Stephens Wins AG GOP Straw Poll

Todd-StephensState Rep. Todd Stephens won the Republican Central Caucus straw poll for the 2016 GOP Attorney General nomination.

Nevertheless, State Sen. John Rafferty still believes he put in a strong showing and will win the full party’s endorsement.

“The Central Caucus is one of the most conservative caucus’ in the state and I am honored by their support,” said Stephens. “A primary is never easy, but I am glad that today experience trumped politics. Experience is what matters most for our next Attorney General and today’s vote demonstrates that the party faithful are determined to win back the Attorney General’s office in the fall.”

“Today is the first step in a long journey,” Stephens concluded. “I won’t let up and neither will my team.”

Rafferty stayed positive, however, issuing an email response titled “John Rafferty in Solid Position to Win Endorsement.”

“I am extremely honored to have the support of so many members of the Central Caucus today,” Rafferty said. “This is the first step on a long road that will lead my candidacy through the Republican endorsement process, the Primary and ultimately to victory next November. This clearly illustrates the momentum my campaign has gained over the past couple months. This vote coupled with the strong support I will receive in other areas of the state will propel my campaign to victory.”

The Central Caucus includes the following counties: Adams, Bedford, Berks, Blair, Centre, Clinton, Columbia, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Fulton, Huntingdon, Juniata, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lycoming, Mifflin, Montour, Northumberland, Perry, Snyder, Sullivan, Union, and York.

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3 thoughts on “Stephens Wins AG GOP Straw Poll”

  1. Fred Hartley says:

    Why would anyone want to be the Montgomery County chairman? Mike Vereb tried. The party endorsed two good candidates for commissioner. But the pro-lifers supported Gale, the unendorsed candidate, and he took the minority seat, publicly at war with Mike and the Party. So which candidate for chairman will work with Gale? And can Gale re-build the Party? He is not interested. The Party got toasted in November. Lost the remaining row offices. Only Risa Ferman won for judge, and only because she was a visible and effective District Attorney who was on both ballots. And even so, she did not win by a big margin. Montgomery County voters are voting straight ticket. And since they outnumber the GOP by a wide margin, who can raise the money, change the registrations, run superior candidates and win elections? Suicide mission.

  2. Frank says:

    do you have any numbers?

  3. B. Good says:

    Any clue as to who Stephens or Rafferty might be supporting for MontCo Republican Chair? One would think it would be important to them?

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