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Supporters Start Petiton for Kane

Kathleen-Kane-portrait1The Attorney General still has her supporters and they are trying to make their voices heard.

They have created a petition that calls for the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board to halt their motion to suspend Kane’s law license.

“We the people of Pennsylvania, spoke loud and clear on November 6, 2012 during the Attorney General election,” they write. “We voted for the person that we, the citizens of Pennsylvania, wanted to be in charge of our more prestigious level of law enforcement.”

“To suspend Ms. Kane’s license and therefore nullify votes would be an injustice to the citizens of Pennsylvania who ventured out to the polls that election day to support someone we truly believed in,” the petition continues. “We the citizens of Pennsylvania choose our elected officials, the Supreme Court does not.”

The document is addressed to seventeen PA elected officials including Governor Wolf, Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey and Congressman Matt Cartwright.

At this moment, 571 people have electronically signed the petition. They are currently aiming for 1,000 signatures.

Someone identifying themselves as Kane’s mother, Ellen Gordon, is among the signers.

“I am her mother! Besides that fact, the true fact is the injustice that has gone on way too long. Thank you,” the poster wrote. is a website, created in 2007, that allows users to create and and share online petitions.

43 Responses

  1. Tom Corbett, Ed Rendell, Ron Castile, Judge Carpenter, Lynne Abraham, Frank Fina, Louis Freeh, Seth Williams, Philadelphia inquirer, et al all crooks in my opinion. All of these elected officials are very corrupt,in my opinion they most likely had something to do with the murders of State College D.A. Ray Gricar and former Philadelphia Inquier owner Lewis Katz. Currently there is a FBI investigation looking into how these corrupt politicians helped to frame and ultimately murder a innocent Joe Paterno so they could steal millions of dollars in taxpayer and students money from a innocent State University. These people in my opinion are ALL guilty of TREASON and should be handled accordingly. They think they have gotten away with the murder of Paterno but too many people know so I believe they will get caught.

  2. Looks like they are up over 1,200 signatures now. Wonder if Seth Williams is paying attention.

  3. Unsanctioned — this is not about ME. You are coming unglued.

    This article is about AG Kane and the despicable attempts to force her from Office. Stick to the topic.

    BTW – have they hit their 1,000 signatures yet?

  4. That’s what I thought, you’re not a serious actor. Are you stealing the PADEMS WiFi from your Occupy Hbg tent?

    If you need an explanation, ask someone smart with time on their hands like David.

  5. Response to Unsanctioned R – You need another cup of TEA.

    BTW – were you being serious when you typed that “Blacks and women are used to this behavior being tolerated against them in the work place.”

    Was that your way of defending Seth Williams for failing to act? Please explain …

  6. Nice one David, trace me next. What’s the link?

    Unanswered questions for haha:
    1. Shouldn’t all the email senders lose their job?
    2. Who are the republicans defending Fina?
    3. Is Williams a Republican? Is Fina a Republican?

  7. Unsanctioned R-

    HaHaHa is referring to the former poster “kanesdriver” who hasn’t been seen here since I tracked down his IP address and zipcode to Pittsburgh (after he went on my personal website and I traced him from my log files).

  8. LMAO … “sophmoric” … That’s how you Repervlican used to refer to Fina’s e-mails … before we knew what was in them …

  9. Kane’s driver? Haven’t you heard? After what he did for his BFF Kane, she’s kept him within arms reach.

  10. Blacks and women are used to this behavior being tolerated against them in the work place.

  11. Unsanctioned R-

    I think discipline varied by job/level of the employees and the extent of their email activities.

  12. If you say hypocrite crank, some people can’t help but respond.

    I see you think it’s okay for some state workers to keep their jobs even though they distribute racist porn. Why is that I wonder?

  13. Hey BROKEN RECORD …. How do YOU know who the senders and recipients are/were ???

    And YES … if there is another prosecutor who viewed and distributed that vile, racist crap, I will call for them to resign/lose their jobs as well. No racist perverts should be prosecutors.

  14. Hey hypocrite cranks, you’re all gonna be with me asking for firings of every single creep when we see the sender’s names on the emails, right?

  15. DD – I also remember Fina shouting about how he IS A LAWYER and doesn’t NEED A LAWYER.

    Guess who has a lawyer. The same guy who – for the first time in months – hasn’t commented.

  16. Did Fina “tell the truth” when he swore that the sting case had no racial bias?

    BTW, what ever happened to that black cop/detective on the case was crying that Kane dissed him by saying the case was tainted? What’s his reaction to the Fina email revelations?

  17. Kane is right up there with them, she shouldn’t be running the AG’s office.

  18. Maybe Kane already did tell the truth. We will find out at the end of her trial. In the meantime, two racist perverts carry badges and pretend to be looking out for Philadelphians … 44% of whom are Black … 53.5% are females ….

    The fact that Kane is facing criminal charges and they are not is a joke. Perhaps there is a grand jury looking into the leaks … I don’t know … but they will get their due process then.

    Right now – we just need to make sure they are not collecting taxpayer $$$ in the form of their DA’s Office salaries. Creeps like them should not be prosecutors. They are morally bankrupt. They represent all that is wrong with our Justice system.

  19. Maybe Kane will tell the truth the next time she swears to tell the truth.

    Maybe hypocrites will clamor for the same due process of email senders that Kane will get.

  20. Check the record …. Hurry up … It is skipping!!

    The citizens of PA will soon learn the truth about Kane. There will be a trial. The truth will come out. But the truth about her accusers must also come out. And it ain’t pretty.

    Nice try, Shill-Boy.

  21. “…a right to know he truth”

    Something she should have tried giving us herself when offering sworn testimony. #Fail

  22. Observer – that is correct.

    The Kane Smear Team is getting desperate. They are pulling out all the stops. Who cares that it hasn’t been done before … Who cares about Due Process … Who cares about the Constitution ….

    Meantime – a crew of pervert racists roams the halls at the DA’s Office in Philadelphia. No grand jury to investigate their leaks. No Disciplinary Board action against those attorneys.

    This is a JOKE. Glad Kane had the stomach to hang in there. Hope she continues to do so. The public has a right to know he truth.

  23. But, but there’s been no defense witnesses, no cross examination of the evidence…

  24. Brad – I agree with regards to cleaning house. As the first Democrat to ever hold that Office, can you imagine the cronies that were plotting against her … She should heave weeded them out sooner. It was obvious that racist Fina and his pervert friends had moles at the AG’s Office during their full-on assault on AG Kane.

    The 1st Assistant (Beemer) was with Fina in calling Sandusky’s final victim “not credible.” That was the kid who Sandusky raped while Fina and his pals watched porn videos at the AG’s Office (bestiality, graphic violence against women, etc.) and yuk’d it up over racist material. They should have been arresting Sandusky. They waited wayyyyy too long.

    There is NO WAY that Fina and Costanzo should have anything to do with the administration of justice going forward. They have proven themselves to be morally bankrupt and totally devoid of good judgment. They should not be fired because of “office policy.” They should be fired because they are vile, indecent, racist creeps. Philadelphia deserves better.

  25. The fact is that most companies have rules about the use of their company emails and what can be sent from them. They also have rules about people wasting paid time in private matters.

    The content of the emails seems to have a bias against women and a lazy attitude toward self-censoring materials from people who were charged with the basic administration of our justice system.

    The crux of this issue is whether the release of the discovery of these emails along with the failure of previous attorney generals to reign in the action of staff in AG’s office led to the actions that caused dissension in this office.

    The only mistake I believe AG Kane made was not to clean house immediately of all former appointed prosecutors and replace them at the outset of her discovery.

  26. Peggy – It’s fine to support someone. But, there has to be some trepidation about a top law enforcement officer being as petty as Kane was. That was not a good start to her tenure as AG.

    That said – we should all be glad that she has revealed what was going on at the OAG before she got there. We have to make sure that kind of atmosphere never is allowed to exist. And we have to make sure that the men behind that vile, racist material get held accountable.

    Right now – those men – Fina and Costanzo – are not only not being held accountable; they are still getting paid by the taxpayers of Philadephia. Seth Williams better wake up before those guys pull him further down.

  27. I signed because I support the Attorney General 100%. She has been framed by the “good ole boys” since she was elected. General Kane has done an outstanding job putting drug dealers in jail, along with child predators.

    These same “good ole boys” tried to ruin Joe Paterno’s and Penn State’s reputation, when in fact, it should have the Second Mile being investigated – why weren’t they?

    I wonder what Sandusky’s attorney thinks about the porn emails?

  28. McLovin — You might want to learn to read. If Kane illegally leaked secret grand jury material – I hope she goes to jail. I’ve typed that here before.

    But I also want to know who illegally leaked secret grand jury material in the Kane investigation. And I want them to go to jail.

    It seems to me that high paid State Officials should be held accountable for using their work computers to send around vile material. Consider this from Philly Mag:

    Fina’s group of faux motivational posters included an image of a white man, carrying a bucket of fried chicken, being accosted by two deranged-looking black men. The caption? “Bravery at its finest.”

    There is no place for people like this in law enforcement. Most reasonable observers have now figured this out. Kane had the goods on a group of dangerous perverts/racists who targeted her for a smear campaign. They hoped to get her to resign so that their misdeeds never saw the light of day.

    You don’t have to “worship” Kane to detest the behavior of pigs like Fina and Costanzo. You don’t even have to like her. I know I don’t ….

  29. It is really amazing that there are people in the world like HaHaHa who are so wedded to their hero worship that they fail to recognize reality any longer.

    Well known Democrats testified against Kane, providing all the proof necessary to convict her of criminal behavior. But somehow this is a political setup and some porn emails by completely different people are somehow relevant.

    Top Democrats in government, including the Governor and House Minority Leader, have reviewed all of the filings (and, no doubt, spoken to many of their Democratic insiders) and they recognize that Kane is an “unholy mess.” But somehow this is a political setup, and porn emails by completely different people are relevant.

    Kane promotes a guy to chief of staff even though he has been groping women who work for him. The HR director recommends firing this guy, so Kane fires the HR director. She, of course, promoted her sister to a higher paying position, and that same sister is involved with the porn emails. But somehow the fringe element continues to worship her and this is some sort of political setup.

  30. gulag,

    I agree. The public has a right to know. Especially women in Philadelphia … where Frank Fina and Marc Costanzo still have jobs as ADAs (which is shameful, BTW).

    Their cover-up has gone far enough.

  31. Sign the petition, folks. Next we need a petition to make PUBLIC on a website ALL the emails WITHOUT REDACTIONS of names, so the public can see who was sending these things to whom.

  32. Pennsylvanians who don’t appreciate it when high paid State Officials use their work computers to view and distribute racist emails and degrading images need to make themselves heard. Sign the petition.

    Kane deserves her day in Court. The Repervlicans have emptied their guns on her. And she is still standing. The Press (Craig and Angela at the INKY) took sides and behaved badly (as co-conspirators in the leaking of what was supposed to be a secret investigation. They helped the Repervlicans smear the Attorney General. Maybe they were getting the port too !!

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