Tarasi Likely to Remain on Primary Ballot Despite Exiting PA-17 Race

Despite announcing her exit from the 17th Congressional district Democratic Primary, Beth Tarasi’s name will likely appear on the primary ballot.  

According to the Beaver County Times officials in Beaver and Butler counties were “moving forward” with Tarasi’s name on the ballot.  

“I’m moving forward. I can’t wait any longer,” Beaver County elections bureau Dorene Mandity told the Beaver County Times.

“I agree with Dorene. I’m getting ready to move forward,” Butler county elections director Shari Brewer said.  

Tarasi announced on March 27th that she would be dropping out of the primary, but failed to file the required paperwork with the Department of State to officially withdraw.  

In order for her name to not appear on the ballot on May 15th, Tarasi will have to petition the Commonwealth Court.  Tarasi has not filed a petition with the Court as of writing.

Update: PoliticsPA has learned that Tarasi has retained a lawyer to help her through the process of petitioning the Commonwealth Court and will be filing the petition within the next days.

7 Responses

  1. Why on Earth would anyone want to Drop off the Ballot after all the Work people put into Her getting onto the Ballot ? Give the people a Choice Girl Run your ass off and WIN WIN WIN .Its way to hard as it is to get on the Ballot in Pennsylvania . You should just have to File a Paper declaring that you are a Candidate

  2. Pat Toomey should call this president to task. He should be fully embarrassed to support him and his free-spending cabinet, filling the white house with Fox News staff + a red-faced PNAC war hawk, and wanting to bring back a wife abuser to read him his intelligence reports like a first grader. All while scare-mongering on trade with China, while demeaning NATO, the European Union and our closest allies.

    All Republicans cared about is their obscene tax heist. They celebrated taking health care away from millions in the rose garden with Trump, worst president ever in modern history. Call him Herbert Hoover.

    But Trump owes Toomey a major apology for accusing him of being afraid of the NRA, when Trump himself completely reversed his own statements and gun reform plans to Parkland School kids survivors– after Trump met with the NRA–and folded like a napkin on NRA’s lap.
    Trump can’t keep two congruent thoughts together to make sense.
    We are on a downward slide. How’s your 401K???

  3. I was asked if the Democrats can do anything without making it a court case. I replied don’t be mean, the legal profession needs all the business they can get.

  4. She just saw that Conner Lamb was the Golden Boy and did not want to waste her time. Or was told by the DCCC get out and wait your turn..

  5. Rat face to the rescue. Wait until he slips her his bill. Not so easy this time rat face. This girl knows something about billable hours.

  6. Good move Beth to remove yours names from the primary ballot, maybe I will maybe support you in a run for Senate if Pat Toomey resigns or Governor when Tom Wolf is term limited, but maybe I won’t because maybe I will support me.

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