Sy Snyder Named Best State Capitol Reporter by WaPo

220px-SimonSnyderThe Washington Post named Sy Snyder as one of the best state capitol reporters in the country.

Sy Snyder, of course, is the pseudonym for those who work on

Their list is broken down by state, and also honored for Pennsylvania are The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Amy Worden and Tom Fitzgerald, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Karen Langley and WITF’s Mary Wilson.

Here’s how they decided:

Last week, we asked for your input to name the best reporters focused on state legislatures, governors and government from around the country. We heard back from a ton of you — readers, journalists, and even a few lawmakers (most of whom asked for anonymity to avoid playing favorites).

We thank all who nominated us and all of our readers.


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4 thoughts on “Sy Snyder Named Best State Capitol Reporter by WaPo”

  1. Greg K. says:

    I’ve always been impressed with PoliticsPA’s top notch reporting and finger on the pulse of PA politics. I’m glad to see that all that hard work is getting recognized.

  2. bobguzzardi says:

    Well deserved recognition

  3. 1watching1 says:

    Congrats to the staff at Politicspa! Well deserved and keep on posting.

  4. Kevin James says:

    It is remarkable how well you all copy & paste press releases from campaigns and politicians. For that, PoliticsPA definitely deserves an award.

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