Super PAC Targets Incumbents

National Journal reported this morning that a Super PAC, “The Campaign for Primary Accountability” is targeting 11 incumbent congressman. Among the 11 are Holden and Murphy. According to the paper, the PAC has raised $1.8 million so far.

It is not known how much the PAC will invest in these races.

PoliticsPA previously reported that the PAC would be targeting Congressman Tim Murphy. Congressman Murphy faces Evan Feinberg, former staffer to Senator Rand Paul. It has been an interesting primary thus far and The Campaign for Primary Accountability may be able to influence the race.

Evan Feinberg was just endorsed by Sen. Rand Paul and Tom Coburn, two conservative leaders in the Senate. On the other hand, Feinberg has not been a prolific fundraiser, he trails Tim Murphy in cash on hand.

It was the news that Holden would be targeted that came as a surprise.

National Journal indicated that Bob Brady primary opponent would receive money from the super PAC but was written before it was reported that Brady’s democratic opponent Jimmie Moore had withdrew from the race.

Rep. Holden’s district has been drawn in a way that is more Democratic. He faces Matt Cartwright, a prominent local attorney. Though Cartwright does not have any political experience, he is well known in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area.

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2 thoughts on “Super PAC Targets Incumbents”

  1. Rock Jock PA says:

    This is wonderful news because Tim Murphy Must Go. A takedown of Murphy means that there will be one less Big Labor/Big Government supporter.

  2. Neil says:

    hTe link to the “poll” seems to be broken.

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