that Fayette County was Democrat – now? NO, why, because we have had the same leadership for years. It’s time for new blood. Does anyone from Fayette County attend State Committee meetings – even when it was in their backyard at Seven Springs? Ask these questions. Get involved. With the Chamber of Commerce backing this gentleman, he has a good chance of winning. Don’t let this happen!

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