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Tabas Announces Two New Hires for PAGOP

More changes announced at the Pennsylvania Republican Party, but this time it includes the creation of new positions. 

In a release on Monday afternoon, PAGOP Chair Lawrence Tabas announced the hiring of Calvin Tucker as the Director of Engagement and Advancement, and Vonne Andring to serve as the Senior Advisor for the Pennsylvania Republican Party. 

“I’ve known Calvin for many years, and no one has been more committed to Republican values,” Tabas said in a release. “He will be an outstanding voice as we reinforce the unity and strength on which our party was founded.” 

Tucker, who like Tabas is also from Philadelphia, served as a media surrogate and African American Advisor to Donald Trump while he was a presidential candidate, is a Republican State Committeeman, and was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2016. 

In a statement from the party, this position was created by Tabas to “carry out one of the Chairman’s top priorities: growing and unifying the party.” 

“For too long, we have allowed Democrats to label and divide us as Americans,” Tucker said in the release. “Nothing will give me more pleasure than to peel away those labels, welcome individuals of every color and creed to the Pennsylvania Republican party and help them become truly empowered.”

Tabas lauded Andring, of Armstrong County, for her communication and strategy skills in the announcement of her role serving as Senior Advisor. 

“Vonne is a highly gifted communicator, an insightful strategist, and a veteran political organizer, Tabas said in a release. “Her unique perspective and expertise will be a valuable asset to the party and our candidates as we take a fresh look at how we organize, brand, and connect with people.”    

Andring, a former U.S. Army 82nd Airborne paratrooper and combat veteran, has led a strategic branding firm and has served on various campaigns that range from Ted Cruz for President, Scott Wagner’s bid for Governor, and Doug Mastriano’s successful 2019 special election bid for the state Senate’s 33rd District. 

“I’ve seen Vonne put a Presidential candidate on the ballot in just three weeks, where other presidential teams had a six-month head start and a staff,” Tabas said in a release. “Her professionalism and ability to get results is widely known and respected.”

Tabas’s term as chair officially began on July 13 at a Hershey meeting, although a deal between him and Comfort was brokered the day prior and tweeted out by President Donald Trump.

Since taking over as Chair of the PAGOP, other additions have included hiring Lycoming County attorney Denie Dieter for the newly created “Compliance Officer” position, Gerry Wosewick as PAGOP Executive Director, Armstrong County GOP Chair Mike Baker as the PAGOP Treasurer, and former Lt. Governor candidate Jeff Bartos as PAGOP Finance Committee Chairman.

18 Responses

  1. I’m not sure why someone would give to the GOP – they already got their tax cuts, and Republicans are going to get crushed by an onslaught of blue energy, it’s going to be a huge waste of money.

  2. Vonne seems like she lost her last four people she represented.
    How many people did Calvin recurit for his district? I think he has 7 people in his who district 3 of which is his owe family.

  3. Hooray For Tucker!
    Proud to see Tucker’s verbal skills and influence power put to good use. He’s a leader in the Republican Party and he has never departed from conservative ca. Good luck and God speed Calvin Tucker.

    1. Vonne Andring Senior Advisor? And Calvin Tucker ? Director Engagement ? of my GOP?


  4. Vonne Andring is a great hire. She is talented, hardworking, tough and an on top of that she is an even better person. Congrats to her and Calvin!

    1. Yo Vonne! You just got endorsed by the dude who defended the Catholic Church during the pervert priest scandal.

    2. Now come on, haters. Go easy on Mike Barley! This is real progress for him. He usually only praises himself.

  5. Vonne Andring is terrible at what she does. Here is a small list of her last few clients She has worked for
    Ted Cruz for President (lost)
    Scott Wagner’s bid for Governor(lost)
    Corbett’s 2nd term in office for Governor (lost)
    John Rafferty for Attorney General (lost)
    All of these people have one thing in common.THEY LOST.

    1. Not an impressive record. No wonder Mike Barley’s a fan. He lost many of the same races right along with her! Rafferty, Corbett #2.

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