Subpoenas Coming in Kane Impeachment Probe

Kane-sadThe subpoenas are on their way.

As reported by Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer, the House committee debating whether to impeach the Attorney General will begin issuing subpoenas for documents and testimony.

House Courts Subcommittee Chair Todd Stephens will continue with the investigation despite the fact that Kane is not running for re-election and is already facing a trial in August.

“I do think there is merit to continue to investigation,” Rep. Stephens said.

Kane’s trial, set to start August 8th, concerns twelve charges against the AG. They are two felony counts of perjury as well as ten misdemeanors: three counts of official oppression, three counts of conspiracy, two counts of false swearing and two counts of obstruction.

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  1. HaHaHa aka Bret Cott…..Now criminal charges that’s something you can relate too. Wasn’t it Fina who put you in jail for stealing money from senior citizens in Pennsylvania? Also did you ever pay taxes on the money you stole? I hear the IRS is involved. Does Kane go to jail first or does Bret Cott go back to jail on Part Deux of Bonusgate. Oh by the way since you like spelling can you spell P R I S O N.
    This is getting interesting.

    Hoop Dreams… You are 100 percent right. There’s a reason for the 5th Admendment. Keep your mouth shut and talk to a lawyer first no matter what.

    David Diano… You are an expert at nothing and a failure in life. So please go try and sell your lists that nobody wants while living in the basement of your moms house.

  2. Hoop Dreams is correct … even if he is not the best speller.

    Kane should never have been in front of that GJ. The people would have understood considering that the CLOWN CAR lined up against her were prosecutors and judges. Their smear campaign started much earlier.

    In the end, though, AG Kane has already won. Many a pervert and racist has already been removed from Office. None will ever have power again. Another Dem will be the next AG and Kane’s trial will expose even more CLOWN CAR scum.

    Is it just a coincidence that the government’s star witnesses against AG Kane are Johnny Doc guys? And that Johnny Doc’s brother was involved in Porngate?

    Johnny Doc’ had a motive to take down Kane. His brother was running for Supreme Court. He has since won. And it has been reported that he spent his first week making calls on behalf of fellow Porngate participant, Michael Eakin.


  3. Kanes case is just one more example as to why you should never say anything to anyone with Legal Authority over you . Keep your Mouth shut . You have an absolute 5th amendment right to ZIP IT . The Meranda decision etched that right in stone . So SHUT UP when someone that can take your Liberty away starts asking you questions .

  4. There really can be no reason apart from politics to do this and Stephens is as big a political tool as there is in Harrisburg. Smearing Kane now is going to affect the jury in her case (he thinks) and the hope is hurt Shapiro and help Rafferty in the fall. What Stephens fails to understand is the voters don’t see Kane as “D” problem. They see her as a “Kane” problem that has already been solved. She’s not running, she has no power to do anything, and will be gone in a few months. Failing to see that voters will recognize this for what it is comes from the arrogance of Harrisburg hacks like Stephens. He thinks this will be great for HIM in the long run. The effort will fall flat, and Stephens will be seen as an opportunist. And a dumb one at that.

  5. Oh look!! The pathetic troll forgot how to spell one of his 87,000 screen-names …

    “Observor” … … LOL

  6. Sure let’s talk about the cost of wasting tax dollars but let’s forget the millions she was and is wasting on the continued email probe, the Hundred thousand dollar salary for Castor since she can’t do her job because of you know….being a suspected criminal herself. So pardon me if I roll my eyes when people talk about waste of money when the list goes on and on about how much she has cost this commonwealth. Wait until she has to start setting the lawsuits against the office. It will never end…

  7. Our tax dollars at work. Thank god we’re not wasting them on schools or something useless like that…

  8. STOP THE PRESSES. I agree with David Diano. What the hell is the point of trying to impeach someone who will be out of office and in jail before the summer is over?

  9. “I do think there is merit to continue to investigation,” Rep. Stephens said.

    No. You f*cking don’t think there is merit.

    This is an excuse to smear Kane, and maybe the Dems for the AG race, and more likely to further your own career as a partisan hack.

    Worried that she’s going to win at trial?

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