Susquehanna Poll: Clinton 44% Trump 40%; Toomey 42% McGinty 38%

hillary-clinton-happyClinton and Toomey lead their respective races.

That’s the conclusion of the latest Susquehanna University Poll, which was conducted on behalf of ABC27.

In the presidential contest, Hillary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump by a 44% to 40% margin. Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson got 4% while Green Party nominee Jill Stein received 2%.

As for the Senate race, Pat Toomey leads Katie McGinty 42% to 38%.  

Finally, Susquehanna tested the favorable/unfavorable splits for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Barack Obama. Clinton got a 39/54 split whereas Trump faces a 36/56 divide. President Barack Obama received a split of 46/44.

This survey was conducted by Susquehanna University Polling and Research and commissioned by ABC27. It was done through IVR/automated calls to landlines and live agent interviews from October 4th to 9th and reached 764 likely voters. The margin of error is +/- 3.5%.

14 Responses

  1. This poll has always been solid. Still looks like Toomey by 3 points. Nothing much has changed. McGinty despite 5 million spent in the primary to beat Sestak and a surprisingly lackluster fall campaign full of mistakes is trailing Toomey. This remains Toomey in a squeaker.

  2. Latest Dave Diano Poll – Crooked Hillary 99.9% Everyone else .01% Ha, Ha! If this criminal felon gets elected and gets us nuked by Russia, well, you will be wishing you voted for Trumpy! She’s a neo-con war witch who drinks type O- blood for breakfast! Meanwhile, she was a busy little beaver, destroying her own e-mails according to this latest leak! Can’t you all see she is a criminal felon who should be locked up?! If she was a Republican, you would be asking for her head on a platter!

  3. Can someone explain why the 65 undecideds in Question 7 of this poll shrunk to 22 in Question 11A??

  4. Shady Katie STILL having trouble with that whole coattail strategy. Leave it to Marcel and the inept PA Dems to annoint a candidate even more disliked than Hillary.

  5. Susquehanna has the history of being a very right
    leaning republican poll. add a + 5 to Clinton —that makes her up 9 and that is more accurate ( same for Rasmussan)

  6. This poll should have never been released. Within the last five the dynamics of race has dramatically changed. The pols showing Clinton up by double digits are more accurate.

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