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Superior Court: First Quarter Democratic Fundraising

1200px-Seal_of_the_Superior_Court_of_Pennsylvania.svgFirst quarter fundraising totals have been reported, and some candidates are already separating themselves from the pack.  

Judge Geoffrey Moulton leads the five judges with cash on hand (COH) with $113,441.67.  Judge Maria McLaughlin is a close second with $99,281.03 COH.  Judge Deborah Kunselman ended with $6,916.25, William Caye ended with $3,289.60, and Judge Carolyn Nichols had $2,412.18 COH.  

Moulton and McLaughlin were the top fundraisers for the quarter, raising $113,441.67 and $99,281.03 respectively.  Caye was the third best fundraising, bringing in $33,115.  Nichols raised $26,365.00, and Kunselman came in last place, raising $8,100.  

Money takes on more significance in judicial races, since name recognition is usually extremely low.  The money can help candidates to hire organizers to go door to door, and for radio and TV ads closer to the election.  

The laws concerning fundraising make it harder for campaigns to fundraise in traditional ways.  In judicial elections, the candidate themself cannot ask for money directly.

Kunselman, McLaughlin, Moulton, and Nichols were endorsed by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.  The candidates are running for four open seats on the Superior Court.

11 Responses

  1. Little Billy Caye’s money has come from labor unions controlled by La Familia. My cousin, Stevie JUNIOR, is upset that the superior court is always overturning his convictions for abuse and misconduct so the Godfather has thrown in behind Caye. He will fix it so that guilty people stay guilty because he is needy and unscrupulous too. Even so, when the godfather says I have to march with the porno punk, then I gotta march. I might look for a doctor’s excuse on this one.

  2. If the democratic party doesn’t do anything to help the 4 endorsed candidates.It’s very possible bill caye could win.He is the only one running who isn’t a sitting judge,the republicans will have a field day with him,in the general election.

  3. Caye wasn’t recommended at all by the PA Bar so I would hope he doesn’t move on to the general

  4. Maggie Wu and Ford-

    The cash-on-hand is what is left in the tank for ads, signs, election day operations and workers.

  5. @maggie – McLaughlin has the deepest pockets in this race. Moulton had a nice quarter, but Mclaughlin has been strong and is staying strong.

    I agree with you, let’s see everyone’s totals for a clearer picture

  6. Quarterly figures are interesting (I guess) but I’d like to see who has raised the most overall at this point. Give us total numbers, anything else is misleading.

  7. Vote Caye! Someone had to stand up for the not qualified among us! I’m serious.

  8. Well at least the democrats can pick up 2 seats in the fall moulton and McLaughlin as for the oher 3 democrats do yourself a favor and fire your campaign managers.

  9. These numbers are respectable in that it is very difficult to raise money especially in a Primary. My guess is that if you cross reference these, they come from the same sources.

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