Stein Launches Effort to Force Pennsylvania Recount

jill-steinThe election may have been three weeks ago, but Jill Stein isn’t finished.

The Green Party nominee is attempting to get the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to recount the votes cast on November 8th.

The effort began last week in Wisconsin and has since expanded to include Michigan and PA. These three states made the difference for Donald Trump.

Although Trump’s lead in all three is fairly narrow (71,299 in PA, 27,257 in WI and 10,704 in MI) recounts produce very small changes in the totals. For instance, the infamous 2000 recount in Florida saw George W. Bush’s lead shrink from 1,784 votes to 527.

As CBS News points out, the Green Party forced a similar recount in the decisive state of Ohio in 2004. That effort produced a net gain of 285 votes for John Kerry, leaving him 118,457 short.

Additionally, the odds of a recount are long. While the Stein campaign is going to court over the matter it is unlikely that route will bear fruit. Instead, they have to find three constituents per voting district to submit affidavits. Anna Orso of BillyPenn is reporting that only 35 of Philadelphia’s 1,686 voting districts have done this so far. Meanwhile, the deadline for many of these districts is today.

The Clinton campaign has said they will participate in any legal proceedings that are triggered by these recounts although they don’t seem enthused by their chances. Gabriel Sherman of New York Magazine revealed that a pair of analysts tried to convince the campaign to challenge the results to no avail.

Stein’s actions have drawn the ire of Donald Trump, however, who sees them as an effort to delegitimize him. The Republican Party has already taken to fundraising off this whole incident.

It has also not gone unnoticed that this undertaking is a great way for Stein and the Green Party to fundraise and collect the email addresses of disenchanted Democrats.

17 Responses

  1. Also Diano, blaming Stein for Crooked Hillary’s loss in the keystone state is just plain sour grapes. You just need a scapegoat to hang Crooked Hillary’s loss on! Crooked Hillary was responsible for her massive loss. She’s a criminal, lying felon and the American peopleknow this. She was unfit to be the commander in chief. Also, she is one of the entities involved in the breaking “Pizzagate” child sex abuse scandal that is unfolding! She is one sick unit! I hope they send her to the gallows!

  2. Diano, you’re a pathetic prick calling me a hick. I was a naval officer in the US Navy, I have a college degree and my own business. So before you go casting aspersions on people you don’t know, get your facts straight before you call someone out! Ya dig? You pathetic liberal punk.
    Oh yeah, I’ve probably paid more taxes in one year than you’ve ever earned in a year. Think about that one Mr. Libtard!

  3. Let them spend their money and prove the election was not “rigged” which is what I heard ad-nauseam during the campaign. Did it stop being “rigged” when Trump won?? Go Larry Go!!

  4. re:DD’s comment Also, when voters walk away but fail to push the final VOTE button, it’s not uncommon for the machine operator to change some votes and push the button. :

    it takes an entire 5 person board to be crooked for your theory to happen. the machines emit a loud tone when the voter fails to push ‘VOTE”, and the election board workers run after the voter to get them back to the machine to register the vote. the loud machine is very noticeable to everyone else in the percent– other voters, passerby, the rest of the election boards in other precincts. so your theory is that all 5 election poll workers let the voter walk away, then someone using a supervisor PEB — in full view of the other 4 — goes into that machine and switches the vote? and no other board member or passerby notices this ?

    how incredibly naive and stupid .

  5. Tim- (so, much for your lying “no trace” bs)

    Do you realize that Jill Stein’s campaign hurt Hillary by giving Bernie supporters a “protest” vote choice, and making criticisms of Hillary that helped Trump? Probably not, because you couldn’t even find Jill Stein on the Green Party website.

    Fortunately, Trump’s presidency is going to hurt hicks like you who voted for him with job losses and less health care, and more fracking polluting your water supply.

  6. Breaking News 3:05am 11-30-2016 Jill Stein PURGED from the Green Party! No trace of her remains on their official website!

    Looks like they finally figured out she was on Crooked Hillary’s payroll! Maybe not. In any case, it seems the Green Party suddenly wants nothing to do with her anymore. Curious. Another big lefty bites the dust!

  7. This recount effort is a travesty. Stein is obviously a puppet of the Clinton campaign since the count will do nothing to improve Stein’s place in the election. She still comes in a distant third. There should be some protection from this form of frivolous distraction intended as a delaying tactic to prevent Donald Trump’s ratification by the Electoral College. Sour grapes is not a good enough reason to corrupt the election results.

  8. No one is guarding the machines and in many counties when people voted for Trump, it changed to Clinton when the Confirm button came up. No investigation though from Cortes and company. This recount is Hillary directed all the way. Stein just a stalking horse, will probably get hired by Clinton Foundation.

  9. Jill Stein has raised close to $7,000,000 to be used in “patronage” that is, rewarding those who worked for her. It is a huge amount of money. Bernie Sanders had more money than he had ever seen. They use the money to build organizations and buy loyalty. She can’t spend the money on herself but her cronies can spend their money on her and their money comes from her; the circle closes

  10. robert sklaroff-

    Jill is part of the Green party, not a Dem, and her and Johnson f*cked up this election and handed it to Trump.

    It’s far more likely that there was fraud of people filling in presidential choices on absentee ballots that didn’t fill in a candidate. Also, when voters walk away but fail to push the final VOTE button, it’s not uncommon for the machine operator to change some votes and push the button. These two types of fraud are the most common kind and are not directly detectable, but may show up statistically.

    I think they are looking for statistical anomalies in the voting numbers based on different types of machines. For example, there may be a pattern of more under-voting on certain types of machines than others, or some outlier ratio between the Trump/Clinton vote and the Toomey/McGinty vote.

    I doubt that they’ll find 70,000 of error shifting to Clinton. However, they may find that some type of machines are not verifiable in their results. This could lead to changes/replacements in the machines for future elections.

  11. Did anyone read the lawsuit filed in Commonwealth Court and what they based their reasoning on for voter fraud? Well I’ll tell you — Some nut says that the Russians hacked into the county internet systems and changed the votes (They said the counties download the results on county computers). Oh, and the program they used to do it destroys itself so it can’t be detected. If I were the judge I would make that guy testify then immediately institutionalize him. The lawyer who filed this frivolous suit should be disbarred. The GOP attorneys should have fun with this one.

  12. This is not about actually overturning the votes, it is about wasting as much time on the clock as possible so the election results are not certified in enough time for Pennsylvania’s electoral votes to be cast. All she needs is a couple of precincts in PA not to be able to certify the results by the time the Electoral College is seated.

    If you take away the electoral votes of PA, Michigan, and Wisconsin, then Trump doesn’t get to 270 electoral votes and that throws the election into the U.S. House of Representatives.

  13. The Green Party should explain why they hired an attorney on the Republican payroll to lead this effort.

  14. This lady is a whack job who needs professional help. What a waste of time and money. She is running a huge scam. The people in this state who volunteer to help or send money should also be committed to a mental institution. It is the same class of people who send money to Nigeria because they think they won 10 million dollars in a lottery.

  15. sklaroff, Diano will accept the results in the same way that he accepted Kathleen Kane’s admission of guilt. Which is to say, not at all, because it doesn’t jive with the fairy tale world that Diano lives in.

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