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Stollsteimer to Run for AG

Jack-StollsteimerShould Attorney General Kathleen Kane outlast her legal troubles, she will face stiff competition for the Democratic Party’s nomination for her position next year.

Former federal prosecutor Jack Stollsteimer, of Delaware County, has thrown his hat into the race to “restore integrity to the management of the Office of the Attorney General.”

“I have established a long track record for protecting Pennsylvanians from crime,” Stollsteimer said in a statement announcing his candidacy. “It is time to take that proven track record and put it to work again so that the citizens of our Commonwealth are assured that they have someone as their chief law enforcement officer who is 100 percent focused on keeping them safe.”

Stollsteimer, who most recently served as Deputy Chief Counsel to the PA Treasurer, before which he held positions as an assistant District Attorney for Delaware County and an assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of PA.

In 2011, the DCCC tried to convince Stollsteimer to run for Congress in PA-7 against Patrick Meehan but he ultimately decided to pass.

As of now, the Democratic primary will be a showdown between Stollsteimer and Northampton County DA John Morganelli – who announced his interest in a campaign Monday – though Kane said in December that she would seek re-election.

Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro is also widely expected to run.

Kane has been charged with obstructing administration of law or other government function, official oppression, criminal conspiracy, perjury and false swearing. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 24.

20 Responses

  1. I just heard that David Tyler made a play to Gov Wolf To be his Chief of Staff before it was announced publically that it was going to be Eisenhour. As a consolation prize Wolf will Name him acting AG once Kane is out of the way.

  2. I can no longer sit here and listen to this nonsense. If Dave Tyler was appointed AG he would go back in his old play book and take Dick Sprague everywhere with him. Seriously people, the only fool crazy enough to post Dave Tyler as a potential AG appointee is Dave Tyler himself. He is a self important, self centered egomaniac who has a serious aversion to honesty and truth. He was Kandy Kain’s drinking buddy so why would we want him.

  3. Larry, you are clearly mistaken. I know David Tyler is a lawyer and he went to Widener Law School, plus why would the trial lawyers hire a non-lawyer to lobby on their behalf. Seriously, I think your thinking about David Thomas, he is with the trial lawyers.

  4. Um, “Reel DT,” Dave Tyler is not an attorney, and he’s not with a law firm. He’s a lobbyist for the trial lawyers. I agree that he’s a good guy.

  5. I know Tyler is with a big time law firm … I wouldn’t think he would leave all the money and prestige that come with that to slum it as the Attorney General of PA! We couldn’t be so lucky to have a guy like him serve as AG. All you haters should get a life.

  6. Tyler as a proven record with the OAG, he did such a bang up job as Kandy Kain’s top advisor. I wonder if he was for the GJ leaks or against?

  7. It would be interesting to see someone finally do a career piece on Stollsteimer, including his early years as water boy for former House Speaker Bob O’Donnell, the fact that he didn’t know how to treat people back then, and how much of his undergraduate degree is CLEP tests.

  8. Jon-

    How is Josh getting shut-out, when the DSCC and every other Dem political leader begged him to run for Senate?

    In a presidential year with maximum possible Dem turnout, any statewide office is possible/achievable for Dems.

    The question is whether the voters would pay enough attention to the AG race and resumes. The job appears to have three key aspects/skills: DA experience, management experience, political experience.

    Arguably, Josh has demonstrated two out of three. The question is if that is enough for the voters.

    Jack didn’t get caught up in McCord scandal, so he’s clean in that regard.

  9. Jon, I think it’s hilarious that Shapiro would even be considered for AG, given that he has less experience than Kathleen Kane. Shapiro would get steamrolled by any Republican.

  10. I think its hysterical that Josh Shapiro is getting shut out of every office he attempts to position himself for. This career politician wants out of Montco so bad but no one will let him. No way Dems can nominate Shapiro over Stollsteimer. #freejoshshapiro

  11. I’ve worked with Jack in the past and can say he is a man of unimpeachable integrity and impeccable ethics. Smart, focused and determined to do what’s right irrespective of those involved. His loyalty is to the mission. This Commonwealth would be well served by him as AG. Refreshing change from both Kane and her predecessor, Corbett.

  12. Stosh, If you look at the timeline Stollsteimer wasn’t even apart of the Dept of Treasury office (he left in 2012) when McCord ran for Gov (in 2013) and let his ego get the best of him.

    I think Stollsteimer has the credibility to reform that office and actually do some good in PA.

  13. “Stollsteimer, who most recently served as Deputy Chief Counsel to the PA Treasurer”

    Um, I don’t think having worked under Rob McCord — who pled guilty to federal charges that he attempted to extort campaign contributions from companies that wanted to do business with the state — is a good starting point for a “reform” AG candidate.

  14. In response to Stollsteimer’s announcement, Kane said, “Look over there!! Porn emails!”

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