Teamsters Union Backs McCord

Rob McCord
Rob McCord

Mere days after finally officially declaring his entry into the gubernatorial race, State Treasurer Rob McCord won the backing of the Teamsters union. The endorsement is the first major piece of news from the McCord campaign since he announced his candidacy earlier this week.

“State Treasurer Rob McCord knows what working families in Pennsylvania are going through because he’s been there,” wrote Teamsters President William Hamilton in a letter that was sent to all the state’s members. “He’s experienced the kind of economic insecurity that Tom Corbett is causing so many Pennsylvania families to feel today, so we know Rob will fight for us.”

“We’re proud to endorse Rob McCord for governor and we look forward to standing with him, shoulder to shoulder, to get the job done and we will have our boots on the ground.”

“I’m proud to receive the valuable, powerful support of the Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters,” said McCord in a press release. “When I announced I was running for governor, I promised that I would invest in Pennsylvania’s working families again, and this endorsement is a signal that we’re on the right track. I look forward to working with the Teamsters to evict Tom Corbett.”

The Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters claims a constituency of approximately 95,000 members, making them one of the largest unions in the Commonwealth. The organization is the state branch of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

The other Democratic candidates for Governor include former DEP Secretaries John Hanger and Katie McGinty, Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, and former Secretary of Revenue Tom Wolf.

Current front-runner Rep. Allyson Schwartz has received the backing of the state chapters of the United Mine Workers and the Sheet Metal Workers. Katie McGinty has also been endorsed by Local 85 of the Amalgamated Transit Union and is being personally backed by Pat Gillespie the long-time Business Manager of the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council.

5 Responses

  1. The Schwartz inevitability meme sounds like Hillary circa 2008…hopefully for the sake of Democrats in PA and nationally it has the same result.
    Congresswoman Schwartz would be a horrible standard bearer in 2014, dooming not only a chance to pickup the Governor’s mansion, but likely costing Dems any chance at improving position in state senate, state house and congress.

  2. T law,
    I laughed at the Schwartz staff in August claiming that they’ve never see so much support/enthusiasm for a candidate this early. My response was that I hadn’t see so many paid staff claiming there was enthusiasm for a candidate this early.

    Cent PA dem
    The inability of the lower tier candidates to raise money and get enough signatures will accomplish that for Rob on its own.

    It was after said house party that the claims of enthusiasm and my response occurred.
    Schwartz can’t quit congress because she needs to be able to sponsor bills that can’t pass, but make for great claims about election positions. Also, she quit, she’d lose interest from lobbyists and donors in Washington.

    It’s more like the story of the tortoise and the hare. Rob is methodical and not a show boat.

    Schwartz’s team has been high fiving how they won the race before the gun had gone off or the others had shown up. Rob is more like an arrow, pulled back slowly, with great force, and aimed precisely before being let go.

  3. There is growing sentiment that Schwartz peaked too early. Her house parties were a sheer disaster. If she wants to win, Scwartz will need to abandon Congress and campaign her a$$ off. It also seems McGinty has taken the woman vote.

  4. I know this is premature, but I really think if McCord does some good strategic politicking, he can clear out the lower tier candidates by petition time and then get a clear victory in the May primary.

  5. I’ve never bought the inevitability narrative that Schwartz’s supporters are trying to push, and this endorsement has me recall how Union support put Critz over the top against Altmire when the chips were looking very stacked against him.

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