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Tariq El- Shabazz Announces Bid for Philly DA

EL SHABAZZ SPEAKING AT PODIUMFormer Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney Tariq El- Shabazz announced his bid for District Attorney.  

“It was during my years in the courtroom and walking our community that I came to fully understand that meaningful change and eternal impact in our justice system must be done from working within the system that imprisons our citizens on a daily basis.  And I do not just mean citizens of color…I mean all citizens,” Shabazz said in his announcement.  

Shabazz is focusing his campaign on mass incarceration.  

“I will seek to partner with our Governor, Attorney General and legislators to attack mass incarceration by overhauling how parole in the Commonwealth is handled.”

Shabazz began his career under former Chief Justice and Philadelphia D.A. Ronald Castille.  He left the District Attorney’s office to enter private practice for 20 years, returning to the office as the Deputy Chief for Investigation.  

Current District Attorney Seth Williams recently ended his bid for re-election, leaving Judge Teresa Carr Deni, Joe Khan, Rich Negrin, and Michael Untermeyer.

12 Responses

  1. Sure, get the Nation of Islam candidate in there so he can mete out “justice” to all the “brothers” going through the criminal justice system. It will be a catch and release system where the blac thug criminals are put back on the streets to immediately re-offend.Elect him and watch what happens, it would be an f’n nightmare. Filthadelphia already has enough problems without having a freakazoid elected as DA.

  2. Remember the audience he is playing to. They don’t want to go to jail. They don’t want to pay taxes, they like the orange beard, and Black Muslim name. He’s not running for DA of PA. He’s running for DA of Philly. Where he is part of the majority of voters. In a multi candidate field where the others will need to advertise to be different from the pack, this guy just needs to get on the ballot. If the field does not thin, he’ll win.

  3. It is beyond ridiculous for El-Shabazz to suggest that his tax debt shouldn’t be an issue. The law requires on time payment of taxes, he didn’t follow the law, therefore he is not qualified to be city’s top law enforcement official. And it doesn’t help that the current D.A.’s financial problem’s led him to accept gifts that he had no business accepting. El-Shabazz has to realize that fair or not, everyone assumes that by being in the same compromising position, he will be compromised himself should Philadelphians make the mistake of choosing him.

  4. And Philadelphia wonders why the rest of the state laughs at it. Only in Philly could a tax deadbeat who owes taxpayers close to $200k campaign for a job paid by taxpayers to pay off his debt to the same taxpayers. A criminal defense attorney who lives in Horsham. Here a question: how does a married man and father run for a job that pays $165k and realistically expect to pay back the $200k he owes?

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