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Susquehanna Poll: Clinton 47% Trump 37%

Hillary ClintonYet another poll shows Hillary Clinton with a solid lead in the presidential race.

According to the latest Susquehanna Polling & Research survey, Clinton is ahead by ten points. The former Secretary of State got 47% against Republican nominee Donald Trump’s 37%.

When Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein are included, Clinton’s advantage drops to nine points.

In the four-candidate scenario, Clinton gets 46% while Trump is at 37%. Johnson received 7% and only 3% went with Stein.

Susquehanna has Clinton’s favorables at 40% against a 49% unfavorable rating. Meanwhile, Trump has a 35% favorable rating and a 57% unfavorable score.

This poll was commissioned by ABC27 and conducted by Susquehanna Polling and Research Inc. They surveyed 772 likely Pennsylvania voters from July 31st to August 4th. The margin of error is +/- 3.53%.

8 Responses

  1. Jay – You’re picking numbers from the household on record, not responses. More instructive is what the respondents actually stated, which included registration and party identity (40R-46D and 33R-35D respectively – much more in line with the state’s known breakdown). Furthermore, what you described is not how polls work. Look more closely at the methodology and you’ll find this extremely important line:

    “Surveys are carefully monitored to ensure a representative sample of Pennsylvania’s electorate is achieved based on party, geography, age, gender and other demographics; results are sometimes statistically weighted.”

    They weight some results so that the results are representative. FiveThirtyEight gives SPR a B- with a mean reverted bias of polls sampled of D+0.1, which is basically nothing and would mean that Clinton might only have a 9.9 percent lead instead of a 10 percent lead, which is still a definitive Trump loss.

  2. If you look at the methodology of this poll there is clear bias. The breakdown is 51% democrat, 38 percent republican, and 11% independent. This is hardly representative of the Pennsylvania demographics, especially for independents which they undersample by at least 15 points and over sample democrats by over 10 points

  3. Kraig – great point. The guy doesn’t have a truthful, decent bone in his body. He will come out of this disgraced and humiliated. And it could not have happened to a nicer guy ….

  4. Turns out Trump prefers to hire foreigners over American workers. And he may have run afoul of the law. What a hypocrite!!

  5. Wow. Early August and it’s already double digits. Trump is a fraud. And the Republicans were morons to nominate him.

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