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Supreme Court: Second Quarter Fundraising

Woodruff MundyBoth Justice Sallie Mundy and Judge Dwayne Woodruff had uncontested primaries, allowing them to build their war chests for the general election.  

Mundy ended the second quarter with a large cash advantage, bringing forward $250,666.25 cash on hand.  Woodruff ended the quarter with $21,041.49. Part of the disparity between the two candidates came from Mundy’s raising $56,100, and bringing forward $194,566.25 from her cycle 2 report.  Woodruff raised $42,815 and brought forward $26,959.67 from cycle 2.  

Mundy’s largest individual donors were Patrick O’Connor the Vice Chair of Cozen O’Connor donated $5,000, and Stephen A.Cozen, an attorney at Cozen O’Connor, gave $2,500.  Mundy received $5,000 from the Cozen O’Connor PAC, but they were the third largest PAC donor.  Citizens for Pat Browne donated $10,000, and PA Future Fund gave two $5,000 donations.  

Woodruff’s largest individual donor was Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, LLC, who gave $5,000.  Woodruff only received money from three PACs during the cycle, Todd Eagen for Judge donated the most money with $10,000.  Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters gave him $5,000 and Laborers District Council PAC Fund donated $2,500.  

Though after the primary, the political parties begin to take more control of the campaigns, the money the campaigns raise will benefit the get out the vote efforts, and advertising for themselves as the election draws nearer.

9 Responses

  1. The godfather gave him a hundred dollar bill…but he couldn’t break it so he still owes us ninety seven bucks and we are on the lookout if he tries to pass a three dollar bill on us.

  2. Believe me, Woodruff’s fundraising game is NOTHING! He lacks the skills to be a quality top of the ticket candidate and that was the fear of all that followed him on the ballot in the Primary. Once ppl ding into the books, they will see the cluster$%^& his camp is…

    It’s funny to see losers like Todd Eagen give most, if not all his PAC to Woodruff when DW did nothing for him during the Primary. NOTHING! I wonder why? I wonder why ppl continue to believe in the political process of PA and its leadership? A loser and one let down by his own Party (Todd Eagen and and Marcel at the helm of the D’s) on paper donates the most!!! What a fool.
    Oh and PoliticsPA, look at the finance report – “Ballot Card Assessment Fee?” Loser Todd’s contribution to DW looks to be for Bullet Ballots, but leave it to PoliticsPA, too stupid to investigate…

    1. Todd Eagen is a great person who should have won! He didn’t lose because of the Party, he lost because he put his trust in Philadelphia and they screwed him. Judge Woodruff had nothing to do with Todd’s lose. You notice he didn’t give money to the Philly people. They promised help and they gave him none! Todd’s day will come!

      1. What was said has nothing to do with enveloping Todd’s loss with Woodruff. Woodruff won the Primary because he was the only one on the D; rest assure if there was someone else running DW would have lost, and lost big!! Todd’s day deserved to come, but the Party and their lack of leadership, voice and promise runs in the shadow of voters, instead of speaking at them. I saw Todd across the Commonwealth, but he is a loser – not in the sense of L on the forehead…
        It’s just baffling to why Todd would give so much to one person, for whatever it’s written off to be…. Democrats were let down and the voters suck equally for electing such a unqualified loony to be Ellen’s running mate. Best of luck D’s, you’re gonna need it…

  3. Nothing about the fraud perpetrated by Micah Sims to make Woodruff look like he had $100,000s more than he actually had? C’mon PoliticsPA!

  4. Are we sure this is how much Woodruff raised? Has anybody audited the books?

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