Supremes Intervene on Map Decision

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has directed Judge Patricia A. McCullough of the Commonwealth Court to stay her decision on a new PA congressional map while the Supreme Court considers a request to take over the case.

The Carter group, a group of 16 voters who submitted a version of the map to the Commonwealth Court, are represented by Marc Elias among others. The group filed a request last Friday suggesting the Supreme Court name a Commonwealth Court judge as a special master, who would in turn submit a report to the Supreme Court. 

Adam Bonin, an election law specialist, put it into layman’s terms. “The Supreme Court basically said, ‘Look, we may just decide it ourselves, so don’t pick a map today,” he said. “Tomorrow they’ll decide if they’re going to do that.”

Briefs on that question are due Tuesday morning.

7 Responses

  1. Nothing gives the Court the right to Draw redistricting lines and Maps If you think it does then prove it to me !

  2. Republicans gerrymander when they have the power; the Democrats are equally egregious when it is their turn. These cumulative gerrymanders over decades are eroding the basic framework of a functioning democracy. The courts are far from a perfect answer- but they are the only answer we have at the moment.

  3. Pa Supreme Court has show restraint and tolerance hoping a deliberately obstinate Republican State Senate and House would come to some understanding with Dems or at least form a binding Redistricting Committee with a neutral 3rd party Chair to break ties on redistricting plans but nothing has happened. Surprise!

      1. Drawing the map is only one step in the process. Has to be approved by the governor as well, and courts have the ability and duty to review and judge when someone challenges it. In other words, your comment is pithy and trite.

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