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Superior Court: Tarasi Releases 1st TV Ad

One week from the primary and we have a television ad in the Democratic primary for Superior Court.

Beth Tarasi, an attorney from Western Pennsylvania, released her first television ad in the three candidate race in the Democratic primary for Superior Court.

Tarasi’s 30 second ad, Ready, highlights her courtroom experience as proof she is best suited to serve on the court.

“Beth Tarasi has the experience we need in our next Superior Court judge,” the voiceover says to begin the spot. “With 28 years of courtroom experience, Beth has argued cases before Pennsylvania’s Superior and Supreme Courts.”

The ad goes on to detail her role in various cases including 3 Mile Island and the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.

Tarasi is going up against Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Dan McCaffrey, brother of former state Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery, and former Allegheny County Councilwoman Amanda Green-Hawkins in the primary.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party endorsed McCaffery and Green-Hawkins at their most recent state committee meeting.

Tarasi’s campaign said the ad is broadcasting in multiple markets, although they did not specify what specific markets.

15 Responses

  1. re:”…The PA Bar Association rated her Not Recommended–” true — blaming tarasi for failing to detect that the professional web site firm running the law firm’s ads had copied material without authorization and put it up on her firm’s site. then when confronted with this admission from the tarasi firm website manager –PBA blamed her for personally not ‘supervising’ the firm’s website manager. (Contrast: the post gazette reported in 2012 that newly appointed public defender Elliot Howsie had a website ‘remarkably similar’ to that of OJ defense attorney johnny cochran . in 2017 the allegheny county bar association rated him ‘highly recommended’ for judge. since their proceedings are secret one can’t even know if ACBA even began an investigation of ‘website plagiarism ‘ by howsie— the PA senate judiciary committee certainly did not , before confirming him last week ).
    As for the ‘ Democratic Party endorsement,’ a deal as usual was cut between philly nd the west: you suppport one of ours, we’ll suppport one of yours. the west was told to pick ONE of its 2 women – hawkins or tarasi. the west picked hawkins who had a lot of political support (and was also rated unqualified by PBA for never having even tried a jury case or argued before a PA appellate court. ) as to : ” the other 2 were endorsed on the first ballot…’ of course, because it was a fix job between philly and pgh.. dems ‘ endorsing a candidate rated not qualified for the reasons hawkins was rated not qualified will have disastrous consequences state wide in the general election.

  2. The PA Bar Association rated her Not Recommended. Not the usual Not Recommended at this Time, where they think the candidate could grow into the role, but Not Recommended–Ever, due to her temperament. Look it up.
    As fir the Democratic Party endorsement, the other 2 were endorsed on the first ballot, which never happens. Each got over 2/3 of the votes. Beth got something like 25%.
    Maybe she can bluff her way through this primary, but if so, the Republicans will shred her in the fall. She’d be lucky to lose now.

    1. That’s not correct. But you cannot tell a candidates campaign manager the truth. Read the review. Nothing about temperament. The review was good she just made a mistake failing to oversee her social media. The republicans are not going to do anything over a failure to oversee social media content. The statement makes no sense. She is a qualified accomplished attorney.

  3. Her and the awful Nina Ahmad deserve each other and her electoral fate. Happy anniversary, Nina, $1,000,000 lighter. ???? ????

  4. The Godfather endorses her from his Florida condo with a very loud “Oink!”

  5. Superior Court ready? I don’t think so. Fact check her ad. I guarantee you will find untruths. Do you want a Judge who speaks untruths and spreads rumors about her opponents?

    1. Pennsylvania needs judges who are experience and have tried cases in the Pennsylvania Courts. Its clear she has done this and her record shows this.

    1. Not correct. She hired a company to perform work on social media and they failed to properly source the material. When you hire people you trust them to do their job. She accepted responsibility for this oversight.

  6. Too bad it’s full of lies. Check her graduation date against the closure of the 3 Mile Island case. The Bar Association rated her Not Recommended for good reasons.

    1. The Tree Mile Island litigation lasted until 1996. Check your dates and the court docket.

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