Stephens Still Wants to Impeach Kane

Kane Press ConferenceAfter everything that’s happened, it still might not be over.

According to Charles Thompson of the Patriot-News, the State House will continue to consider the impeachment of Kathleen Kane.

Of course, this should be a moot point seeing as Kane resigned last week following her guilty verdict.

Nevertheless, State Rep. Todd Stephens, the leader of the House’s investigation of the former Attorney General, doesn’t want to end the probe.

“Convictions can be overturned, pardons can be granted, all kinds of things happen,” the Inquirer’s Angela Couloumbis and Craig McCoy report Stephens as saying. “Impeachment is the only mechanism today that can ensure that Kathleen Kane never serves elected office again.”

Apparently Stephens is seeking to make sure that Kane can never hold a public office in PA again. Somehow it’s tough to imagine there is any danger of that actually occurring.

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103 thoughts on “Stephens Still Wants to Impeach Kane”

  1. HaHaHa says:

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  2. The Truth says:

    Robert B Sklaroff MD …….Glad you have Diano figured out too. He is a liar and a fraud who got off on making fun of mentally challenged children and as usual when challenged changes his story completely. The other person he challenged called him on it and did exactly what Diano said he couldn’t. Diano got his mouth shut again.

  3. Robert B Sklaroff MD says:

    @ d4:

    It is noted that, as usual, you fail to refute specifics and, instead, engage in [false] ad-hominem atttacks; I can, however, concur with your coda [for reasons inapposite to your motives], to wit:

    “I don’t have any interest in digging through your old posts to demonstrate who and what you are. It would be the equivalent of digging through news and video that recorded that the Sun rose every day for the past year.”

    I have consistently adopted a truth-teller role; you, to the contrary, have consistently lied.

  4. David Diano says:


    What I wrote was a very brief summary of your long history of racial attacks against Obama that mirror the whole “birther” meme (which is inherently racist). Your support for Ted Cruz, voterID, and other right-wing policies just add to the analysis. Your obvious pleasure at the deaths of innocent Palestinian women and children (and blame-the-victims mentality) in blind support of Israeli’s genocidal policies leaves no doubts as to the kind of terrible human being you are. The regular readers of this site know that, and have given you the nickname “mental patient”, without the need for further clarification.

    I don’t have any interest in digging through your old posts to demonstrate who and what you are. It would be the equivalent of digging through news and video that recorded that the Sun rose every day for the past year.

  5. The Truth says:

    Dosent matter what he posts now it’s proven that he is a liar and a fraud

  6. Robert B Sklaroff MD says:

    @ Friend

    I’m speaking to a larger audience.

  7. Friend says:

    You’re asking for something from him that by now you should know he isn’t going to give to you.

  8. rsklaroff says:

    @ d4:

    Claiming you’re “busy” elsewhere doesn’t excuse – as usual – your failure to acknowledge the following error from a few hours ago, as you continue to ignore questions raised about your credibility:

    “@ d4: Note that there is a difference between your claim of what I wrote [‘BHO is secret Muslim’] and my explicit statement [‘attacked BHO’s pro-islamist policies’]; it’s not surprising you inappropriately conflate these two concepts.”

    And neither you nor any KK-supporter [assuming your not the only one, invoking pseudonyms] refuted my academic-research that, last night during a tele-conference, was channeled [operationally] by State Rep. Todd Stephens [although 75% of the discussion was of allegedly-tainted drinking-water in Horsham, supposedly due to the Naval Air Station].

  9. Stephen says:

    As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can be of assistance to me. Thank you

  10. David Diano says:

    Unsanctioned R

    I know what you mean. I’ve been busy with important things, and most everyone else here has been “stimulating” themselves, cleaning off their keyboards, then repeating.

  11. Unsanctioned R says:

    This place used to be more stimulating. Time for me to take another long break.

  12. David Diano says:

    Unsanctioned R-

    Truth is just making up false claims about my stances, which he can’t even point to.

    At some point last year, I had bested SpongeBob on some computer thing (after he bragged how superior he was to me). I then made a reference to our relative IQ’s and how he was mentally retarded compared to me. I also probably said something to the effect anyone with “normal” (100 IQ) was mentally retarded by comparison as well. (Essentially, my “burn” on him was that he had only normal, instead of superior, intelligence after all his bragging.)

    Well, it must have been a great burn because SpongeBob threw a hissy fit and HaHaHa started calling him SpongeBob-Retard. I didn’t say anything against any person who was actually retarded (ie medical term), but SpongeBob wouldn’t let facts or common terminology get in his way. For a guy who complains about dems/liberals, he became the PC police on use of that word.

    Then he started to make ridiculous claims about some family with a retarded kid who was offended by my post (which I guess he showed them, and they didn’t know about otherwise, and didn’t understand my comments out of context). Then he started claiming he was going to all these politicians and elected officials who he thought might be potential customers and destroy my side-business (which is just pocket-money for me). He claimed he even spoke with a few (but they seemed to be, from his hints, elected officials using the HDCC who had no previous interest in paying for both my system and the party’s anyway). To date, no one (candidate or elected official) has come up to me either complaining about his accusations and demanding an answer, or telling me a story about this crazy guy coming in their office and lying about me.

    In the meantime, I’ve had more candidates this year than ever before (and won a few hotly contested races, and one HUGE upset expected in Nov). So, I’ve seen no effect other than increased business and success in the past year.

    Currently, I’m working on a huge voter project for another state (which is why haven’t posted here as much this summer). If the project is successful at the ballot box, I’ll wind up with so much business from this other state that I won’t even care if I get any clients from PA. The project is a longshot, but the payoff in future business is huge. If it works out, I’ll post about it. I don’t want to jinx it, as there are several aspects out of my control that make it a longshot. But, if those factors work out, my effort will tip the scales. So, fingers-crossed on that.

  13. The Truth says:

    Well there they go folks they didn’t disappoint you. Aaron Williams aka Brett since I’m not sure what pussy your talking about. Let me ask you is its Brett’s pussy his hot love bun warmer that he used in I jail. Or maybe he is talking about of a member of his famalies pussy.bindont know. . How was the family supported when you were in jail? Was it pussy? Just think you couldn’t even protect that the pussy you are talking about. Hey if you didn’t make money to pay your electricity did your house go dark?

  14. Unsanctioned R says:

    What’s he waiting for again?

  15. aaron williams says:

    Still waiting, you pussy-ass R – E – T – A – R – D

  16. Unsanctioned R says:

    Stay classy, Democrats.

  17. bungy says:

    Retarded children – please stop reading PPA!!!

    Because UnsanctionedSpongeAnusTruther is a seriously deranged RETARD !!

  18. Unsanctioned R says:

    Clearly I disagree. And for my own personal reasons would love to see the court shed some clarity on the individual rights in question here.

  19. The Truth says:

    Unsanctioned R. I don’t maintain links as I never anticipate the need to refer specifically to certain posts. I am aware of copies of posts made in the past that qualify under this Federal Statue in the hands of others not associated with this blog. However, I would invite you to research back for Diano’s posts to see what I mean. Furthermore, you can’t as Diano has done ridicule an individual (SpongeBob) and challenge their ability to obtain personal information about you and then when that party finds and posts that information seek a redress unless a part or whole of that information is false. Since it’s almost 9 and I have a long drive for work tomorrow I’ll have to end my part of this dialogue. I enjoyed discussing it with you and would urge you to do your own research as well. Also, as you know on a blog there is no way to silence anyone like Diano. He is perfectly able to retort any statements made. No one is shutting off his access to this blog. If the information that was posted is wrong Diano should challenge it.. Please don’t misunderstand challenging ,criticizing , or ridicule as a form of attempting to silence. If that were the case we would never see a Presidential debate at one end or a trial at the other end when the Government and Defendants meet in a courtroom, or ever hear a Don Rickles or Henny Youngman joke. I Ibid you a good night.

  20. Unsanctioned R says:

    I read a lot of comments, but I also take long breaks. Can you point to evidence where he defamed a class? [Link Please]

    Still, I don’t see how your argument–two wrongs make a right–is a defense for what you’re doing to David.

  21. The Truth says:

    Unsanctioned R. I’ll try and explain it a different way. Adults and children who suffer mental disabilities and as such are covered as a class of individuals protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Many states also have similar laws. A derogatory term for those who suffer from mental retardation (a DSM IV diagnosis) is “reta**d. It’s just like calling a gay people a “fa**ots”. You harm the group as a whole.. Since it’s a violation of a Federal Statue the United States of America is the offended party on behalf of the identified class of protected individuals.

  22. Unsanctioned R says:

    Like it or not, mental retardation is a diagnosis. I still don’t remember any evidence of him injuring someone who can argue a tort.

  23. The Truth says:

    Unsanctioned “R” “Defame an anonymous troll” You can defame a protected group of citizens under United States Code. A protected group of citizens Is mentally challenged. children, as well as minorities, sexual orientation, gender etc. You can defame the group as a whole and do not need to identify an individual. That’s why a complaint reads The United States of America versus …….I’ve seen Diano’s posts and he can classify them any way he wants they are defamatory. So give it a rest and let’s move on.

  24. Unsanctioned R says:

    I wouldn’t be a hypocrite if I asked to remain anonymous. Using one’s name is not an invitation to be libeled. David has defended using “retarded” as an adjective, but that isn’t germane regardless. He cannot “defame” an anonymous troll. He can call me whatever he wants. It isn’t a two-way street. And I wouldn’t mind if the courts shed more light on the topic.

    You need to chill out. We hide behind pseudonyms. And I think you may be because you’re afraid of people doing to you what you have done to David: try and intimidate him into silence.

  25. The Truth says:

    Unsanctioned R. Forgot this point. It was Diano who challenged Spongebob’s ability to acquire personal information about him. Many times he ridiculed SpongeBob for this. I read somewhere
    “You reap what you sow” Time to move on. There’s a presidential election worth discussing.

  26. The Truth says:

    Unsanctioned R ……. Sy is bound by the same laws we all are. I could ask the same of you. Can Sy post information about you? SpongeBob said he got this information from a public source and I believe him. Diano is the one who made a conscious decision to post under his name and I’m sure he understood the perils that could apply. It is Diano that gave out his name not Sy. It is Diano that made defamatory statements about SpongeBob. It is Diano that choose to make exaggerated posts here under his name. Diano could begin to post under an alias as he had many times. It is Diano under his name that made defamatory statements about children calling them “retards” there is no mistake about age. The posts have been collected, categorized and are ready for a presentment. Special needs children are a protected class of citizens under U. S. Federal law. I noticed your financial support of Diano would be anonymous and that’s you’r right too. As it is all our right.

  27. Unsanctioned R says:

    I post anonymously and have suffered no injury so long as I remain anonymous. I can handle (have handled) Hahaha.

  28. Unsanctioned R says:

    Are you okay then with Sy posting some basic information about you?

  29. The TRUTH says:

    Unsanctioned R…….. I can see that SpongeBob respects your opinion. However, here we find Diano making unsubstantiated malicious statements about him from being a pedophile to being a government operative releasing state secrets. It’s a 2 way street Diano goes way to far with false allegations and challenges. I think it only fair to respond in kind. You, yourself were victim to this when posts were made using the name Unsanctioned R(etard) . The bully’s here who make fun of disabled children, their wives etc. are not used to this type of payback. I’ll send my money to SpongeBob as I know where he stands. Rule should be post at your own risk. Just like in a high school debate be prepared to defend your position with facts. Once Diano and HaHU stop fighting a war maybe we can return to civility here.

  30. SpongeBob says:

    Then we agree to disagree. No threats made and no requests for those viewing to make any comments or do anything other than be informed of basic search results.

  31. Unsanctioned R says:

    I disagree that this is not in fact intimidation or that it is not intended to be intimidation. If David thinks he has a tort worth pursuing, I’d donate (anonymously) on his gofundme page toward legal fees.

  32. The Truth says:

    HaHU aka Aaron Williams really Brett … You keep saying that and I keep asking what pussy your talking about. Your littleluvbox that you called it when you were in that jail for “Special Needs” prisoners. Could you be referring to Diano’s pussy or maybe someone you know a member of your family. I feel bad for them. How did the bills get paid when you were in jail? Pussy.

  33. SpongeBob says:

    Unsanctioned R
    not trying to intimidate at all. Just posted a few things that were pretty easy doing basic web searches. I was simply posting a few things that David in the past claimed were all crap but in fact true. 2 minutes on Google shows this and a whole lite more. My point is that it’s not terribly difficult to find info out about people even using a base search engine. That being said I hear your point and respect your opinion.

  34. aaron williams says:

    Still waiting, pussy.

  35. The Truth says:

    Diano, Did your mom need a knee replacement because she was running up and down the basement steps to give you your Cheerios and Chef Boyardee ravioli.

    Do you cry to Super Teddy when people say you are a fraud. How about when your buisness selling lists has failed.

    Now here’s where I’m confused in your 50’s a virgin is that with both men and women oh I forgot about HaHU yep just a virgin with women.

    How does SpongeBob know all that. Does he have a crystal ball that has the same shine as HaHu’s fat bulbous head.

    You really are pathetic. Do me a favor tell Mrs. D HI for me as I’m sure she’ll be down with your Spaghettios in a few minutes

  36. The Truth says:

    Unsanctioned R…….If he is dumb enough( and he is already shown us that, plus did I mention a liar) to post his own name that dosent give him any extra credit for the stuff he falsely posts. Diano can talk the game but when challenged as a fraud he resorts back to personal accusations.

    SpongeBob has every right to post as he does.

  37. Unsanctioned R says:

    Spongy, chill out. David uses his real name. No one deserves to be intimidated for opinions that don’t hurt anyone. It’s about as trashy as Hahaha threatening to dox people.

  38. SpongeBob says:

    Since David claims I post incorrect info let’s see how long this post lasts.

    His mom sued a company regarding knee replacement, he has a bear called super teddy, brother named steven and is 50 plus years old and from what I have been told still a virgin. And even after all that defends Kathleen Kane who is as corrupt as them come.

  39. SpongeBob says:

    Your accusations bore me. You have no clue who I am, no clue where I work and you never will. You complain about the info I have found about you and claim most of its wrong except everytime you made sure to have the posts deleted. You, just like Kane refuse to accept reality. I laugh in your general direction.

  40. The Truth says:

    Dianio …….Well there you go folks proof from the own frauds mouth he’s a liar.

    I’ve outed Kane’s driver … Challenged……..Nothing
    There are lots of attorney’s …….Challenged……Nothing
    Kane’s prosecution was selective prosecution……..Challenged………Nothing
    Everything Diano was challenged on ……..NOTHING

    Of course like all liars and con artists he finishes his nothing answer with a childish taunt.

    Diano is a fraud and it has been proven with THE TRUTH.

  41. Smokescreens can't last forever says:

    Now that Ms. Kane’s “Victim of Good Ol’ Boys Club” strategy has failed, she may try to change it so she’s now a victim of a “Good Ol’ Girls Club.”

    After all, it was a woman who brought charges against Kane.

    It was a woman who co-prosecuted Kane.

    And, it will be a woman who sentences Kane in October.

    Perhaps Ms. Kane can claim that the “Good Ol’ Girls Club” went after her because they were jealous of her being elected AG in 2012.

    Is this a preposterous story? Yes, absolutely.

    But, when did Kane ever concern herself with telling the truth? It became clear during the trial that Kane had no problem with fabricating stories in an attempt to cover her tracks.

    I’m sure Ms. Kane has many more fabricated stories lurking in her imagination. It’s just a question as to when she wants to tell them.

  42. Robert B Sklaroff Md says:

    @ d4:

    Note that there is a difference between your claim of what I wrote [“BHO is secret Muslim”] and my explicit statement [“attacked BHO’s pro-islamist policies”]; it’s not surprising you inappropriately conflate these two concepts.

  43. David Diano says:


    LOL. That post should be a classic. You say there is no support for my description of you, then you make my case with your anti-Islamic nonsense.

  44. David Diano says:

    The Truth

    I already posted two quotes on the case from a prominent PA attorney.

    Most of what you and the other Kane haters post isn’t worthy of reply, and when you bring up a point that I’ve already fully addressed, I often don’t have any interest in reiterating my response (unlike dr. Kevorkian who is stuck in the world of past posts).

    Keep hiding behind your keyboard with the other cowards.

  45. rsklaroff says:

    why we should try to ignore d4 is illustrated by his unsubstantiated claims to change the topic; i never wrote anything akin to his accusation [“he’s a complete racist nutjob with his talk of Obama being a secret Muslim”], although i have attacked BHO’s pro-islamist policies

  46. The Truth says:

    Diano……you’re wrong once again caught but but let’s say they were whatever on your Facebook who were they? I’m sure they have names . Also, what happened to all those other questions?
    Outing Kane’s driver no name of course, selective prosecution. You never replied to any of all those other issues.

    I think you do selective answering of
    Confrontational posts asking you to identify sources. What a joke you are.

  47. David Diano says:

    The TRUTH
    Learn to read and stop lying. I never said anyone posted to my Facebook page. I said I saw comments in my Facebook feed. That means the hundreds of posts made every day by the people I follow, and the replies/discussions within those threads, about the merits of the case. Duh.

  48. David Diano says:


    You are such a hypocrite.

    First of all, you are constantly (and creepily like a stalker) always trying to dig into my personal information (often getting it wrong, and confusing underage children with adults, or just being a natural pedophile).

    I am happy to have outed kanesdriver, who was clearly violating the rules of his OAG employment, because he couldn’t delete his online profiles fast enough.

    I suspect you have been in a position with access to privileged information and would be in serious hot water if your identity was revealed. This seems to be the main reason behind your hiding and cowardice, as you could be as guilty as you claim Kane is, or at risk of losing your employment. You’d likely be subject to a libel suit as well. So, spare me your hypocrisy as you hide behind your keyboard.

    The crazy “doctor” even posts under his real name, and he’s a complete racist nutjob with his talk of Obama being a secret Muslim. He also is so delusional, that he thinks I would ever read his long posts or follow his links.

    Could/should she have said she leaked and been done with it? NOT likely. They were never letting her get away with a wrist slap. Their goal was to find (or make up) ANY excuse/pretense to remove her from office. Why has the Montco DA’s office refused to investigate the leaks from their office (or none of the Kane haters complained about that worse crime and the double standard)?

  49. rsklaroff says:

    @ d4:

    For all these reasons, you must atone for your multiple falsehoods or, in the alternative, provide specific hyperlinks to evidence that you didn’t lie [e.g., “kanesdriver”].

    @ everyone else:

    I have attempted to elevate the level of discourse by citing/critiquing hyperlinked info that relates to what happened AND to what will transpire; as suggested earlier, we should simply ignore d4 for – even when he writes something that is borderline-sane – he will relapse if we “bite” by assuming he has reformed.

  50. SpongeBob says:

    David, you constantly fixate on figuring out who posts here when they are in opposition to you. Just accept the fact that your blind loyalty to Dems means you back at times scum of the political earth. You bash the Kane case but it’s her lying that got her in the most serious trouble. She could have gotten on the stand and said yeah I leaked it and I thought it was ok to do so. She likely would have gotten a wrist slap and moved on. But she orchestrated a scheme to hide it. You fail to accept that it’s those actions they nailed her on.

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